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In Person Sessions for Agents

Team Dynamics: Building Successful Teams in Today’s Marketplace 

Everything good about teams can be lost without the proper knowledge, guidance or experience. You must hire right, share core values, manage the performance of your sales people, and provide tools and training that matter! You’re going to hear a lively discussion about the 5 stages of growing a successful and profitable team, and how you can avoid the predictable pitfalls that Teams can create. Learn from someone with 25+ years in-the-trenches experience in every aspect of Teams!

pam teaching Team Dynamics 2.0: Taking Your Team to the Next Level

Could Your Real Estate Team use some “Tweaking”? Maybe it’s time for a Team Tune Up! If you had the opportunity to join Pam for Team Dynamics, then her newest session, loaded with the latest and greatest for Team Leaders, is what you’ve been waiting for! Tune up your systems, fire up your team associates, polish up your leadership skills and double up your production by perfecting YOUR team’s performance, culture and business plan. Even if you’re just considering the concept of growing a team, DON’T do it without learning first hand from Pam’s 20+ years of developing successful real estate teams!

Team Dynamics Hour of Power Sessions

Great one hour modules on individual topics that matter to today’s Real Estate Team Leaders! Topics include…Hiring Qualified Real Estate Assistants, Defining Your Real Estate Team Agreements, Systems to Streamline Your Team Experience, Leadership Principles for Today’s Team Leaders, Hiring Right…Behavioral Testing for Team Associates, Leads, Leads and More Leads, and much more!

In Person Sessions for Supervising Brokers

Team Dynamics for Brokers: Building Successful Teams in Today’s Marketplace 

Many of today’s agents are considering creative ways to grow and insulate their business using the team concept. Others are feeling the pressure of being a one person show while keeping the rest of life in balance; for them, the team concept represents a vehicle for buying back their life. A well-run team can improve the consumer experience by developing systems to streamline the process and insure consistency; allocating more time to each client through labor sharing; and specific areas of assistance with highly experienced, specialized team members.

As a Supervising Broker, you may not be sure how this business model fits into the big picture OR your existing office structure. Embracing teams can be one of the best things to happen to an office environment … or the worst! Without the proper knowledge, guidance, or experience, Teams can become one of the greatest distractions you will ever experience.

In this session, we’ll discuss the 5 Stages of Growing a Successful Team. You’ll learn how to recognize when a team is “growing out of order” and help your licensees avoid the predictable pitfalls Teams can create. In addition, you’ll get tips and strategies for providing specialized coaching and mentoring to your most productive licensees–a useful competitive edge for brokers in today’s competitive marketplace!

50 Questions a Broker Should Answer Before Starting Teams

Growth through real estate team development can be the BEST thing or the WORST thing that’s ever happened to your company’s culture. Finding win-win solutions to important questions regarding team leader qualifications, company benefits and support, appropriation of commissions and fees, and the hiring and termination process can make all the difference! Closing the barn door AFTER teams start to flourish and issues arise can put relationships with your Top Producers at risk. Create healthy boundaries NOW and create stronger, more profitable relationships for agents, brokers and owners, alike! 1.5 – 3 hours

Team Dynamics Live Webinar Series for Agents

Regardless of whether you experienced Team Dynamics in a convention setting or through attending a one or two day course, the Team concept requires more than an initial overview of its concepts.  Healthy Teams are basically a microcosm of a healthy office, built on sound principles of leadership, structure and culture and requiring the same ongoing attention to detail that any manager, broker or owner must give to their office/company. This 12 session series will provide the leadership and management tools a Team Leader needs in the daily practice of growing their team. We’ll explore many of the principles of Team growth in much greater depth, allowing for Q/A at the end of each session. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to submit questions between sessions for discussion during the initial portion of the next session in the series.

Sessions Include:

Defining Your Team . . . What YOUR Model?

Team Positions and Job Descriptions

Feeding the Family . . . Leads, Leads and More Leads! One of the greatest value propositions for any team is to provide legitimate and consistent sources of team leads or the opportunities and systems to create them.  We’ll discuss some of the best team sources and systems for lead generation, to include maximizing every agent’s SOI, establishing a healthy relationship of interdependence with your team associates and why the 50/50 Rule is one of the most important principles to remember when developing your team lead programs.

