Terri Murphy - The Top Seven Marketing Secrets of Highly Successful Agents

Are you tired of spending marketing money and getting little or no results?  Most likely you are using outdated strategies that cost you precious time and money!  This program shares with you the latest and most effective tools, systems, strategies and resources the nation's top agents are using to make more sales and increase their profits. 

Attend this session and learn:  

  • What tools and systems today's top agents are using to meet and exceed today's' new consumer demands for service and information  
  • How to tweak your marketing messages to engage all four generations
  • How to use social media integration to effectively to connect and serve
  • Proven systems for effectively communicating with the consumer
  • Free resources available to you NOW that will help you position yourself as the expert
  • How to use the latest new e-tools save you time, money and energy to stand out in your marketplace to make more MONEY!

You'll leave this program with a solid action plan and a list of e-tools (many of them free!) that you can use immediately in your business.