Terri Murphy - Stop Selling! Start Connecting - 5 Ways REALTORS WIN the Sale Before they get in the door

Are you still using outdated and ineffective methods to help customers and clients buy your products or services?  Today's successful sales people know it's NOT about selling, but all about authentic leadership, resourceful connecting and real expertise. Terri Murphy helps you figure out what you need to do to win the sale BEFORE you even get in the door and to build a solid loyal relationship from the get go!  Terri provides insight into the 5 most powerful ways to engage, connect and convert prospects to SOLD in today's competitive market using simple steps that create immediate differentiation, instant rapport to get more sales and provide unmatchable service for customers and clients.

This session provides:

  • The One Minute Connection – Learn the secrets to engage, build trust and rapport to  build trust and engage today's savvy consumer from the very first contact
  • Words, scripts, and programs: How to make your presentations irresistible using empowered and magnetic communication presentation skills, tools and e- communication channels
  • The 3 newest mediums you must use to provide  24/7 connections and provide trackable results to invite, engage, hear and connect with smart customers and clients no matter what the market conditions are!
  • The 5 top online tools you must have to compete and win in today's competitive market to provide real differentiation in your marketplace and never lose to a competitor again!
  • Win the prospect with dynamite Premium Marketing Plan and blow away your competition!