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Fair Housing for the Property Manager - Marc Cunningham

Complying with fair housing is not just a good business practice; it is the law. Fair housing starts with the federal Fair Housing Act and continues through state and local regulations. The course will not just give an overview of fair housing, it was also educate property managers on what they should and should not be doing in the a day-to-day operation of their business. Property Managers are on the front line of fair housing issues as it relates to renting and must be knowledgeable in how to operate their business to ensure compliance. This session is designed to be very practical and will also address current fair housing topics including service animals, reasonable accommodation requests, and disparate impact rules. 2-3 hours

The Lost Art of Professionalism - Marc Cunningham

The success of your property management business is largely dependent on who you allow into your owner-client group. In this fast moving session we will focus how to improve your professionalism to attract GREAT owner-clients including:
• What should be the proper mindset of a successful PM?
• What is the difference between an owner transaction and an owner relationship?
• Three words you should never use in your advertising (but most PMs do!)
• How to qualify prospective owner-clients
• Should you negotiate your management agreement terms?
• How to never get sued

This session will empower you to stop asking owners to ‘choose’ you, and instead position yourself as the professional so owners are asking YOU to ‘choose’ them! 1-2 hours

Real Estate Karma - Trista Curzydlo

“But is it illegal?” after practicing law in the real estate arena for nearly 20 years, this is a question that Trista Curzydlo has heard a lot. This course takes a look at situations that real estate agents face and delineates between what’s illegal, what’s unethical and what is just plain rude! 1 hour

Well, THAT Escalated Quickly … Recent Lessons for Real Estate Practitioners - Trista Curzydlo

What you don’t know won’t protect you once problems escalate. Get ahead of the curve and manage your risk by attending this information packed session for supervising brokers. Attorney Trista Curzydlo covers fair housing; court recognized sexual harassment; service and support animals (there’s a difference!); ADA Title 1 and COVID; and antitrust behaviors online. But the information doesn’t stop there. Trista arms you with effective measures to pre-emptively address the hazards; for example, she offers 6 best practices to manage risk caused by social engineering attacks, how to effectively protect client and staff data from security breaches, how a Business Continuity Plan allows the brokerage to continue operations in a disaster, and more. Sound Dry? Not with Trista who not only knows the law, she finds the humor in it all as well. 4 hours

7 Steps to Turning LinkedIn into a Lead Generating Machine - Antoine Dupont

Key Takeaways:
1. What LinkedIn Pages are and why they matter for your business
2. How to build a winning strategy that builds a community around your services
3. Content that converts on LinkedIn Pages and why
4. The newest LinkedIn Pages features that real estate agents need to know about
1+ hour

“Thanks again for a great meeting, Antoine! The feedback from the agents was excellent - they really enjoyed your content and personality.” - Emma Davis, CEO, Pointe3 Real Estate LLC

Controlling Seller's Expectations - Pam Ermen

Today’s connected consumers have an endless resource of information at their fingertips which can often create unrealistic expectations for a seller, especially when it comes to the marketing or pricing of their property. Creating a realistic expectation of the value of their property and the path to its successful sale can be the difference between a satisfied client who tells others about your services and one who believes that you have failed in your ability to sell their home or represent their interests. Learning to tell a seller client what they need to hear vs what they want to hear defines the role of a true trusted advisor who has the knowledge, experience and courage to LEAD…not follow… in a sales transaction! Time Flexible, 1-4 hours

Talent Attraction in Action - Pam Ermen

KEYNOTE Agents in today's real estate industry revolution are leaving comfort to seek leadership that understands the challenging landscape! Are you that leader? Discover 5 focus areas that MUST be on your radar screen: being their technology filter; providing an interdependent culture of trust, transparency and social savvy; delivering relevant training that rocks; and, offering market-sensitive financial programs. Join us to learn recruiting strategies to bring them in the door and then KEEP them there! 1 hour

Enneagram 101: An Introduction to the Enneagram for Your Life and Business - Ashton Gustafson

The Enneagram is a personality profile tool that has become very popular recently. In this session, Ashton will give a brief introduction to the enneagram and provide some key takeaways on how to improve communications and expectations with your customer base. 45-60 minutes

