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Keynote or Session Empowering yourself to be effective and to thrive means improving your emotional intelligence and recognizing differing perceptions and realities. In this session, you’ll test your perception and compare it to others’ perceptions; you’ll evaluate how you apply your emotional intelligence to interact with those around you. Sharpen your ability to perceive, to understand, and to move toward your goals. Alternate Title: A New Leadership Perspective; 1 hr – Full Day

As REALTORS®, we work for our clients, but we work with other agents, and the interactions we have with our colleagues can impact our clients’ experience, for better or for worse. In this session, we will explore building better relationships with other agents with the intent to leverage associations to our clients’ advantage … and to our own professional benefit and for the betterment of our industry as a whole. 1-3 hours

SEE REVIEWS OF THIS SESSION Agents are facing a challenge unlike anything else in real estate history. Times are changing, technology is taking over, buyers and sellers are going online for everything. It’s time for agents to reestablish a professional presence that embraces technology. In this presentation you’ll learn skills and gain insights to build your business in unparalleled ways. Don’t just survive, discover how to THRIVE by leveraging tech strategies you can put into action immediately.
3 Take Aways:
• Describe the 3 Pillars on which all sustainable businesses are built.
• Generate listing leads by using Big Data efficiently.
• Discover how the “Missing Piece” keeps you consistent and successful. 1-3 hours

WATCH A TESTIMONIAL Fasten your seat belts and get ready for a firehose of ideas, examples, and cutting-edge software and technology designed to explode your business. In this session, you’ll learn creative new ways to generate more leads, earn more opportunities, and turn prospects into friends and friends into Clients. Whether you’re a new agent, a team leader or a seasoned veteran with years of experience and the scars to prove it, there’s something in this session for everyone.
• Discover why the difference between marketing & branding matters.
• Create effective content and find out how to discover your “Who.”
• Improve your marketing and generate more leads with 3 BIG Strategies.
1-3 hours

“But is it illegal?” After practicing law in the real estate arena for nearly 20 years, this is a question that Trista Curzydlo has heard a lot. This course takes a look at situations that real estate agents face and delineates between what’s illegal, what’s unethical and what is just plain rude! You’ll hear actual tales from the trenches (that might sound all too familiar) and then engage in a review to find out what behavior crosses which line! With Trista’s characteristic humorous approach and sharp insights, Real Estate Karma gets REAL. 1-3 hours

TRISTA TALKS ABOUT THIS SESSION  Up in Smoke promo plateWith over half of all states decriminalizing cannabis, the cannabis industry and its real estate needs are growing–leaving agents and clients in a risky position. This course examines the potential pitfalls and associated risk reduction techniques for real estate professionals. 1 hour; Commercial version Also Available

What Does “Up In Smoke” Cover?
• Controlled Substance Act vs. State Law
• Federal Agency Guidance vs. Law
• “Illegality Defense” & Contract Voiding
• 3 Financial Institution Questions
• Zoning Regulations & Unit Developments
• 5 Lease Clauses
• Insurance Provider Questions
• Reasonable Accommodation Requests
• Risk Management Protocols

What makes working in commercial real estate different from residential? Is the transition difficult or risky? In this session, you will learn the differences and how to handle them. Whether you are new to real estate and or a veteran on the residential side looking for a new challenge, this class will give you the information you need to understand commercial real estate and help make a smooth transition. 4 hours


WATCH A TRAILER Your ability to speak about current market conditions as a real estate professional is critical to building the credibility you need to develop long-term, loyal customers. In this session, we address the market as it stands today. We’ll talk about the effect inflation has on the market and what that means for home buyers and investors. We will discuss real estate’s tremendous strength not just as a hedge against inflation, but also how it can build wealth even in this type of market. You are going to walk out of this class not only understanding inflation and how to explain it but also having the tools to show customers in dollars and cents terms how real estate can protect them and the money they worked so hard to earn. 1-3 hours

Building your brand using social media is harder today than it’s ever been. Knowing what to post and how to post it is only half the battle! The real struggle can be identifying the developing trends and how to benefit most from them. Abhi will reveal how today’s top 7 emerging social media marketing trends can be harnessed to build and monetize your reputation now and into the future. 1-2 hours

WATCH A TRAILER Connect the dots from your existing tech to AI! Artificial intelligence has arrived in the real estate industry in an incredible, disruptive fashion. Its arrival has many real estate professionals feeling curious, puzzled, or scared about its short and long-term impact on the industry and how to adapt.

Business growth and operations expert Abhi Golhar describes how AI and machine learning will change the real estate industry. He’ll give you 5 steps for using AI to move your lead gen, marketing, and relationship building to the next level using customized workflows.

