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"Insighting" Leadership with Collaboration and Solutions - Monica Neubauer

Effective leadership requires 360-degree vision: To empower your group, you must not only understand the personalities and skill sets of those you work with, you must understand your own. Through self-awareness, you can help others grow. This eye-opening and engaging session reveals how behavioral models and key insights into relationships can be made actionable on any team.

Join Monica Neubauer to examine:

  • The basics of managing an effective meeting
  • The keystones of organization and respect
  • The power of creating a vision statement
  • What steps to take to address and counter fear
  • How divergent groups can cooperate
  • Why every gift has a place at the leadership table

2-6 hours; Modules Available

"YOU, Inc." Be the CEO of Your Own Life - Marc Cunningham

Are you so focused on your daily tasks and routines that you feel like you are not making any meaningful progress in business or life? Do you sometimes feel that no matter how hard you work, you can’t get to the next level of success? If you are frustrated with your lack of results, then this session is for you!

In this engaging session, Marc leads attendees through six questions that will help them gain clarity and a clear action path for success in business and in life including:
WHO – you need to spend time with
WHAT – you need to stop doing
WHERE – to look for the best opportunities
WHEN – to start taking Fridays off
WHY – growth is not always good for business
HOW – will you measure success

45-60 minutes

I met with my coaching client today who attended your GAR session 'You, Inc.' She is so fired up as a result of her time with you. She couldn’t say enough good things about your content and delivery. You have a huge fan club in her and her friends who were at the conference. Congratulations!" – "Coach Jackie" Leavenworth

(REBAC Course) Real Estate Investing: Build Wealth Representing Investors & Becoming One Yourself - Marc Cunningham

This course will cover the fundamentals of real estate investment that practitioners need to know to expand their business services. The one-day course looks at how practitioners can adapt core real estate skills and learn new skills to serve clients who want to invest in single-family homes, condos, townhomes, and small multi-family properties. You will learn how to work with investors as they goal set, plan, evaluate, and acquire properties as well as manage them. You will also learn how to “walk the talk” and become a real estate investor yourself. 1 day

10 Do’s and Don’ts for Working with Appraisers - Melanie McLane

What should you do (or not do) as an agent when working with an appraiser? What is the appraiser doing and why? The relationship between appraisers and agents should be professional and one of mutual respect. Good appraisers value input and information from agents; good agents understand that appraisers have a framework they must work within to produce credible results. In this fast-paced class, we talk about the issues surrounding appraisers, agents and the resulting friction on both sides: both the “deal-killers” and “trying to influence me” situations. 1.5-3 hours

10 Simple Ways to Generate Quality Leads with Videos - Antoine Dupont

Are you frustrated with your lack of lead generation success? Do you wonder why your marketing efforts aren't producing more results? Are you unsure how to even begin marketing your company with videos? If so, you're not alone. Video marketing expert Antoine Dupont will explain the tools, techniques, research strategies, and psychological approaches he's shared with brands worldwide and used to grow his own Les Frenchies channel to 114K+ subscribers with over 12.8 million views monthly in just 18 months!

Key Takeaways:

  • How to create a high-quality video with a small budget
  • Know how to generate endless sources of content
  • Be able to start videos to ensure people will stay tuned
  • Shattering myths and bad habits with video marketing
  • How to produce content your audience cares about
  • Where to post and promote your content

1+ hour

10 Stupid Things Realtors Do to Mess Up Their Lives! - Melanie McLane

Real estate is fun, rewarding, and interesting, but bad things can happen to good agents. We live in a litigious society, and REALTORS® need to practice risk management at all times. We’ll discuss some of the top ten things which can derail a career; from trying to please everyone and working harder instead of smarter, to carelessness and failing to plan.

