Colin Boyd - Lifes a Pitch: How you can communicate your ideas persuasively (without coming across pushy)

Communicating persuasively is one of the foundations of influential leadership. When you’re sitting across the table from an important client or colleague it comes down to your ability to articulate your ideas as the deciding factor for how successful you are. It’s great to have the technical knowledge but if you can’t express yourself confidently you’ll be regularly overlooked. This session is all about giving you proven and practical tools that will enable you to be a more confident and persuasive communicator. You’ll learn how to stand out for all the right reasons and be acknowledged for the contribution you make.

In this keynote you’ll learn:

  • The 6 levels of persuasive communication - how you can use these levels to practically improve your personal influence in your next meeting
  • Secret mind hacks you can use to access more confidence than ever before (you’ll learn how to go from fear to confidence in under 3 seconds)
  • What to say at the start of the meeting to reduce resistance towards your ideas and improve the chances of you influencing your audience
  • How to get people to not only listen but take action on your ideas (without coming across pushy or awkward)
  • How to have ‘linguistic flexibility’ so you can confidently communicate to a front-line staff member all the way up to the CEO, with ease.
  • How to structure your message using neuroscience-based strategies that will ensure the audience walks away feeling motivated and clear on what to do

Colin Boyd - The Power of Focus: How to Harness the Power of Your Brain and Produce Higher Personal and Professional Performance

We live in a distraction society. Every day there are thousands of signals trying to grab your attention. Your ability to manage distractions will directly impact the quality of your professional and personal results. These days it’s less about what to say ‘yes’ to and more about what to say ‘no’ to.

Most professionals don’t understand how to harness the limitations of the brain. This presentation will show you how to work with your brain. You’ll learn how to get focused on an individual and also group level. This will result in higher levels of unity and productivity at work and at home.

 In this keynote you'll discover:

  • Why 95% of people work against their natural brain wiring, resulting in overwhelm and exhaustion (and what to do to fix this problem)
  • The 3 limiting factors of the brain (and how you can work with these limitations effectively)
  • The Secret forces of personal focus - you’ll learn a practical framework for getting your most important work done on a daily basis
  • The #1 strategy to get your entire team working towards a common goal ... Resulting in excitement and engagement from your teams
  • You’ll walk away feeling clear, confident and energized to get more focused than ever before 


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