Sell Homes Quickly with Feng Shui


Sell homes quickly by incorporating Feng Shui with these inexpensive tips and 8 most impressionable moments explained in this webinar taught by Feng Shui master and veteran real estate agent, Steve Kodad. Total Time: 110 mins; MP4 download  WATCH A SAMPLE


Selling a home can be very frustrating for your homeowner and for you, their agent. You cannot ever eliminate all of the stress behind selling a home, but having a system to follow that allows a partnership between a client and an agent can be very helpful. To incorporate Feng Shui is very inexpensive. This video explains a step-by-step system that permits the owner to do some simple tasks themselves or hire it out cheaply. Renting furniture and hiring a home stager works well but can be expensive. Most homeowners are looking for a “staging” method that gets the results but is easy on their pocketbook. This video introduces you to the 8 Most Impressionable Moments for a home for sale considering Feng Shui. Total Time: 110 mins; MP4 download  WATCH A SAMPLE


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