Covid Safety Protocols

covid 19 maskIn-Person Presentation Protocols During COVID-19/Pandemic

Our professional speakers are committed to safety for all persons involved in an in-person presentation.

The threat status for the location of the in-person training, the locations the Speaker must travel through, and where the Speaker is traveling from must all be considered when evaluating the safety of an in-person presentation. Several states have implemented requirements for quarantine as well.

Our Speakers are trained and able to pivot to virtual presentations should conditions prevent in-person learning. This “pivot” is accounted for in our boilerplate contracts. It is company policy that in-person presentations pivoting to virtual remain at the contracted, in-person rate.

These procedures are limited to issues impacting the Speaker, leaving other safety protocols regarding the welfare of all attendees up to the individual client. Because our speakers are travelling from other areas and potentially through others via airports/planes, interacting with many people, etc, we recognize the increased opportunities for contamination and want to minimize those for the wellbeing of all.

Based on CDC recommendations, the following protocols may be followed by your Speaker conducting an in-person presentation:

  1. Facial Covering. The Speaker will wear a mask in common/public areas when possible (Click here for more information on the CDC recommendation on face coverings.) However, at the Speaker’s discretion, the Speaker may have an alternative to a traditional mask on to allow for presentation.
  2. Social Distancing. The Speaker may follow social distancing guidelines whenever possible in and out of the presentation area. Session exercises, group activities, team learning etc. will be modified to accommodate this. To minimize contact, the Speaker may decline and avoid social events with attendees. Likewise, the Speaker may refrain from handshakes, hugs, etc.
  3. Opening Slide/Information. The Speaker may briefly display and/or read a list of safety reminders in place during the session.
  4. Hand Sanitizer. The Speaker will travel with and be using hand sanitizer on a regular basis before, during & after the presentation.
  5. Temperature. The Speaker will be checking his/her temperature every day and monitoring themselves for any symptoms.
  6. Material Distribution. The Speaker may not distribute/hand out documents. Necessary documents may either be electronically shared with the Client for distribution or preset in the room.

We are asking the following of Clients, the Venue, and the Attendees:

  1. Facial Coverings. Attendees, client staff, hotel staff, etc. should wear facial coverings while in common/public areas and/or within 6’ of others, including the Speaker.
  2. Social Distancing. Seating for attendees should be placed at least 6’ from the presentation area/stage. This could be calculated by measuring back from the where the Speaker has placed his/her materials/computer/LCD projector. To assist everyone in remembering distancing, please consider keeping the initial rows but cordoning them off.
  3. Information/Enforcement. You should be the primary source of information regarding the safety measures being taken and the expectations for participant behavior. The Speaker may briefly reinforce information but shouldn’t use session time to inform, discuss or enforce safety protocols.
  4. Designated Enforcer. Please designate someone to inform, remind, and enforce the safety rules.
  5. Reminding/Removal. For the safety and peace of the session, please address, remind, and –if necessary–remove any attendee refusing to follow safety guidelines.
  6. Distance/Sequestering. Please provide opportunities for the Speaker to use the restroom and dine away from others. Please provide water near the presentation area so the speaker does not need to seek it. Kindly discourage students from congregating before and after session near the Speaker.
  7. Hand Sanitizer. Please provide ready access to hand sanitizer within the presentation area; having disinfecting wipes nearby is also appreciated.
  8. Accommodations. Kindly confirm that the Speaker’s accommodations have been thoroughly sanitized and that the room has been vacant a minimum of 24 hours prior to the Speaker’s arrival.
  9. Personal A/V. If the venue allows, the Speaker would appreciate being able to use his/her own lavaliere microphone, hook ups, & computer. Please advise us if this is possible.
  10. Sanitation & Ventilation. At minimum, venue presentation space should be sanitized between sessions, days, and instructors. If it is possible to refresh the space during breaks, that is appreciated.
  11. Local Issues/Requirements. Please inform us of ANY local safety issues or requirements of the venue.

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and willingness to work with us to make your event productive AND safe for all involved. I welcome your questions and concerns; please feel free to contact me prior to your event.





Lisa Betts, President

Updated 10/26/2020

Lisa BettsCovid Safety Protocols