Gradually You Build, Suddenly You Have a Business - Ashton Gustafson

In this session, Ashton will offer simple steps towards building a business that attracts clientele rather than chases them. With simple tips for lead generation, database management, and marketing, this session will lead agents towards more sustainability, predictability, and profitability in their business. 45-60 minutes

Coach Your Agents to Turn Low Inventory into High Opportunity - Jackie Leavenworth

Find out how you can coach your agents to thrive in a low inventory market by pursuing listings and creating an opportunity-rich environment. In this information packed session, you’ll get a simple 2-step database organizational system and an easily implementable 5-step “Top of Mind” process you can teach your agents. We’ll discuss how to guide your agents into purposeful, consistent actions that will make a difference in their client pipeline. We’ll even explore unconventional concepts along with shareable dialogues your agents can employ with clients to expand the possibilities within the home purchase and sales process. 1-2 hours

Low Inventory to High Opportunity: How to Thrive in this Market - Jackie Leavenworth

Find out how you can thrive in a low inventory market by pursuing listings and creating an opportunity-rich environment. In this information-packed session, you’ll get a simple 2-step database organizational system and an easily implementable 5-step “Top of Mind” process. We’ll discuss how to plan and perform purposeful, consistent actions that will make a difference in your client pipeline. We’ll even explore unconventional concepts along with shareable dialogues you can employ with clients to expand the possibilities within the home purchase and sales process. 1-2 hours

Broker Management in a New Millennium - Jeremias Maneiro

Brokers and managers can provide the systems and programs their agents need for high level consumer service--even in a virtual world. In this session, we'll explore the how to's of many agent activities (open houses, buyer consultations, showings, offer presentations, listing appointment, etc.) and how you, as the managing broker, can create the standards, systems and guidelines that help your agents to thrive. Find out how your brokerage can leverage technology to appear more professional in your marketing, online communication, and social media. We’ll even cover ways to effectively manage the online activities of your agents. What’s more, all of this business building tech can be yours without breaking the bank.3-4 hours

Engaging in an Interactive World: Ways to Make Your Connections "Sticky" - Jeremias Maneiro

WATCH THE TRAILER As we’ve all been saying, “Zoom fatigue is real.” Learn how to combat it by adding some wow factors to your virtual events. Discover how to convert multitasking lurkers into full-fledged, active meeting participants who are focused, eager and engaged. 1-2 hours

Sir Bot-A-Lot, Messenger Bot Marketing: The Lead Conversion Machine - Jeremias Maneiro

JMan demonstrates how to create content and run digital ads so that all of your marketing spokes lead back to your messenger hub. You'll get the messenger bot skills and strategies to not only generate leads but how to nurture and eventually convert them! Come and find out how why a messaging-based sales funnel has a 35x higher conversion rate than the typical sales funnel.
• Design a strategy to generate online leads using automated messenger bots
• Review the proper conversation flows that lead to higher conversation rates
• Develop content that matters most to consumers so they are compelled to contact.
1-2 hours; Workshop Available

Surthriving in a Sellers' Market - Jeremias Maneiro

You heard it right. Don't just try to live through this sellers' market ... You should THRIVE! In this session, we will discuss how data and digital doorknocking are the keys to uncovering the hidden gems (known as listings) that every market has just waiting to be discovered. We will discuss High Sell Scores, Predictive Analytics, Old Expireds and FSBO's that you would never want as part of your listing inventory. Plus we'll think way outside the box with some creative techniques and the leveraging of existing video technology to get to "offer accepted." Stop trying to just get by with outdated methods. Build an environment in which listings can be plentiful and your business can thrive! 1-3 hours

Virtual Agent 2.0 - Jeremias Maneiro

Amp up your virtual agent skill set in this advanced session from JMan. Find out how to do Next Level virtual open houses, client consultations, offer presentations and showings that will set you apart and above your competition.