You'll come away from this session being able to:

  • Organize your business for sanity AND risk reduction
  • Recognize that without a plan, you are inviting trouble
  • Identify your areas of weakness and how you can improve them

1-2 hours

10 Ways to Attract More Business! - Pam Ermen

Does it feel like you’ve hit a plateau in your business? It’s easy to deliver the same production over and over again unless you make an intentional effort to shut off the auto-pilot button and truly differentiate your business from the competition! Learn how to apply 10 relevant and timely success principles to eliminate what’s holding you back, create a “new norm” for your business, and generate more production than ever. 1-2 hours

Pam, you were amazing! That was the best presentation (10 Ways) we’ve ever had at the company (in 20 years)! The texts were flying into me from our agents afterwards raving about you. Thank you so very much!” – Emma Davis, CEO, Pointe3 Real Estate LLC

11 Ways to Lose Your License - Trista Curzydlo

While a creative agent can find more than 11 ways to get in serious trouble, this course looks at the most frequent violations of the law regulating the real estate industry. A few of the topics include: avoiding the unauthorized practice of law when guiding a client through a complicated transaction, identifying risk management techniques to decrease potential conflicts of interest, and a review of how social media and changing markets are transforming the way licensees practice. 3-4 hours; NOTE: This course requires extensive state customization.

15 Minutes a Day to LinkedIn Success - Steve Kodad

LinkedIn is the number one social platform for business. A LinkedIn user is 4 times more likely to visit your website and has a 277% higher lead-conversion rate than Facebook. LinkedIn is the fastest-growing social platform and currently has over 600 million users. Learn a daily system that takes just minutes per day that drives users to look at your profile and greatly increases the odds of adding TARGETED connections and actually helps your ranking on Google.  Newly upgraded & better than ever with new stats and info!
1.5 hours

2 Critical Rooms: Feng Shui for the Kitchen & Bedroom - Steve Kodad

In Feng Shui, 2 rooms have the most influence in how a home shows and how a home impacts the inhabitants' productivity and success. When selling, even with a vacant home, the kitchen and the master bedroom dictate how a buyer really perceives the potential of a home. The kitchen can easily be transformed, even if the home is vacant. The master takes a little more work, if vacant. Whether being lived in or vacant, an agent MUST make these rooms come off as special. 1 hour

20 Missing Paragraphs to Guarantee Failure in Property Management - Marc Cunningham

What is the true purpose of your lease and management agreement? Using the three fundamental decision-making tools of risk, profit, and ease, we will go through 10 'must-have' lease agreement clauses and 10 'must-have' management agreement clauses. As a property manager, your lease agreement with your tenants and your management agreements with your owners define every aspect of your relationship. A poorly written or incomplete agreement will lead to confusion for all parties. We will learn how to effectively implement these changes going forward as well as with your existing tenants and owners. These updates will improve the way you do business, reduce your liability, and increase your income. 1-3 hours

20 Ways Your Cash Cow Can Graze: Increase Your Property Management Income - Marc Cunningham

Most property management companies struggle to be profitable – but that should not be the case! With proper planning, you can use your property management business as a platform to create multiple streams of income. In this fun and inspiring session, we discuss over 20 specific income streams proven to increase income AND you learn how to easily implement them. 1-3 hours

23 Strategies to Elevate Your 2023 - The BOOM Team

The market changes. What got you here in 2022 won’t get you there in 2023. So if you want to increase your health, wealth, and happiness, it’s time to rethink what you’re doing with the help of 23 powerful strategies from The BOOM Team. From video texting and time blocking to using YouTube skippable ads and Google Business Profile Ranking, you won't want to miss this smorgasbord of tools and tactics designed to launch your 2023 toward massive success. 1 hour

3 BONUS KEY Success Strategies: Planning & Budgeting for Profit - Ed Hatch

The GOAL isn’t more money, it’s MORE PROFIT! Get the highest return on your time, money, and energy invested by “budgeting” for and focusing on profit. Set a realistic income target with reasonable operating/marketing expenses and track and analyze basic numbers for untapped sources of profit.
1–1.5 hours

