Terri Murphy - Connect ONLINE-Convert OFFLINE!- How to maximize online communication to get more customers and make more money!

Terri understands the confusion and frustration that most entrepreneurs face when trying to navigate the new demands for 21st Century effective communication with clients, customers and prospects.

She can cut through the hype and offers 7 simple steps to attract, engage and convert online leads to solid relationships using the best of Web 2.0.

Terri admits to not being a "techy" so this program includes the simplest and easiest steps to learn how and why entrepreneurs need to tweak their marketing messages to bridge generational core preferences and values with the newest channels to build relationships effectively using social media channels. She'll outline how entrepreneurs and sales people can maximize online communication and develop an on and offline strategy that guarantee more profitability and provide a true "WOW" experience for their customers and clients.

The session benefits include:

  • What you can do RIGHT NOW without spending a lot of time or MONEY to differentiate yourself from the competition in a fraction of the time
  • The 3 hottest media channels you need to increase lead generation and offer true services to help more prospects and how to use them RIGHT now!
  • Learn how to differentiate your marketing message to engage, and serve the needs of each of the four generational groups to resonate with each segment and build communication bridges.
  • How to really use social media and social networking to get more leads and build more BRIDGES to take prospects to customers and customers to lifetime clients
  • What you must incorporate in your web strategy to initiate a movement, build community and become the RESOURCE for your industry and services