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Brokers, Managers, and Board Leadership! These sessions focus on your unique challenges and building your skill sets.

Well, THAT Escalated Quickly … Recent Lessons for Real Estate Practitioners

What you don’t know won’t protect you once problems escalate. Get ahead of the curve and manage your risk by attending this information-packed session for supervising brokers. Attorney Trista Curzydlo covers fair housing, court-recognized sexual harassment, service and support animals (there’s a difference!), ADA Title 1 and COVID, and antitrust behaviors online. But the information doesn’t stop there. Trista arms you with effective measures to pre-emptively address the hazards; for example, she offers 6 best practices to manage risk caused by social engineering attacks, how to effectively protect client and staff data from security breaches, how a Business Continuity Plan allows the brokerage to continue operations in a disaster, and more. Sound Dry? Not with Trista! She not only knows the law, she finds the humor in it all as well. 4 hours

Smart Phones, Smart Policies: Social Media Risk Management for Brokers

While you read this sentence, 22 new accounts will be opened on Twitter. Of the 100 billion friendships that have been created on Facebook, how many are between your clients and your agents? Did one of your virtual tours add to the hour of video that is uploaded to YouTube every second? The statistics relating to social media are truly staggering. A well-written policies and procedures manual will address the use of social media by the agents in your office and will serve as a guide to agents when they create an online presence. 1-3 hours

"YOU, Inc." Be the CEO of Your Own Life

Are you so focused on your daily tasks and routines that you feel like you are not making any meaningful progress in business or life? Do you sometimes feel that no matter how hard you work, you can’t get to the next level of success? If you are frustrated with your lack of results, then this session is for you!

In this engaging session, Marc leads attendees through six questions that will help them gain clarity and a clear action path for success in business and in life including:
WHO – you need to spend time with
WHAT – you need to stop doing
WHERE – to look for the best opportunities
WHEN – to start taking Fridays off
WHY – growth is not always good for business
HOW – will you measure success

45-60 minutes

I met with my coaching client today who attended your GAR session 'You, Inc.' She is so fired up as a result of her time with you. She couldn’t say enough good things about your content and delivery. You have a huge fan club in her and her friends who were at the conference. Congratulations!" – "Coach Jackie" Leavenworth

Leadership & Human Resources: How to Build, Lead, & Grow Your Team

The success of your employees and the health of your business culture is YOUR responsibility, and you can both lead and manage your team more easily than you think. We will discuss the difference between a leader and a manager, learn how to properly hire, train, motivate, compensate, evaluate, and hold your team members accountable, and . . . when and how to fire. Whether you have 1 or 100 employees, effective leadership, management, and company culture will be improved through this session. 1-3 hours

The Real Estate Broker’s Ultimate Technology Toolbox

For a real estate company to be able to succeed in today’s hyper competitive real estate industry, it is
in their best interest to not just have an understanding of the best tools to run their company and
potentially provide resources to their group. The problem is there are so many solutions to
consider and every vendor claims their product/service is the greatest option, so choosing the right
technologies can be an intimidating task.
Are you thinking about buying technology solutions for your business, but don’t know where to
start? You need to attend this session! Craig Grant will be your personal technology shopping
assistant and provide you insights for the best hardware (computers, tablets, smartphones, cameras,
etc.), software (contact/lead/customer relationship/task management), apps, website vendors,
anti-virus protection, and much more!
1-3 hours

How to Protect You and Your Clients from Wire Transfer Fraud

Wire Transfer Fraud is the most prevalent and dangerous scam targeting the real estate industry. The sad reality is one bad click by a buyer can ruin a transaction and their financial livelihood. In this session, you will learn what wire transfer fraud is, how it works, how easy it is to dupe a buyer into falling for this scheme, and most importantly the steps you need to take to educate and protect your customers from falling for it.
Key Takeaways:
• Relate how the real estate industry has become a target for hackers and fraudulent digital schemes
• Identify how to indemnify yourself and protect your clients from wire transfer fraud
• List steps you should take to protect your business from wire transfer fraud
1-2 hours

The Proactive Principles of Leadership

Are you currently managing an office or leading an office? Does your interaction with your sales force create a culture of valuable relationships, intentional productivity and effective accountability? Improve your impact as a leader and your ability to set the standards of excellence for your office by joining Pam Ermen for an empowering conversation that will highlight well-defined principles of proactive leadership! 45 minutes-1.5 hours