“When pandemic hit and the real estate industry got pretty scary, he was the one who rose to the top of the crowd and started offering virtual training on how to be a virtual agent. I went to that and then attended the 2.0 version as well, implemented what he taught in those virtual trainings and now I am known in my own market for being the virtual expert!” – Candy Bowen, Candy Bowen Team at Realty Executives

A Field Guide to American Houses - Melanie McLane

Explore and discuss style, form, and structure of the American House. We'll take a look at the key architectural features of various time periods and discuss why these things are important to the appraiser, agent, seller, and buyer. You'll find out how the layout and functionality of a home reflect the home’s history but may be functionally obsolescent for many potential buyers. You'll review the building techniques and styles that assist appraisers and agents in establishing when a house was actually built--instead of relying on tax records, etc. We’ll even discuss how you can identify the changes and improvements made over time to a home that mask its original style. 2-4 hours

Code of Ethics and Fair Housing: A Powerhouse Couple - Melanie McLane

The powerhouse couple of Ethics and Fair Housing come together in this information packed course. This session is designed to meet the REALTOR® Code of Ethics’ mandate though a lively review and discussion of ethical dilemmas, arbitration and mediation dispute resolution methods, and the latest in changes to the Code. Through the lens of situations and processes REALTORS® experience every day, we’ll also review fair housing law, HUD guidelines with respect to advertising compliancy, and identify best professionalism practices in the industry. As a bonus, we’ll even discuss proactive safety practices licensees should take when engaging with any consumer or client. 3-4 hours

Dirt, Bricks and Lies: Land, Construction, and Common Misconceptions - Melanie McLane

What goes into real estate? Dirt, bricks, and other building materials, all placed on a site. What are truths and myths about real estate? In this course, we’ll explore how to value land and buildings, using appropriate techniques for both, with particular emphasis on developing a cost approach. We’ll review construction techniques and red flags, as well as identify sources of physical, functional, and economic depreciation. Finally, we’ll explore some of the myths about real estate and real estate valuation. 3-7 hours

Valuing Land - Melanie McLane

This course explores the many facets of valuing land, from determining highest and best use, through identifying relevant characteristics which affect value. Methodologies of valuing land and making adjustments will be explored, including unit comparisons. We’ll discuss why land valuation can be one of the most complex appraisal assignments. 3 hours

What will “Normal” Look Like? Market Indicators to Watch - Melanie McLane

We don’t know when we will return to ‘normal’, what it will look like and whether our market will continue to be strong, or we will have challenges. In this webinar, we’ll talk about the things you need to keep your eye on as market indicators. 30-45 minutes

Navigating Co-op(eration) - Maura Neill

As brokers, we work for our clients, but we work with our agents and other agents as well. The interactions we have with our colleagues can impact our clients’ experience, for better or for worse. Masterfully navigating complaints and issues within the brokerage and between competing brands requires a complex skill set that encompasses everything from communication rules to social media ethics. In this session, you’ll get techniques and tips that build better relationships with agents and elevate our brand when it comes to retention and recruiting. 1-3 hours

Multiple Offer Strategies that Work! Helping Buyers and Sellers Navigate this Market - Monica Neubauer

We are in a busy seller’s market. Buyers need homes and sellers need guidance. Are you honoring your fiduciary responsibility to your clients by preparing and presenting offers in ways that put them in the best light? There are good tools to help buyers make stronger offers. And we want to protect our sellers, who are considering many options, by leading them in clear, ethical, and legal directions. Get checklists and takeaways to strengthen your client’s position in this fast-paced session. 3-4 hours

The 3 C’s of Agent Relationships: Communication, Collaboration and Closing - Monica Neubauer

The real estate professional is the only person who walks with the buyer or seller through every part of the transaction – consultation, searching, contracting, financing, inspecting, closing, and sometimes even the moving. How can you work with other professionals to benefit your mutual clients as well as help to keep the process focused and moving forward? Communication is crucial! Monica Neubauer will explore how agents and vendors can be a powerful team for real estate consumers in this fast-moving marketplace. This program has versions for lenders, appraisers and closing companies to help fine-tune their level of service as well as their bottom line. 1-2 hours

Identify & Capture Your Niche - Ifoma Pierre

Develop skills to select and capture various niches of clients! Engaging, lawful, and ethical advertising techniques will be compared and contrasted in accordance with license law, agency law, fair housing laws, and the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics. Additional attention will be given to the protection of consumers regarding non-solicitation zones, cease and desist zones, sign ordinances, limited English proficiency, current environmental concerns, and illegal conversions.Time Flexible: 2-4 hours

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