Frequently Asked Questions


The most common webinar length is around 45 minutes. While many of our speakers can present extended sessions, most suggest no more than 3 hours at any one sitting.

As the client, you will determine the platform. All of our speakers have been extensively trained on Zoom. Most also have mastered several other major platforms as well.

Most of the speakers ask you to provide the platform, the registration, and the monitoring of the session. A few of the speakers do have the ability to provide these services if you need them.

They are priced by the hour and the options you select. This is unlike in-person presentations which are generally by keynote, half day, and full day. Each speaker determines his/her virtual session fee schedule and what is included.

Yes, you don’t pay travel! Beyond that, it varies by speaker. However, because virtual presentations are priced by the hour, clients generally do save.

If an in-person Agreement has been signed and the presentation must become virtual, the in person fee is maintained. Here’s Why: the speaker has blocked the in-person date plus travel and has prepped for the presentation; pivoting to virtual is usually possible but requires the speaker to re-prep (and virtual presentation does require different preparation).

You’re always welcome to call 888-423-3430 or email! But feel free to use this Contact Us form or complete Contact/Availability Form located at the bottom of every speaker’s page.

Do you want a proposal with several suggested, available speakers including titles and fees? Complete a Proposal Form and we’ll prepare some ideas and information.

Please tap into our years of experience with thousands of events. We can ask you questions to help you determine what you’re looking for even when you’re not yet sure. We’ll look at your audience, your goals, time frames, topics, interests, etc. to help find the best speaker for you.

While the speakers want to talk with you, they have equipped us to provide information quickly and efficiently. If there’s a question we can’t answer, we’ll contact the respective speaker to reach out to you.

Every situation, audience, budget, and desired content has a “best fit.” Every speaker has a different approach, feeling tone, experience level, and message. We’ll talk about your needs and provide you with enough information to make a very informed decision.

Generally, fees are structured by keynote, half day, or full day. A keynote is a general session typically lasting 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. A half day is 4 continuous hours or less on site and preferably in either the morning or afternoon. A full day is no more than 7-8 continuous hours on site. Many speakers offer consecutive or multiple day discounts. Designation or certification sessions (such as the REBAC or REBI courses), often have separate fee structures.

If you can’t find the specific speaker you’re looking for, please email or call 888-423-3430. We’ve been in business since 2005 with a select group of highly qualified, professional speakers. If who you want is not signed with us, we may be able to connect you!

To you, the Client, Nada Nothing Zero. The speakers have a contract with us and pay us. Which leads to the next question . . .

The speaker’s fee should be the same, regardless if you work through us or approach him or her directly. What you are losing is the additional service we can provide, you’re not saving on cost.

The sooner the better! Peak season dates fill first (February-March-April and September-October). You can “hold” a date at no cost. A hold gives you the first right of refusal. Holds are generally issued for 30 days but can be extended. Should another group want the same date, your group will need to secure the date with an Agreement or release it to the other group.

Each speaker has an Agreement with specific requirements. In general, the Agreements provide for cancellations according to date of cancellation in relation to the presentation date. Clients should contact us at or 888-423-3430 as soon as possible to cancel. For specifics, ask to see a copy of your selected speaker’s Cancellation Policy.

The Agreement is a contract between the Client and the speaker. BettsWorks facilitates the Agreement’s execution.

Your payments go directly to the speaker. Everything else goes through / BettsWorks.

No. But we will share any videos, graphics, testimonials, articles, or other items we have that we think might help you increase attendance. At a minimum, we will always provide the session description, speaker’s bio/intro, and photo.

Yes. Each Speaker specifies his or her audio visual equipment needs within your “Info-at-a-Glance” document. A large screen, a small front table for materials, an AV cart, an LCD, a microphone (lavaliere), and a patch to house sound are the most common requests. Speakers typically travel with a laptop, a back up thumb drive or system for their presentation, and all adaptors.

Yes! We love it when clients share their logo, theme, and demographic information. Connecting with your audience in order to move and educate them reflects an understanding and appreciation of the client’s environment. The extent of customization is specific to each speaker; however, unless agreed to ahead of time, a complete revision of a presentation isn’t appropriate.

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