Bobbi Howe

Bobbi is a second generation real estate professional with over 20 years of experience as an active REALTOR®.

KEYNOTE Lessons from the Other Side: Protecting Your Self and Your Mindset

Real estate can eat you up and spit you out if you let it … Don’t let it! Find out what you can do to safeguard your mental health. It’s a conversation we don’t have often enough in our industry (and society) yet it’s one of the most vital dialogs for our happiness and survival. Bobbi draws on the journey she shared with her mother to illuminate advice and insights from the world’s top experts in well being.Recognizing negative patterns in yourself and others has the power to change outcomes!

Block Your Way to Success: Time Blocking

A busy market means its essential for agents to replenish listing inventory. Agents must do something to keep their marketing departments open by proactively getting more listings. This session is a game plan for conquering an agent’s day and keeping them focused on their goals, which will ultimately help serve the consumer at a higher level. Agents will be taught how to increase their productivity by running their business by design and not default.
1 Hour

Goals, Time Blocking and Self Care

Without a little guidance, real estate can seem overwhelming. So overwhelming that over 80% of all new real estate licensees exit the industry with their first two years. This session will help you with three specific things that tend to overwhelm real estate agents the most – goal setting, time blocking and mindset management. You’ll learn how to discover the big why, set goals, time block to achieve those goals, and fortify your mindset while achieving the goals.
2 Hours

Show Me the Money: Agent Financials

Real estate agents are not simply real estate agents. They are also business owners. Most real estate agents do not look at their financials through the eyes of a business owner. In this course, agents will understand where their money comes from and what happens to it between the time they receive it and keep it. Agents will learn to plan their income and expenses in way that will take them from yawn to yea!
1 Hour

Teams vs Solo: Build It and Success Will Come

It’s no secret that getting a real estate license is relatively easy compared to other professions. However, it’s even easier to fail, as 87% of all new licensees will leave the industry in their first three years. Deciding whether you should create a team or go at it alone will have a significant impact on your success. This course will highlight the pros and cons of both options and help agents discover their best course to achieve the success they want.
1 Hour

Your Path to Success: Goal Setting

Most leaders do not fail in coming up with a strategy to move forward. Where they fail is in executing those plans. In this course, you will learn how determine what goals are most important and how to achieve those in the midst of the whirlwind and every day life.
1 Hour

Bobbi is a second generation real estate professional with over 24 years of experience as an active REALTOR®. She is the 2021 Kansas City Regional Association of REALTORS® Immediate Past President and serves on the Missouri REALTORS® Executive Committee and the National Association of REALTORS® Realtor® Party Member Involvement Committee. She is passionate about mental health for those in the real estate industry. In her spare time, she loves running marathons and being an Association junkie.

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Bobbi’s talk was not only amazing content that brought value to the Chicago Association of REALTORS® members but also real content that saved people’s lives.”

Tommy Choi, President, Chicago Association of REALTORS®

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