Gee Dunsten - Using Tech Lead Generation and Conversation to Grow Your Bottom Line

Create multi funnels of buyer and seller leads by utilizing technologies, such as: 

·       Lead capture systems and stealth marketing

·       Automated email home searches

·       Tweaking and fine-tuning your real estate website to increase client connection rate

·       Drip systems

·       Tag-based listings to grown your website page views

·       Video emails to build loyalty


Gee Dunsten - It’s Time to Stop All the Blah-Blah & Give Them More Ah-Hah!

Consumer demands, preferences, and expectations have moved forward, but traditional sales training and taught activities and actions haven’t kept pace.  The key to modern success in our industry depends on earning trust, consistent high performance, and the willingness to adapt to current cultural and societal values, expectations, fears, and desires.  Today, we create success through sharing, solving, supporting, and serving others.  If you want to be perpetually connected, trusted, chosen, and referred…this class is for you!  You’ll get action steps and strategies that will create renewed relationships, Top-of-Mind Awareness, trust, opportunity, self-respect, and lastly…sweet success.


Anthony Askowtitz - 9 Ways to Get your Team Working like a Team - New 2017

In the "9 Ways to Get your Team Working like a Team", Anthony discusses the critical components that go into team building for real estate professionals who want to lead a group that is productive, motivated and aligned with their company’s vision.

  • Learn how setting  goals and expectations can give your team the edge over the competition.
  • Build a culture for success by creating an environment that fosters the qualities for teamwork.
  • Learn how to effectively structure your team and assign roles and responsibilities accordingly.
  • Understand the importance of conditioning your team with continuous education and training.
  • Maintaining your team’s focus through leadership.
  • Why it’s vital for a team’s success to properly manage work flow and measure performance results.
  • Know how to reward your team’s success by understanding what they value.


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