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Steve Kodad has conducted over 385 seminars and presentations since 2004 and has trained over 6,450 real estate agents, homeowners and home stagers.

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How to Be Invited to Every Listing Appointment and Sell Homes Quickly Using Feng Shui

Have a system and a “unique proposition” to insure you are always in the running for a new listing.   Learn what the “8 Most Impressionable Moments” and the “4 Big D’s” are when selling.  These simple Feng Shui techniques alone will sell a home quickly.  Add a special Open House using Feng Shui, and you’ll be the talk of not just the neighborhood, but the whole town. 90 min

15 Minutes a Day to LinkedIn Success

LinkedIn is the number one social platform for business.  A LinkedIn user is 4x more likely to visit your website, and has a 277% higher lead-conversion rate than Facebook.  LinkedIn is the fastest growing social platform and currently has over to 600 million users.  Learn a daily system that takes just minutes per day that drives users to look at your profile and greatly increases the odds of adding TARGETED connections and actually help your ranking on Google.  Newly upgraded & better than ever with new stats and info! 90 min

2 Critical Rooms: Feng Shui for the Kitchen & Bedroom

In Feng Shui, 2 rooms have the most influence in how a home shows and how a home impacts the inhabitants' productivity and success.  When selling, even with a vacant home, the kitchen and the master bedroom dictate how a buyer really perceives the potential of a home.  The kitchen can easily be transformed, even if the home is vacant.  The master takes a little more work, if vacant.  Whether being lived in or vacant, an agent MUST make these rooms come off as special. 60 mins

Appeal to International Homebuyers with Feng Shui

Appeal to the International Homebuyer and Increase Your Business by Being the Agent Who Understands Feng Shui and Their Preferences. The international real estate market in the United States is a billion-dollar industry.  Understanding their unique needs and offering them the ability to use Feng Shui for buying, building, or selling makes you their agent of choice.  Feng Shui is known around the world, but often under different names.  This philosophy has been used for over 3,000 years and continues to evolve.  Agents who want to tap into this lucrative source of business need to have solid working knowledge.  180 mins

Going WAY BEYOND for Your Homebuyers and Home Builders

Become the agent who thinks of everything when helping a client find their perfect home.  Make sure the macro and micro are taken into account, and you will not only have extremely pleased clients, but they will be praising you throughout their circle of friends and on social media.  Feng Shui is a very powerful philosophy.  Steve Kodad supplies a common sense checklist to follow that gives an agent an uncomplicated path to supply a “perfect home” for their buyers. 90 mins

Making the Curb Appeal “Pop” using Feng Shui

Nothing is more important in Feng Shui than the environment, and nothing will stop a home from selling quickly than poor curb appeal.  Many homes in the USA have front yards that don't follow a natural look or use contrast correctly.  The curb appeal, now, is even more important with the way potential buyers search for homes on the internet.  Color and flower bed shapes need to come off as natural but magnetic. 60 min

Top 10 Tips for Working with a Feng Shui Savvy Buyer

With the popularity of Feng Shui, worldwide, increasing, an agent should understand specific information on how to be helpful to a client who strongly follows this ancient science.  Now-a-days, a buyer wants to work with an agent who understands, at least to a degree, what is important to be on the look for, whether positive and negative.  This type of buyer would greatly appreciate an agent who can dismiss certain homes that have severe Feng Shui problems and primarily show homes that have the characteristics they desire. 60 mins

Please Note: Steve Kodad is Only Available for Virtual Presentations

What if all your listings sold quickly and were stress-free? I’ll teach you how.

I’m Steve Kodad. I’ve taught thousands of real estate agents, staging professionals and homeowners my step-by-step method of using Feng Shui to sell houses fast. You can learn my system at live presentations for industry groups, through online workshops and through my books and videos.

Sell Quick, Buy Smart, and Build Correctly is my motto!”

Steve Kodad, CFSP, CFSREP, FSCRE, has conducted over 385 seminars and presentations since 2004 and has trained over 6,450 real estate agents, homeowners and home stagers. He has been featured many times in the media, on television and the radio. He was recently tapped as a Field Producer and Show Advisor for the program “Home Staging Pros.” His third book, The Feng Shui Cure for Home Sellers, was published in November 2016.

Steve has been recognized by LinkedIn as a “Top 5%” member worldwide.

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