Time Management

Monica Neubauer - Mastering Your Time to Achieve Your Goals (CRS 103) 8 CE Credit

Being successful isn’t just about selling more homes or serving more clients. It’s also about effectively managing your business so that you also can devote time to your personal life. This CRS One-Day Course will provide strategies for creating positive change in your professional and personal lives. Course activities will help you assess your current business, set actionable goals, and develop a plan for how to achieve them. You will create a system that keeps you organized and focused as you take on the various challenges competing for your attention each day.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Clarify your current status in the five critical areas of your life

  • Design a business that will financially support the life you desire

  • Understand various time management principles and techniques as well as the art of time blocking

  • Prioritize your life goals and create a plan of action to accomplish those goals


Rick Geha - Admin Mastery Program

This workshop is for agents and admins who want to create operational excellence in their business.  Rick will share proven systems, action plans, process and more that will help every agent create the most effective business, and create more free time.  

Topics covered in this session include:

  • Setting up your files to easily find anything anytime
  • Creating action plans for listing, closings, pre listing, past client follow up. (actual plans will be given to each attendee) 
  • Using your CRM as the hub in your business to automate follow up and provide a higher level of customer service. 
  • A complet systems evaluation and scoring of your business to know what is working and what need to be improved upon
  • Hands on training to manage every aspect of your business more effectively using the latest technology


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