After the Referral … Maintaining the Base of the Business Your Attract

What Do You Own? Effective Strategies for Creating a Strong Team Brand  ​How would you define your Team’s brand experience?  Have you communicated it clearly to all team members and what part does it play in the way the team operates, communicates and interacts with each other and the consumer?  Developing core values that inspire and create synergy for your team will lead to a core culture that stands out in your company, your office and the marketplace…and ultimately ATTRACTS agents who want to be and work just like you!

Successful Teams … All Systems GO!  Building a successful team infrastructure is a product of developing processes and programs that support your people and sales production. Putting the right systems in place will increase both the effectiveness and efficiency of daily sales performance, while also helping a Team Leader create healthy accountability for both their sales team and support staff. In this session, we’ll review a solid list of systems that every healthy team should consider and discuss how to put them into action to make a difference in their present and future business!

Business Planning for More than 1!

Help! I Need Somebody! Hiring Administrative Talent and Building Support

Hiring Right! Building a Dynamic Sales Force

Creating Team Agreements and Structuring Pay Plans What should your team agreement cover? What policies and procedures should be clearly communicated, understood, and supported by all team members? Once a team member has joined the team, what type of pay agreements and team splits should you be offering in order to create a financially attractive arrangement for everyone?  A well-run team is often an Income Opportunity NOT a Split Opportunity. Learn to lead with a team’s overall value proposition, not just dollars and splits!

Running a PROFITABLE Team Every member of a healthy team should represent a profitable income stream. While valued relationships are at the foundation of a great team culture, no Team Leader should have to depend on high commission splits to make sure everyone is happy!  In this session, we’ll cover how to recruit and retain new associates with financially attractive win-win team opportunities…AND how to focus on profit by increasing the team dollar, reducing team costs and tracking ROI on everything!

Leadership vs Management … or a LOT of Both?

Team Dynamics Live Webinar Series for Brokers

Team Dynamics for Brokers’ Webinars serves two purposes: To review the information shared during the Team Dynamics Webinar Series for Agents for that month, and to also consider the information from the viewpoint of the Office Manager/Owner. Each webinar coaching session will include a 5 to 10 minutes Q/A session, allowing the Office Managers/Owners to ask any questions they may be having about the process, in general, or questions specific to the last Agent webinar presented prior to their session. Suggested format: 1 webinar monthly for 6 months.

If there’s a healthy level of participation in a Broker webinar series, then any Office Manager/Owner who participates in that webinar series may also participate in the Agent webinar series at no cost. There would be additional information included from time to time that is appropriate for this Broker group that wouldn’t be discussed in the Agent Webinar. 

“She is professional and approachable. She not only knows her stuff, she lives it.”

Mark Hanna, Senior Vice President, Weichert Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.

real estate teams bannerPam Ermen is one of the nation’s most qualified instructors on the topic of Real Estate Teams.  Pam is a highly experienced and successful real estate manager, educator and speaker who began building teams in the mid 90’s and has spent over 25 years developing a clear understanding of what works . . . and what doesn’t! Her years in the “trenches” have allowed Pam to provide team leaders and their associates with direction and unique insights that are specific to the success of this real estate business model.

When working with Team Leaders, Pam addresses issues at the heart of healthy team growth: terms of team agreements, team policies and procedures, efficient and effective systems, effective use of administrative support, defining and protecting core values, hiring right, building a team brand, and lead creation, management and conversion.  In addition, she can provide a road map for Team Leaders through a study of the 5 stages of successful team growth. Seeing real estate teams as basically a microcosm of a healthy real estate office, Pam exemplifies leadership principles that work, having managed successful offices for 30+ years.

Pam’s management experience covers a variety of business models, having grown teams under the traditional split, fixed fee and capped production commission structures.  Because of this, she’s equally able to speak to the questions and concerns of individual managers and companies regardless of brand.

She understands the fine line between supporting the growth of a company’s top producers and protecting the bottom line of an office or corporate structure. Pam is sensitive to the recruiting, retention and profitability issues that can arise if teams are left to grow without proper direction and oversight and can speak directly to them. Her feedback isn’t theory: it’s based on real life experiences and her mastery of this growing trend!

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