Continuing Education

Rich Levin - Successfully Working with Sellers in the Digital Age

In this session you will learn, "The Seven Seller Skills".

1.Get Listings with the Best Strategies and Tactics

2.Build Your Best Possible Listing Presentation.

3.Strengthen and Improve Your Presentation Skills.

4.Gain Agreement on the Best Asking Price.

5.Get Easier and Larger Price Reductions.

6.Obtain the Agreement to Market the Home.

7.Raise Quality of Service to Your Sellers.


Denise Lones - Power of 3

Today's market is forcing agents to rethink how they've been doing business. Consistency in lead generation and follow-up in order to create "now" business is a must. The Power of 3 will show agents how to generate more business by leveraging their sphere of influence and their database in a whole new way. Agents will learn how to:

  • Create a focused, strategic plan for increasing income now,
  • Recognize three types of clients and what each brings to a transaction pipeline,
  • Market effectively to each type of client to maximize efforts,
  • Implement a tracking system to identify "right now" opportunities, and
  • Engage those "maybe " someday clients into "right now" clients.

Agents will leave class understanding exactly what's required to nurture their pipeline and create strong relationships which will lead to future income opportunities.  The majority of agents who've taken this class have discovered "right now" money previously hidden in their pipeline!

Has been approved for 3 hour CE Credit


Joeann Fossland - Advanced Facebook

You have a Facebook Profile page - now what? If you are struggling with understanding how to engage in social media so that it is not a waste of time, this class is for you. We'll cover the features and options in Facebook that are important to using it for growing your business and online  presence. Should you also have a business page? You'll learn how to set that up and engage differently than on your profile page. You'll also develop a plan for your time to maximize your results.

Learning Objectives

For The Advanced Facebook Class - This class is designed for you if you already have your Facebook account set up and want to understand:

  • How To Develop a Great Facebook Plan!
  • Setting up and using Lists to filter your friends
  • The difference between a profile page and a Business Page
  • How to set up a Business Page
  • How to market your listings

3 hr General CE, AZ



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