3 KEY Success Strategies: Time Management, Delegation, Balance - Ed Hatch

Time is your greatest asset! Controlling how effectively and productively you manage it consists of a 3 step system with a system for measuring and tracking how you spend it. From that, solutions will present themselves…better systems to create more focus, time-blocking to eliminate procrastination, starting or building a team if/when necessary, and “budgeting” for balance. 1–1.5 hours

3 MORE KEY Success Strategies: Proactive, Purposeful, Profitable Lead Generation - Ed Hatch

You’re about to commit or recommit your greatest assets (time – energy – money) on creating and implementing effective lead generation strategies. Before you do, there is objective and demonstrable information that clearly points to where and how to focus those assets to generate the largest quantity of quality clients at the lowest cost. 1–1.5 hours

5 Essential Steps for Using AI - Abhi Golhar

The arrival of artificial intelligence technology may have you feeling overwhelmed or unsure of how to adapt. Learn about AI's impact on the real estate industry, and how you can connect the dots between your existing tech and AI's incredible power. From lead generation to marketing and beyond, you'll discover how this powerful tool can help you work smarter. You'll get 5 essential steps for using AI that will help you create customized workflows to streamline your processes and build better relationships with your clients. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, this is your opportunity to take your business to the next level. 1-2 hours

I appreciate your knowledge and personalization of a way of business that we need to embrace.” – Sharon Virgin, Great Falls, MT

5 Simple Steps to Double Your Production™ - Chandra Hall

Real estate markets change! Successful agents know how to thrive in any market. This session takes a deep look at how agents can capitalize on opportunities in any market. You will learn the most essential business development skills you need and best practices that you can implement instantly to avoid the pitfalls and surprises of an ever-changing real estate market. Get practical, proven strategies, concepts, tools, and tips that will have an immediate impact on your productivity and profitability. 1-3 hours

5 Steps to 5 Stars! Strategies, Scripts & Insider Secrets - Pam Ermen

Frustrated by requesting recommendations that never materialize? This session is for you! Spend a power hour (or two) learning the insider secrets of successful agents around the country who have amped up their business by maximizing their online reviews and recommendations. You will leave with specific strategies, scripts, and a step-by-step process that will turn your requests into reviews and your reviews into a new source of consistent business! 1-3 hours

50 Questions a Broker Should Answer Before Starting Teams! - Pam Ermen

Growth through real estate team development can be the BEST thing or the WORST thing that’s ever happened to your company’s culture. Finding win-win solutions to important questions regarding team leader qualifications, company benefits and support, appropriation of commissions and fees, and the hiring and termination process can make all the difference! Closing the barn door AFTER teams start to flourish and issues arise can put relationships with your Top Producers at risk. Create healthy boundaries NOW and create stronger, more profitable relationships for agents, brokers, and owners, alike! 1.5-3 hours

6 AI Powered Applications for Real Estate - Ifoma Pierre

Power up the potential of AI technology with innovative tools to enhance your content creation and lead generation. Target more qualified buyers and sellers and free up as much as 30 hours a week by automating lead follow-up and listing workflows with AI.
Key Takeaways:

  • Use AI to craft impactful real estate listing marketing content
  • Generate leads with AI-based techniques
  • Streamline tasks with AI automation to efficiently manage listings
  • 1-2 hours

6 Deadly Pricing Mistakes - Jackie Leavenworth

VIEW TRAILER Only Available Virtually This session will reveal 6 of the most common, yet devastating, mistakes made by licensees when presenting pricing information to sellers. It is easy to kill our chances of being hired just by saying, or doing, the wrong thing. It is also too costly, in time and money, for sellers and for real estate professionals, to list a house that won’t sell. Learn proven strategies and dialogues to get more listings and to get them SOLD. 1-3 hours; Also available as an in-depth, 3 part series


