Rich Levin - 6 Critical Keys to List the Buyer and Sell with Fewer Showings

  • Describe the higher level of service needed in today's buyer's market or transitioning market. 
  • Explain the four key skills of working effectively with buyers. 
  • Identify personal strengths and weaknesses in representing the buyer.
  • Describe the nine steps in a thorough buyer presentation.
  • Discuss the value of conducting a comprehensive buyer consultation.
  • Create a presentation to explain the buying process and necessary documents as a means of educating the buyer and creating a comfort level for worry-free decision-making.

DESCRIPTION:  This is a buyer's market, but how do you capture, impress and maintain loyal clients?  In this session, participants will learn how to enhance buyer client satisfaction, build buyer confidence and produce results.  Agents will learn how to engage loyal clients to increase their referrals.  When the agent is motivated and skilled at every stage of the transaction, the experience will be more enjoyable and rewarding for both the buyer and the agent.  

* Can be offered for Continuing Education Credits