Managing to the Momentum

Are you ready for a simplified, effective, breakthrough business planning process to increase your agents’ production, focus, and effectiveness? Be the coach you’ve always wanted to be while putting the responsibility for performance and monthly follow-through where it belongs – with your sales force! This isn’t theory – Pam is doing it successfully every day! Learn how you can push your sales force to new production levels, profitability, and passion. Eliminate the mediocrity production plateau! 1-2 hours

I can’t thank you enough for your presentation yesterday. It was right on track with what we wanted to get the leadership team thinking about. Your energy was phenomenal, and you kept everyone engaged.” – Sandy Jones, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

Talent Attraction in Action

KEYNOTE  Agents in today's real estate industry revolution are leaving comfort to seek leadership that understands the challenging landscape! Are you that leader? Discover 5 focus areas that MUST be on your radar screen: being their technology filter, providing an interdependent culture of trust, transparency and social savvy, delivering relevant training that rocks, and offering market-sensitive financial programs. Join us to learn recruiting strategies to bring them in the door and then KEEP them there! 1 hour

Radical Recruiting

Today’s real estate professionals are more receptive to change than ever! Agents finding themselves in this “real estate industry” AI revolution are leaving comfort to seek leadership that understands the challenging landscape! Are you that leader? We’ll discuss 5 focus areas that MUST be on your radar screen: becoming their technology filter, providing an interdependent culture of trust, transparency, and social savvy, delivering relevant training that rocks, and offering market-sensitive financial programs. Join us to learn “Here and Now” recruiting strategies to bring them in the door and then KEEP them there! 1-4 hours

The Principles of Profit: This is No Time to ‘Practice’ Real Estate

More than ever, brokers need to protect their bottom line and every dollar counts! We’ll uncover the Top 4 Principles of Profit, including how to Cut the Fat and Not the Stats by giving up “sacred cows,” eliminating waste, and investing in profit-producing concepts and programs. Find out about aligning your offline and online brand and how “ZMOT” can help. If you plan to thrive - not just survive - industry challenges moving at warp drive, don’t miss this! Agent Version Also Available;1-3 hours

Running the Leadership Lap

Are you applying the leadership principles that allow you to “Connect, Correct, and Collect” and ultimately create a dynamic business, office, or company? Let’s take a close look at how focused leadership builds meaningful relationships, creates healthy boundaries of accountability, and leads to results that make the running of a company or office a profitable experience in every way! 1-2 hours

50 Questions a Broker Should Answer Before Starting Teams!

Growth through real estate team development can be the BEST thing or the WORST thing that’s ever happened to your company’s culture. Finding win-win solutions to important questions regarding team leader qualifications, company benefits and support, appropriation of commissions and fees, and the hiring and termination process can make all the difference! Closing the barn door AFTER teams start to flourish and issues arise can put relationships with your Top Producers at risk. Create healthy boundaries NOW and create stronger, more profitable relationships for agents, brokers, and owners, alike! 1.5-3 hours

Manage, Train, Recruit, Retain

Don’t miss this session filled with creative and effective strategies for managing the Go-To office in your market that's delivered by one of the industry’s most experienced brokers. Come learn how to maximize online and offline techniques that create market buzz; how to apply radical retention strategies based on a strong core culture of cooperation, professionalism, and market knowledge; and hear masterful dialogues that encourage interaction with the agents you’d like to attract to your office. 1.5-3 hours

Build a Better Agent in 30 Minutes or LESS!

Are you ready for a simplified, effective business planning process to increase your agents’ production, focus, and effectiveness while decreasing the time to make those things happen? Be the coach and mentor you’ve always wanted to be and put the responsibility for performance and monthly follow-through where it belongs – with your Sales Force! Learn how you can push your sales force to new production levels and increased profitability.. Eliminate the mediocrity production plateau!1-2 hours

Perception, Reality & Your Emotional Intelligence

Keynote or Session  A high level of emotional intelligence is the key to better communication, healthier relationships - both personal and professional - and a happier life. This session explores the psychology of perception versus reality and its impact on relationship-building, as well as how one's emotional intelligence plays a role in making (or breaking) interpersonal relationships. 1 hour

Maura did AMAZING! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the presentation." - Cindy Teekell, Executive Officer, Northwest AR Board of REALTORS®

Navigating Co-op(eration)

