Tamara Dorris - Bring Your Brain To Your Business & Change Your Life!

The key difference between high producers and stagnant complainers is how they use their brains. In this training, agents learn how their thoughts are really running their businesses, and best yet, how to create businesses and lives they love. Beyond motivation, agents are introduced to the power of their own thoughts and imaginations. They’ll be lead through a series of exercises and explanations that help them define their ideal outcome and then put a plan, both mentally and physically, in place to make it happen. Based on the latest findings in neuroscience and quantum physics, this training is life-changing.


Hal Elrod - Taking Life Head On

Imagine capturing an audience with laughter, drawing them in, building trust and a powerful connection. When you least expect it, real life comes into view:

The true story of a 20-year old young man hit head-on by a drunk driver, found dead at the scene.

This tragic tale does not end in tragedy. It shows how each of us can rise above our challenges and limitations to create extraordinary success in our lives.

You will be amazed at the emotional journey that Hal will take you on, in merely 60 minutes. Your group will not only leave inspired beyond belief, but they will be forever equipped with powerful, practical strategies guaranteed to immediately improve the quality and results in their personal and professional lives.

The Not-So-Obvious Secrets Hal Will Share With Your Group Include:

  • Hal's unbelievable and inspiring TRUE story: After being hit head on by a drunk driver, being found dead at the scene, and told he may never walk again, Hal proved that no matter what the obstacles we are all capable of overcoming our adversity and achieving extraordinary results.
  • The A-B-Cs of Taking Life Head On !
    How To:
    A = Accept All Things You Can't Change
    B = Be Grateful For Everything
    C = Create Consistent Progress Toward *________________ (*Will be customized by inserting YOUR Ideal Vision)
  • The 5-Minute Rule: Discover how to overcome any NEGATIVE emotion and transform a negative attitude into a positive one, in only 5 minutes! (literally)
  • And Much, Much More !

Ideal For: Corporate/Associations/Non-Profits
Length: 60-90 minutes Plus (Optional) Book Signing and/or Q&A



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