Terri Murphy - Connect Online & Convert OFFLINE! Convert prospects to profits with High Engagement Strategies for More Sales

Think about  this: Facebook has over a billion people worldwide; are you connecting with the power of social medial channels? Today’s consumers are literally raising their hand for information and guidance and yet surveys indicate agents are barely using these channels to get more connections, referrals and leads.

This session  lays out simple, but powerful, step by step tips on how to maximize social networks like Facebook, Pinterest,  Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to connect with more prospects more easily, while building your brand of “celebrity authority” with high influence, easy connectivity and a measureable return on your investment of time and marketing online. Even if you think you’ve got it, this session uses real success examples to help you build a solid digital footprint and will help more clients and customers choose you for their real estate needs. This session  does not address how to set up your online channels, but rather how to create a comprehensive plan to help more customers find you to help them with their real estate needs.