  • Property Management Pros & Cons Thinking of adding this steady income stream? We’ll discuss the pros and cons of offering property management alongside a real estate sales business.
  • Tenant Lease Agreements & 6 Critical Clauses When things go wrong with a tenant – everyone (including the judge) goes back to what the lease says. We will discuss the 6 most often overlooked lease clauses.
  • 6 Clauses Missing from Your Property Management Agreement The agreement between the property manager and the owner-client is the foundation of the relationship: don’t overlook including these 6 crucial clauses.
  • 6 Property Management Price Strategies If your property management business isn’t profitable, you need to focus on other services. We’ll look at strategies and income streams any property management business can offer.
  • 60 MINUTES OR LESS! MINI SESSIONS - Real Estate - Marc Cunningham

  • 3 Things Leaders Must Bring Every Day Leadership – with so much information out there, why is it so hard to lead and manage people? Get 3 action items you need to start being a more effective leader immediately!
  • “YOU Inc.”: 6 Essential Elements From the veteran high achiever to the young person starting out, this session offers inspiration and clarity for running the most important venture you’ll ever know . . . YOU.
  • Video Education Marketing: A Crash Course Grow your business with this easy and cost-effective marketing platform! Get WHAT content marketing is, WHY it is so effective, and HOW you can start using it today.
  • 6 Formulas for Working with Real Estate Investors Get the confidence, knowledge, and mathematical language you need to work with even the most sophisticated real estate investor client.
  • 6 Easy & Free Marketing Platforms for the Real Estate Professional Find out exactly WHAT content marketing is, WHY it is so effective, and HOW you can start using it today.
  • 7 Construction Facts Appraisers Wish You Knew - Melanie McLane

    Don’t miss this fast-moving session covering the facts about construction every REALTOR® should know. Rich with photographs and specific strategies regarding new and old construction, you’ll learn to how to identify key red flags affecting value and functionality. 1.5-3 hours

    7 Types of Sellers - Pam Ermen

    Learn how to clearly define the 7 types of sellers and their points of differentiation! We’ll discuss targeted marketing efforts designed to deliver the message that you’re the “Go To” specialist who understands their niche market better than anyone. Be intentional with your efforts and grow your business on purpose this year! 1-3 hours

    7 Wealth Accelerators You Need to Know About - Abhi Golhar

    Discover the wealth and business development principles you need to build and accelerate your financial and business success. These 7 acceleration principles will help you take control of this area of your life and give you the latitude to live life on your terms, giving you time and energy to devote to your other interests.

    In Abhi's custom presentation, you'll learn:

    • The wealth-building pyramid and key areas to focus on to fast-track generating wealth
    • Two profitable pathways to investing in single-family and multi-family real estate with asset guidance
    • How to build a sound asset protection strategy
    • A step-by-step strategy the rich deploy to create tax-free growth for your portfolio!
    • BONUS: a copy of Abhi's free book SENSE or Make it Rain: Real Estate Investing for Real Estate Agents

    1 hour
    Alternate Title: It's Time to Get Filthy Rich! A Guide for Top Producers to Building MASSIVE Wealth

    7.5 Personal Jedi Tricks to Ignite Your Business - The BOOM Team

    VIEW TRAILER What 7.5 things do you need to do to absolutely blow up your business? In this session, we'll look at key routines in your business and life where you can increase efficiency by incorporating productivity systems, growing purposefully, improving your work environment, and caring for your body and mind. You'll get "Jedi level" life management resources, tools, dialogue, and tech recommendations to help YOU be the Force in your world that knows how to have it all! 1 hour

    I thought they were so funny and made the time go by quickly. They also provided good advice and tools to use.” – Great Falls Webinar Attendee

    What a fun, energetic and motivating trio they are! The 7.5 Jedi Tricks was a great framework to discuss important items for us all to remember - like taking care of your mind, body and spirit." – Susan Patt, VP & Director, Strategic Initiatives; BHHS Fox & Roach

    8 Tips to Overcoming Burnout Fog: Manage Change & Enjoy Real Estate Again - Monica Neubauer

    KEYNOTE or SESSION  Recent years and hectic markets have worn us out!  While congratulations are due for persevering for your family and clients, continuing to exist in an exhausted, spent state just isn’t sustainable! Monica will give you 8 (or more) real tips for dealing with the brain fog, stress, and exhaustion trying to take you under.

