What Makes a Great Match

We represent a limited number of national and international, professional real estate speakers. In order to offer a different experience to each speaker and to our clients, we take pride in knowing our speakers, their topics, their titles, and their abilities in depth. Unlike most “bureaus,” we usually can answer questions about content, style, tone, and response for any of our speakers and for any of their sessions.

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We represent a limited number of real estate speakers in order to offer a different experience to each speaker and to our clients: we know our speakers, their topics, their titles, and their abilities in depth. Our current business model caps the number of speakers at 21. This means we have to make very difficult choices regarding any new speakers.

Here’s what we take into careful consideration:

Topics. Does the speaker have REAL ESTATE topics that are in high demand or not covered by other speakers on the team? Is delivery instructional masterful, powerful, and unique?

Development & Readiness. Has the speaker demonstrated the skills, experience, and organization of a national speaker? this is evidenced by platform hours, acquisition of designations such as the DREI or CSP, and having most–if not all–of the items the Application requests.

Passion & Dedication. Is the speaker passionate about educating and helping others; are they student and client-centered? Do they love their topic so much they stay up to date on information and changes?

Responsiveness & Cooperation. Is the speaker easy to work with? We handle a tremendous amount of information and a speaker who doesn’t respond and follow-through regarding requests cast a shadow on the responsiveness this company is known for.

Career Stage. Where’s the speaker in his or her career? Is there room for growth, development, and smooth collaboration? A new speaker may not have had time to prove expertise and hone excellent skills; a well-established speaker may limit our ability to acquire opportunities for her or him.

Loyalty & Team Dedication. Since our start in 2005, we’ve built relationships with our speakers based on mutual trust and dedication. While representation agreements are a necessary part of the business,  trust and supportive relationships are at the core of our culture. The “BW” speakers support one another and the company; they keep in mind that a rising tide raises all ships. This camaraderie is a huge part of our company culture.

Integrity & Respect. Is the speaker devoted to professionalism and honesty with colleagues and clients? For example, a speaker that quotes a different fee to clients than we’ve been authorized to quote cannot continue a relationship with our group.

Expectations. Is the speaker here for the long term? Does the speaker have goals and expectations that are in line with our core values, company identity, and ability to deliver?

More to Consider as an Applicant …

  • Speaking nationally and internationally requires tremendous schedule flexibility. Most of our presenters are full time; many are also active in the real estate market. All are able to accommodate the unpredicable scheduling that comes with professional speaking.
  • We have stayed in business and grown since 2005 through customer service. Our presenters are prompt, responsive, and easy to work with for the clients AND for our staff.
  • You will be asked to follow our guidelines such as contacting the client upon arrival, not selling from the podium without express permission (& then limited), having a back up of all presentations in all locations, etc.
  • You will be expected to be adept at and able to handle the rigors of extensive travel. They don’t call them Road Warriors for nothing!
  • You must commit to charging the same fee regardless of whether or not the client works through us or directly with you. Exceptions are made for your local area groups.
  • We want as much of your schedule to stay in house as possible for a variety of reasons. Our fees to you are on a sliding scale to accommodate this.
  • You are asked to provide your own promotional materials; in the common event we create, edit, design promotional items for you, we expect you to respect these efforts.

I hope this information was – in addition to the Speaker Application – helpful in explaining what we believe makes a good match in terms of speakers joining our team. On a personal note, I firmly believe what has allowed us to survive and thrive are our unique, client-centric, and highly skilled presenters. If after reviewing the Application and the above list you feel we may be a good match, we look forward to hearing from you. When everything falls into place, it’s wonderful to welcome a new member to this group.

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