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Marki Lemons - Email Marketing Strategy and Resources

Increase your sales with an effective email marketing strategy. Learn how to ensure your emails are timely, engaging, and line up with your business objectives. Email marketing's greatest asset is the ability to measure precisely what's working and what isn't! In this class, you'll learn the key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to email marketing and how to calculate them. 

  • How to Build and Manage Email List 
  • The Power of List Segmentation 
  • Establish Email Campaign Fundamentals 
  • Track and Measure Email Campaigns

Marki Lemons - Tricks and tips to use Evernote for business

Is managing your business overwhelming? Evernote is a popular cloud note-taking and note-sharing tool that can help you organize your business and life. Learn how Evernote can help you note, track and store important items and collect them in notebooks for sharing. 

  • Organize in Evernote all that overwhelms you 
  • Arrange Evernote workflows that will support your business, and scale as your business grows 
  • Centralize work that comes in from any place in any format on any device 
  • Find what you need, when you need it, from wherever you are on any device 
  • Collaborate efficiently with team members, vendors and clients

Marki Lemons - Add Some Pop to Your Sales with Periscope

Are you using Periscope in your business? Leverage Twitter’s New FREE Live Streaming video to offer value and build communities with your followers as it can viewed around the world in real time. 

  • Periscope Your NEW Listing Preview 
  • Periscope a Walking Tour of Your Community 
  • Use Periscope for Open House Interviews and Sign Ins 
  • Conduct Customer Interviews with Periscope (information purposes only)


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