    You’ll get action steps to help you:

    • Find a healthy way through the mental and emotional space you are in
    • Cultivate a physical atmosphere that encourages peace
    • Take steps to get back into a community of friends and colleagues

    45-60 minutes; Workshop Available

    A Field Guide to American Houses - Melanie McLane

    Explore and discuss style, form and structure of the American House. We'll take a look at the key architectural features of various time periods and discuss why these things are important to the appraiser, agent, seller and buyer. You'll find out how the layout and functionality of a home reflect the home’s history but may be functionally obsolescent for many potential buyers. You'll review the building techniques and styles that assist appraisers and agents in establishing when a house was actually built—instead of relying on tax records, etc. We’ll even discuss how you can identify the changes and improvements made over time to a home that mask its original style. 2-4 hours

    A New Leadership Perspective: Composing a Memorable Year - Maura Neill

    Get a unique approach to leadership training. Combining the elements of leadership, teaching, music, theater and real estate has resulted in a fast-paced, fun-filled and interactive experience with real impact. Your group will come away with a deeper understanding of what it means to be a leader in a REALTOR® Association; heightened problem-solving skills; and measurable, trackable goals PLUS accountability over the following year with their personalized and detailed follow-up program. Topics covered include: basic aspects of leadership, relationships between staff and leadership/volunteers, fiduciary duty, problem solving, goal setting, strategic thinking for leaders and more. Full day session; 1-2 hour modules available LEADERSHIP SESSION INFORMATION

    A Visit to Your Company Doctor - Marc Cunningham

    We all know we are “supposed” to see our doctor each year for a health exam. The doctor checks your heart rate, blood pressure, maybe draws blood to screen for issues. In this session, you'll perform a health checkup on your business by answering questions from 20 different categories such as generating income, employee management, marketing effectiveness, liability, and online reputation. We'll then discuss ways to strengthen those areas to ensure the long-term health of your business! 1-2 hours

    Adapt or Evaporate: Reinvent Your Lead Generation & Marketing - Ifoma Pierre

    If you're feeling stuck and need inspiration and direction in these challenging times, fasten your seat belt and get ready for a firehose of ideas in this fast-paced, energetic session.

    Key Takeaways:

    • List the 3 steps you need to take today to adapt to this market
    • Create informative videos daily without worrying about what to say
    • Conduct a seller webinar to build a list of ready-to-sell homeowners

    45-60 minutes

    I was so amazed by how lovely Pierre was! He was so kind, thoughtful, funny and flexible with any hiccups in the process. The membership was so happy to see him and grateful for his input. They were literally clamoring for pictures and autographs! – Amelia Addor, Education Coordinator, Greater Capital Association of REALTORS®

    Advanced Investment Returns & Projections - Josh Cadillac

    VIEW TRAILER This session picks up where "Crunch Time: Crunching Numbers with Confidence" left off. Take a deeper dive into the numbers to see how borrowed money really affects the rate of return. Look at tax benefits and calculate what those benefits mean to your investors. Gain an understanding of how money is made in real estate and how to gauge the true value of properties. This knowledge will assure you a seat at the table even when dealing with the savviest of investors. Requires students to download a 10bii financial calculator; 4 hours; aka "Investment 4"; Prerequisite Session: "Investment Crunch Time: Crunching Numbers with Confidence"

    Advanced Real Estate Investment Essentials: Understand & Choose the Right Investment - Josh Cadillac

    VIEW TRAILER In this session, you will discuss the various types of real estate investment, from speculative (opportunity flipping) to buy and hold. You will also learn the different risks and risk mitigation options for each. You will even take real properties and learn to do an analysis to see how valuable a property really is. You will leave this session with the ability to fully explain investment benefits to your clients and earn their business. Requires students to download a 10bii financial calculator; 1-4 hours; aka "Investment 2"