As brokers, we work for our clients, but we work with our agents and other agents as well. The interactions we have with our colleagues can impact our clients’ experience, for better or for worse. Masterfully navigating complaints and issues within the brokerage and between competing brands requires a complex skill set encompassing everything from communication rules to social media ethics. In this session, you’ll get techniques and tips to build better agent relationships and elevate your brand for retention and recruiting. 1-3 hours

The Perceptive Leader

KEYNOTE  As a leader, you play a primary role in the year-over-year achievements of your organization. Empowering your agents and staff to be effective and to thrive means developing their leadership skills, using and improving your own emotional intelligence and recognizing the differing perceptions and realities within your organization. In this session, you’ll test your perception and compare it to others’ perceptions; you’ll evaluate how you apply your emotional intelligence to interact with other leaders, staff and the organization as a whole. Sharpen your ability to perceive, to understand and to lead toward common goals. 45-75 minutes ADDITIONAL LEADERSHIP SESSION INFORMATION

Thank you so much for a great presentation this morning! The immediate feedback from the attendees was that it was a great way to kick off the year! They loved the way you presented these ideas and concepts!” - Carrie Andersen, Sr Vice President, Member Services, Minnesota REALTORS®

Perception and Reality in Leadership

Being an effective leader calls for spending time honing leadership skills, utilizing and constantly improving emotional intelligence, and most of all, recognizing that there are many realities in the organization. One’s perception — one’s reality — may not be the perception of all of the other players. In this session, attendees will test their own perception and compare it to others’ using music and visual arts, interactive discussion of how we perceive our environment and how we apply our emotional intelligence to interact and relate to those with whom we work closely when we are leaders — from your association staff to your Leadership Team and member volunteers to the organization’s membership as a whole. 1-2 hours

We had Maura as our presenter to kickoff our first Board of Directors meeting for 2021. Even in the virtual/Zoom environment that we currently reside, Maura's presentation was relevant and engaging, and the 90 minutes flew by! Our entire board had high praise for Maura's presentation, and I can't think of a better way for us to kick off our 2021 ... thank you, Maura!” - Jason Miller, 2021 President-elect, Minnesota REALTORS®

Perception and Reality: Composing Your Leadership’s Perfect Year

For Boards and Associations   Association executives (and staff) can play a large role in the success of association leadership. Helping your leadership become an effective leader and enjoy a successful year can mean assisting them with developing their leadership skills, utilizing and constantly improving your emotional intelligence, and most of all, recognizing that there are many realities in your organization and that your perception — your reality — may not be the perception of all of the other players. In this session, attendees will test their own perception and compare it to others’ perceptions, using music and visual arts, interactive discussion of how we perceive our environment and how we apply our emotional intelligence to interact and relate to those with whom we work closely — from your leadership to your volunteer members, your staff to the association’s membership as a whole. 1 hour

Maura is an awesome speaker. Great useable ideas and good stories. She is genuine and passionate. I highly recommend her!" - Bob Clark, Minnesota REALTORS®

Once Upon a Time Marketing for Brokers

Storytelling is an ancient art; it captivates us all, captures our imaginations, and when used effectively, can make you stand out from the crowd. Storytelling creates understanding and insight into your business as a story for consumers and agents; it creates affinity, even with those whom you haven’t met yet; and it provides your brokerage the vehicle for unique, compelling marketing content. From the way you present yourself and your brokerage’s story, a memorable story has the power to help you both recruit and retain your agents. So what’s the story you’ll share? 1-3 hours; Alternate Title: Once Upon a Time – Stories That Stick

A New Leadership Perspective: Composing a Memorable Year

Get a unique approach to leadership training. Combining the elements of leadership, teaching, music, theater and real estate has resulted in a fast-paced, fun-filled and interactive experience with real impact. Your group will come away with a deeper understanding of what it means to be a leader in a REALTOR® Association; heightened problem-solving skills; and measurable, trackable goals PLUS accountability over the following year with their personalized and detailed follow-up program. Topics covered include: basic aspects of leadership, relationships between staff and leadership/volunteers, fiduciary duty, problem solving, goal setting, strategic thinking for leaders and more. Full day session; 1-2 hour modules available

How to Evolve Your Marketing in a Content Saturated World (For Brokers & Managers)

