Karel Murray - Instructor Development Workshop

 It's important to present like a professional. Attendees' quick judgments are based on how the instructors are perceived -   beginning with their first contact through the presentation of the material content. If your trainers are not good speakers, or they design lackluster programs, then they are giving the participants a false perception of their expertise. During this course, attendees will be exposed to a mixture of training and development applications as well as professional speaking techniques which will help ensure programs are as dynamic and effective as possible. After all, it's about the attendees and how well they are able to learn what is taught. And that is ultimately how the company and its trainer's performance are judged.

Karel's instructor development workshops take presentation and instructional skills to a new level. From a 6 hour "Presentations That Dazzle" workshop to a 3 day boot camp, Karel's IDW's are unique, highly interactive