So don’t worry, there’s no need to go to DEFCON 3 to prevent SkyNet from taking over the world just yet. But NOW is the time to get a step ahead of your competition! Learn to harness the power of AI to work for YOU to attract more clients and enrich your business. 1-2 hours

Without a little guidance, real estate can seem overwhelming. So overwhelming that over 80% of all new real estate licensees exit the industry with their first two years. This session will help you with three specific things that tend to overwhelm real estate agents the most – goal setting, time blocking and mindset management. You’ll learn how to discover the big why, set goals, time block to achieve those goals, and fortify your mindset while achieving the goals. 2 – 3 hours

Real estate agents are not simply real estate agents. They are also business owners. Most real estate agents do not look at their financials through the eyes of a business owner. In this course, agents will understand where their money comes from and what happens to it between the time they receive it and keep it. Agents will learn to plan their income and expenses in way that will take them from yawn to yea! 1-2 hours

At the core of modern marketing lies one common frustration for most business owners: How do I make my business stand out against all this noise and stop wasting money on stuff that doesn’t work? Sound familiar? Award winning marketing strategist Antoine Dupont shows you–through a series of easy-to-implement, actionable recommendations–the tools, techniques, and bullseye research you need to create the quality content that gets leads and actually grows your business.  Key Takeaways:

  • Understand what works and doesn’t work anymore
  • How to be effective with video marketing
  • Why Facebook is grossly misunderstood
  • How to leverage social media for engagement & growth
  • Stop thinking conversion and focus on experience   1 hour

Award winning marketing strategist Antoine Dupont shows you how to put the power of Linked in to work for you!
Key Takeaways:

  1. What LinkedIn Pages are and why they matter for your business
  2. How to build a winning strategy that builds a community around your services
  3. Content that converts on LinkedIn Pages and why
  4. The newest LinkedIn Pages features that real estate agents need to know about

1+ hour

Everything good about teams can be lost without the proper knowledge, guidance or experience. You must hire right, share core values, manage the performance of your sales people, and provide tools and training that matter! You’re going to hear a lively discussion about the 5 stages of growing a successful and profitable team, and how you can avoid the predictable pitfalls that Teams can create. Learn from someone with 25+ years in-the-trenches experience in every aspect of Teams! 1-4 hours; Numerous Specialized Modules Available

KEYNOTE or SESSION  Agents in today’s real estate industry revolution are leaving comfort to seek leadership that understands the challenging landscape! Are you that leader? Discover 5 focus areas that MUST be on your radar screen: being their technology filter; providing an interdependent culture of trust, transparency and social savvy; delivering relevant training that rocks; and, offering market-sensitive financial programs. Join us to learn recruiting strategies to bring them in the door and then KEEP them there! 1 hour

Believe it or not, someday you may want to transition out of real estate! Maybe you’ll be looking for more freedom and flexibility to pursue other goals, or perhaps you’ll simply be ready to retire. But how can you keep making money from this business you’ve worked so hard to build? Is it possible to make a smooth, profitable transition with residual income and referral fees? Yes, but you must start now! In this course, you will learn multiple ways to sell, transition, or retire – simple, doable strategies that work (there are more options than you may realize!) and can make your long-term vision a reality. The good news? Tackling small tasks every day will create a rewarding exit strategy. 1-3 hours

Learn concrete ways to systemize the most important aspects of business that affect productivity and profit: business of the business, working with buyers and sellers and marketing systems. 45-60 mins

VIDEO PROMO Real estate investing is no longer just for the rich. Both millennials and baby boomers are moving away from stock market investing and into real estate investing. This session will educate agents on how to grow their business and confidently work with investor clients by understanding:

  • Transactional differences between owner occupied & investment deals
  • How to speak the language of “investor”
  • How to analyze and compare investment deals
  • What to look for during inspections
  • The pros and cons of buying occupied vs vacant investment property
  • The differences between single-family vs multi-family investing
  • Financing basics for investment property
  • How to accurately calculate the rental rate of a property

When the real estate sales market slows, there is one time-tested way for agents to not only survive in slow markets–but to thrive. Adding property management services for your clients gives you the benefits of residual income streams, new buyer and seller clients, increased company value, steady cash flow, and more. This fast-paced session breaks down all the pros –and the cons — of offering property management services. We’ll explore the risks and rewards of various business models used by property management firms and answer the most common questions. You’ll walk away with actionable steps and answers to the following questions:

    • Won’t property management be a distraction to my brokerage business?
    • What technology does a property management business require?
    • What licensing is required?
    • How can I market to my clients?
    • What questions do landlords ask?
    • What business models are available?
    • What income streams are available?
    • Do I have the personality to be a property manager?
    • How is my relationship with a property management client different from that of my brokerage client?
    • Where do I get the documents I need?
    • What are the legal risks of property management?
    • How hard it is to add property management services to a brokerage?