At the core of modern marketing lies a common frustration for most business owners: How do I make my business stand out with all this noise and stop wasting money every day on stuff that doesn’t work? Sound familiar? Thankfully, there’s a surprisingly easy answer, and it has to do with our collective confusion with sales vs. marketing. Global award-winning marketing strategist Antoine Dupont will show you tools and techniques for creating remarkable content that gets leads and grows your business. Most companies waste tons of money every month on stuff that no longer works. It’s time to stop this madness and Antoine will show you how, through a series of easy-to-implement, actionable recommendations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Create a high-quality video with a small budget
  • Generate endless sources of content your audience cares about
  • Start videos to ensure people will stay tuned
  • Shatter the myths and bad habits of video marketing
  • Post and promote your content where it matters

1+ hour

How to Boost Your Website Conversions

You don’t need to spend more money to make your website a conversion machine. It’s all about the story you tell. If your website’s messaging is unclear, it’s costing you potential customers. In this presentation, marketing conversion expert Antoine Dupont shows you a proven communication formula utilized on thousands of websites. You’ll walk out understanding how to create a good marketing story and why it’s the most powerful tool to compel the human brain (and pocketbook).

Key Takeaways:

  • Draft your website’s messaging with clarity
  • Create clear and compelling messages that sell
  • Discover the 5 key features of highly effective websites used by major brands
  • Review your website’s effectiveness by asking 7 fundamental questions

1+ hour; Broker Version Available

"Insighting" Leadership with Collaboration and Solutions

Effective leadership requires 360-degree vision: To empower your group, you must not only understand the personalities and skill sets of those you work with, you must understand your own. Through self-awareness, you can help others grow. This eye-opening and engaging session reveals how behavioral models and key insights into relationships can be made actionable on any team.

Join Monica Neubauer to examine:

  • The basics of managing an effective meeting
  • The keystones of organization and respect
  • The power of creating a vision statement
  • What steps to take to address and counter fear
  • How divergent groups can cooperate
  • Why every gift has a place at the leadership table

2-6 hours; Modules Available

Leadership: Winning Others Over vs. Winning Over Others

What percentage of your day would you say you are actively attempting to influence…persuade…negotiate with others?  We are living in a world fraught with strongly felt differences that end up in conflict, and the intuitive path for most of us whether in business or our personal relationships is to win even at the expense of others. The road from confrontation to agreement is not the elimination of these differences…that is not even possible.  So, how do you go about winning the co-operation of others in an environment of strongly felt differences…winning others over vs. winning over others?  The answer is by understanding, mastering, and implementing the principles of influence: persuasion…leadership…negotiation. 1–1.5 hours

Listen – Learn – Lead…The Key to Successful Leadership

The most common mistake in attempting to lead, persuade, and/or influence another person is to do so when they are not receptive. Your efforts will either fall on deaf ears or be misconstrued. The challenge, therefore, is to first create a receptive environment, and that begins with…listening. 1–1.5 hours

Coach Your Agents to Turn Low Inventory into High Opportunity

Only Available Virtually Find out how you can coach your agents to thrive in a low inventory market by pursuing listings and creating an opportunity-rich environment. In this information-packed session, you’ll get a simple 2-step database organizational system and an easily implementable 5-step “Top of Mind” process you can teach your agents. We’ll discuss how to guide your agents into purposeful, consistent actions that will make a difference in their client pipeline. We’ll even explore unconventional concepts along with shareable dialogues your agents can employ with clients to expand the possibilities within the home purchase and sales process. 1-2 hours

Leading With Style

Only Available Virtually Ever wondered why you click with some agents and clients and don’t click with others? As a leader, it is critical to understand what will attract others to your leadership style and what could repel them. It is also vitally important to recognize what your clients and agents relate to, appreciate and fear. The ability to understand other people and to relate to them, with style, is the key to great leadership. 1-3 hours

The ACE Broker 2-Day Course

VIEW TRAILER This course looks at running a brokerage business from the ground up. We look at topics like how to manage yourself for maximum return, deciding what things to commit to, and how to lead people to get the most out of them. We will also address the basic skills and tools brokers need to have to be successful and train agent well like: negotiation, real estate investment analysis, time management, contracting, problem solving, people management, staying motivated, and much more. This is not another course on how to manage escrow funds. This is a course on how to manage and train successful and loyal agents that help you to build a brokerage business that you can be proud of. 16 hours

Business Building & Time Management: How to Plan, Manage & Advertise a Strong Real Estate Business

