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Five Virtual Meeting Options to Help with Your Planning

The list below is not exhaustive and represents a gathering of information from resources across the web along with some personal experience.

GoToWebinar  /  GotoMeeting

  • Basic info: Meeting pricing at $12/organizer per month for 150 up to $16/organizer per month for 250 participants. Webinar pricing at $89/month for 100 participants to $429/month for 1,000 participants. Custom bundles are available.
  • Pros
    • Nice video quality
    • Good reporting / analytics
    • Allows paid webinars
    • Unlimited meetings and time limits
  • Cons
    • You have to download updates pretty often
    • No breakout sessions
    • Fairly high price point compared to other options


  • Basic info: Many plans from free for up to 100 participants to a $19.99/month plan for up to 1000 attendees.
  • Pros
    • Nice features such as screen sharing, private and group chats
    • Affordable packages for small, medium and large groups
    • Unlimited meetings are available in free/base offering
    • “Add ons” available for monthly purchase to allow for more participants
  • Cons
    • 40 min limit on group meetings in free offering
    • Add ons to allow for additional people starting at $64.99


  • Basic Info: Plans from free for 10 participants to $109 per host per month for 100 attendees. Additional support for more attendees can be purchased up to 1000.
  • Pros
    • Easy to use for most all skills levels –nice interface
    • Great app integration (1,500+ apps)
    • Unlimited webinars and meetings, even in free package
  • Cons
    • Recording quality on videos is only so so
    • Maxes out at 1000 attendees
    • Service reps are in Europe so help may be time zone affected
    • Some basic items are still listed as “beta”


  • Basic info: cost ranges from $25 for the most basic package, which allows for 25 attendees, to $279/month for an automated plan that allows for up to 1000 attendees. A custom pricing option is also available for those who need an audience of over 1000.
  • Pros
    • Pricing is flexible based on which plan you opt for and the audience size you select
    • Has a “waiting room” with meeting agenda for those who log in before start time
    • Unlimited number of meetings
    • Offers screen sharing, internal polling, private chats
    • Allows for paid webinars
    • Provides event statistics and attendee feedback
  • Cons
    • Webinar templates are pretty basic
    • Users have had issues exporting videos and report the platform has outdated compression tools


  • Basic info: Packages from at 3 installments $199/ year to $799/2 years. No information available about audience size for each package.
  • Pros
    • Paid webinars are allowed
    • Great tracking and analytics
    • Offers live webinars and air pre-recorded content equally well
    • Cool simulation tools to mimic a live presentation/event
    • 24/7 support
  • Cons
    • Unclear how many participants it supports
    • Odd fee timing is counter intuitive to monthly charging of other platforms
    • Customization is limited

The list and information above is provided as a courtesy to help you navigate the options. We have no affiliation with the above companies.

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