Chris Bird - Interesting Income Tax Aspects of Home Ownership

The participants will learn exactly who benefits from the tax aspects of homeownership and by how much due to standard deduction, mortgage interest, real estate taxes, and other tax issues. The participants will be an indispensable resource for theirclients by providing them with critical tax information to make the right housing purchase. 



Chris Bird - The Tax Impact of Residential Real Estate Investments

Taxes are important to us all. This is particularly true for buyers and sellers of residential rental real estate. In this course, the participants will explore the widespread financial effect a purchase or sale of such properties will have on the investor. The participant will also learn the essential details that equip them to make financially savvy decisions and guide theirclients in their investment endeavors.


Chris Bird - Solid Investment and Retirement Strategies for Realtors® in 2018

Hold on to your seats as Chris shares with you his insights as an ex-IRS agent and a Certified Financial Planner.  Learn the secrets to maximizing pre-tax investments, strategic tax planning, recent tax law updates and how they affect you and much, much more!  

This session is designed to help you learn:

  • Why IRA's can work for you... You NEED to know this!
  • How you can harness the powerful financial benefits of the ROTH IRA  and the ROTH 401(k)
  • How you can use the Coverdell Educational Savings account to pay for kindergarten through 12th grade
  • How to understand College 529 Plans- and what you can do for your children or grandchildren
  • Smart Investment and Retirement strategies everyone should know
  • How to maximize self employed retirement plans- and discover a tax savings bonanza!
  • How to understand and use wills and trusts and what they mean to your precious heirs
  • How to understand the most recent Estate and Gift tax issues





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