VIEW TRAILER Build a strong and flourishing real estate business ready for any market. This session shows you how to position your business for success using systems to keep you both accountable and time efficient. You'll learn ways to make your goals measurable--and how to stay focused and motivated when things don’t go as projected. Advertising tips and tricks to maximize your message and money round out the session. Get on the path to a solid, growing real estate business created for your future. 1-2 hours; Broker/Manager Version Available

Navigating Cooperation with Competition

The real estate business is uniquely cooperative and competitive. To succeed in real estate, agents need to know how to cooperate, compromise and–above all–remain professional. Agents owe duties to
their clients, customers and to all consumers. We will review the NAR
Code of Ethics and the requirements for presentation of offers, disclosures and notices to consumers and other agents. 1-3 hours; Broker-Manager Version Available

Policy Matters! Designing Your Office Policy Manual

An office policy and procedures manual can be the most dynamic document you have in your broker arsenal. Real estate licensees affiliated with a brokerage look to management for guidance in determining how they will respond to specific real estate situations that may or may not be covered by real estate law. Reduce your vicarious liability for licensee performance and build a firm foundation for your company mission and vision by attending this vital course on building your office policies. 3-4 hours

Running a Successful Virtual Brokerage or Team

Remote agents, teams, and brokerages are growing in it right for your business? In this fast paced session, we will review the advantages and disadvantages of this model. You'll hear about the supplies and systems you need to run smoothly, how to handle the hurdles you should expect, and ways to increase productivity while ensuring accountability. We'll share how to institute high level training and create bonding so retention rates are positive in this new virtual environment. 1 hour

Curating a Fantastic Team Culture

VIEW TRAILER Is yours the “It Team” to be on? Team culture could quite possibly be the number one key to recruiting and’s yours? How can you create a memorable team culture to aid in high level recruiting and retention? Let’s talk about how to attract and keep the right people to make your business fun and profitable. The BOOM Team brings applicable examples and helps breakdown how to build a Team right! 1 hour; Broker/Manager Version Available

Stop Recruiting and Start Attracting!

Are you constantly fighting to recruit top producers only to have them snatched away? As the industry has become more crowded, finding and hiring profitable agents has become increasingly difficult. But successful recruiting isn’t about chasing, it’s about generating become attractive! In this session, you'll get the recipe for retention, what the new era of agents want in a brokerage and some of the best tips and tricks to attract and keep reliable, loyal and profitable agents.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to keep your top producers from jumping ship to your competitors
  • Discover what makes a top agent and some of the newest techniques for attracting them online
  • Learn how to create a branded online portal to better onboard, train and attract new talent

1-2 hours

Today Matters! 12 Daily Practices for Tomorrow’s Success

KEYNOTE Most of us look at our days in the wrong way: We exaggerate yesterday, overestimate tomorrow, and underestimate today. The truth is the most important day you will ever experience is today. Today! In this uplifting session, you'll discover 12 Decisions and Disciplines anyone can learn and master to achieve success. Want to make a lasting impact? It's critical to develop yourself and those around you. We begin that personal growth journey of many small steps NOW. Today. Are you ready for the challenge? 1 hour

John Maxwell Sessions Available from Ifoma Pierre*

15 Invaluable Laws of Growth
This training will help you understand how personal growth really works, and how you can develop yourself to become a more effective and fulfilled individual.

Everyone Communicates, Few Connect
if you want to succeed, you must learn how to connect with people. You can learn how to make every communication an opportunity for a powerful connection by learning the Five Principles and Five Practices to develop the crucial skill of connecting.

Good Leaders Ask Great Questions
What are the questions leaders should ask themselves? What questions should they ask members of their team? John Maxwell responds to the toughest problems leaders have presented to him.

Change is so rapid today that leaders must do much more than stay the course to be successful. To survive and keep your company or career alive, you must be flexible and ready to adapt. The key is to learn how to leadershift.

Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn “Life’s Greatest Lessons Are Gained From Our Losses” Every one of us has experienced a disappointing loss in our own personal growth or leadership. How we have responded to those mistakes, errors, slips in judgment or just plain missing the goal has formed us even now.

*No royalty or book purchase required for these sessions; Pierre is an International John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Trainer & Coach. All Sessions are Time Flexible: 1 hour-Full day

Personal Leadership for Lead Generation: The Story of 0 Deals to 100

Ashton shares his story of proudly starting in the family business only to go 6 months without a sale. Benefit from the hard lessons learned that gave Ashton the tools and mindset to grow his business from nothing to a team doing over 400 sides a year. 45 minutes-1 hour

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