An Open Letter to Our Clients

Hello, Colleagues.

Whether your next event is going to be in-person, virtual, hybrid, or you’re just not sure yet, we want to work with you to make sure it’s the best it can be!

Here’s what we’ve been up to since March of 2020:

  • Our speakers convened numerous times to train one another and build virtual presentation know-how.
  • The speakers offered 40+ hours of free training to organizations all over the US.
  • Our new website was launched.
  • Staff and speakers put together hardware & software recommendations along with virtual presentation best practices.
  • Virtual Session offerings were grouped on a page AND on a separate tab for each participating speaker along with the speaker’s style highlights & testimonials.
  • Based on CDC guidance, our group developed Covid Safety Protocols for in-person presentations.
  • Lawyers reviewed and revised our in-person contracts to provide for the instant pivot to virtual presentation.
  • To date, we’ve processed and rescheduled 96+ events—some more than once!

What to Expect Moving Forward …

Agreeing to an in-person presentation is on a speaker by speaker basis.

“Hybrid” will be a popular term as groups offer attendees choices. Not every speaker can present a hybrid (in-person & streaming) presentation … But OURS can. To be smooth and effective requires a little practice, know how, and extra hardware. We’ve trained on this and our speakers ARE ready.

Virtual isn’t going away. But it IS getting better! The speakers continue to push each other to up their game with exciting results.

We remain flexible and open to finding solutions that serve your needs and maintain the well being of all who have entrusted us to provide a safe space.




Lisa Betts

President, / BettsWorks, Inc.

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