1-3 Hours

Recent years and hectic markets have worn us out! While congratulations are due for persevering for your family and clients, continuing to exist in an exhausted, spent state just isn’t sustainable! Monica will give you 10 or more real tips for dealing with the brain fog, stress and exhaustion trying to take you under. She has been recognizing and implementing some practical tools in her life that she wants to share with you.
You’ll get action steps to help you …
• Find a healthy way through the mental and emotional space you are in.
• Cultivate a physical atmosphere that is encourages peace.
• Take steps to get back into a community of friends and colleagues. 1+ hour; workshop available

WATCH A SAMPLEAn increasingly diverse population in the United States means that we can have and do more business when we help everyone. This engaging program helps agents understand more broadly where the problems exist to increase awareness and how to practically help more people with better systems. The takeaways are relevant and specific in order to help agents take proactive steps to ensure housing stays fair for everyone. 3 hours

This course will discuss the legal and ethical issues of multiple offers, as well as the agent’s fiduciary duties to clients. The REALTOR® Code of Ethics, as well as state law, will be discussed, compared and contrasted. 3-4 hours

“Amazing! This class could have been an 8 hour class, the information was so good. The class was engaged and it flew by. Reviews were awesome!” – Brandy Hartman, RCE, CAE, Mt Rushmore Board of REALTORS®

Navigate the challenges of an overheated market with extremely low inventory and multiple offers above listing price. This market has created friction between the appraisers–who must follow USPAP and lender guidelines and can only use existing comparable sales–and the agents who are seeing multiple above list offers, using escalation clauses, and appraisal contingencies. We’ll clarify roles, examine the symptoms of an overheated market, evaluate outlier sales versus incoming trends, and so much more:
• When the comps aren’t there—what happens?
• When the market is moving quickly, what can an appraiser do?
• How should buyers be advised if going over listed price may mean the property will not appraise?
• What will happen when this ends (and it will)? 1-4 hours

ASHTON TALKS ABOUT THIS SESSION in a promo In this session, Ashton will offer simple steps towards building a business that attracts clientele rather than chases them. With simple tips for lead generation, database management, and marketing, this session will lead agents towards more sustainability, predictability, and profitability in their business. 45-60 minutes

It’s easy for a real estate professional to get lost in the commotion of an industry constantly inundated with new technologies, new ways to communicate and new ways to interact.  In Making Music in a Noisy World, Ashton helps you shape your mindset for the modern marketplace.

  • Surprise and delight customers by integrating the automated systems designed to make you more efficient with a human element that exceeds most consumers’ expectations
  • Set up easy systems with real time customer interactions that fill the void created by technology.
  • Successfully use “old school” tactics without completely abandoning a digital platform.

These strategies enabled Ashton and his team to close 385 sides and $55 million in sales last year. Use his insights to truly shine in your market and achieve the same results for your own real estate business! 45-60 minutes

WATCH A TRAILER What 7.5 things do you need to be doing to absolutely blow up your business? These Jedi life management tricks and tips will change your world and let you juggle all the balls while still enjoying life. Let’s break down the personal habits you can do to take it to the NEXT LEVEL so you have it all!

WATCH A TRAILERVideo marketing is king and if you want to grow your business, you need to OWN IT!! In this interactive and hands-on session, learn what composition, content, and technology you should be using to take your business to the NEXT LEVEL! 1-2 hours

WATCH A TRAILER You’ll leave this seminar understanding the most current, innovative and effective negotiation strategies. And you’ll get specific real estate applications for your day-to-day negotiations with and for your clients. Learn How To …

  • Understand the 3 fundamental axioms of negotiating and the application of each in real world negotiations.
  • Implement a 5-Step Strategy for negotiating past NO to YES!
  • Identify the 5 barriers to agreement and implement the appropriate breakthrough strategies.
  • Implement the ASK – LISTEN – LEARN – LEAD sequence to uncover clients’ true MOTIVATION and COMMUNICATION styles.
  • Handle common seller objections to pricing and sellers wanting to perform a “commission-ectomy”
  • Handle common buyer objections (perfect house, waiting for the “good deal,” wanting to write a low ball offer, etc) 3-6 hours; Modules Available

This program is unlike any other program you have attended. It is not a listen and learn program, it is a listen and do program. It includes not only the 5 Basic Principles for creating a successful repeat and referral business, but also includes a step-by-step, month-by-month implementation of those principles in the form of specific strategies, techniques, and dialogues. This is a self-administered “coaching program” that will guide you to a more Focused, Proactive, Purposeful, Enjoyable, and Successful referral business. 3 hrs – Full Day

Jackie Talks About this Session This session will reveal 6 of the most common, yet devastating, mistakes made by licensees when presenting pricing information to sellers. It is easy to kill our chances of being hired just by saying, or doing, the wrong thing. It is also too costly, in time and money, for sellers and for real estate professionals, to list a house that won’t sell. Learn proven strategies and dialogues to get more listings and to get them SOLD.

93% of our negotiating power is lost in e-communication. Negotiation begins with communication. True connection is lacking greatly lacking in our world. This lively, pointed and relevant session creates self-awareness about our communication choices and how those choices impact results for us and our clients. Seasoned vets to Millennials describe this session as funny, real, inspiring, motivating, and an eye-opener. 45-90 minutes


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