    Advertising, Social Media and the Agent - Melanie McLane

    Family room? Mother-in-law suite? Can you say those things in an ad? What does the REALTOR® Code of Ethics have to say about advertising? Is a Tweet an advertisement? Advertising, Social Media and the Agent explores requirements for advertising according to HUD guidelines, which includes Fair Housing, as well as Article 12 in the Code of Ethics. Is a Tweet an ad? What about Facebook? If you don’t know, you need to find out! 2-4 hours; May be made state specific

    Age in Place: Accessible Design, Smart Houses and the Agent - Melanie McLane

    Do you plan on working with Millennials, Boomers or the generations in between? If so, this course is for you. The aging Baby Boomer population and advancing technology are changing both new construction and existing housing. Builders, agents and others in the industry will be challenged to find housing designed for all of life’s stages, abilities and sophistications. Smart Home amenities (such as “assistive domotics”) will help aging or disabled populations stay in their homes while also enticing Millennials and others with enhanced control and comfort (86% of Millennials are willing to spend more money for already implemented Smart Home technology). Find out about these new consumer demands, accessible design features, trending technology and the value cost benefit so you’re ready for any generation. 2–4 hours

    Agent Before Association: Revolutionize the Nordstrom Way - Maura Neill

    For Association/Board Staff  The Nordstrom department store is legendary for exemplary customer service: from the earliest beginnings of Nordstrom, a sign hung that read, “If We Sell You Well, Tell Others. If Not, Tell Us.” Well known for putting customer over company, Nordstrom salespeople are empowered to always make it right for the customer. Nordstrom’s business philosophies easily translate into other industries and provide useful lessons for today’s associations. By viewing the agent as customer, associations can rethink their missions and continue to prove – and improve – the value of association membership and help to revolutionize our industry. 1 hour

    Agent Extinct: How to Survive the Ever-Changing Real Estate Market - Ifoma Pierre

    VIEW TESTIMONIALS Agents are facing a challenge unlike anything else in real estate history. Times are changing, technology is taking over and buyers and sellers are going online for everything. It's time for agents to reestablish a professional presence that embraces technology. In this presentation, you'll learn skills and gain insights to build your business in unparalleled ways. Don't just survive, discover how to THRIVE by leveraging tech strategies you can put into action immediately.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Describe the Three Pillars on which all sustainable businesses are built
    • Generate listing leads by using Big Data efficiently
    • Discover how using the "Missing Piece" can keep you consistent and staying successful

    1-3 hours

    AI & ChatGPT and the Laws & the Code of Ethics - Craig Grant

    Artificial Intelligence or AI is powering a new generation of tools that allow you to do some amazing things compared to tools of the past. But there are many downsides to this amazing technology including that if they are used improperly they violate laws and/or the code of ethics. In this session, we will explore how to use them ethically in your life and real estate business. 1-3 hours

    AI, ChatGPT and Real Estate - Craig Grant

    WATCH A TRAILER Artificial Intelligence or AI has been around for a long time, but with the emergence of ChatGPT, Jasper, Bard, and others, this area has exploded in options and tools that are being incorporated into their offerings. In this session, we will explore what AI is, the many ways it can be used in your real estate business and everyday life, the legal and ethical implications, and much more. By the end of this session, you will be more intelligent about this fast-emerging technology to ensure you stay ahead of the curve! 1-4 hours

    Separate Modules 1-2 hours: Best Uses for Generative AI & ChatGPT for Real Estate; Create Awesome Marketing Content & Materials with AI & ChatGPT; The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly of AI & ChatGPT; AI & ChatGPT and the Laws & the Code of Ethics

    AIM For Greatness! 3 Keys to a Successful Life and Business - Jackie Leavenworth

    Only Available Virtually Never-ending to-do lists and multi-tasking seem to be the norm in today’s world. Information is coming in at lightning speed from all directions. Today’s world tends to create a lack of focus that does not serve us well. It’s time to “Change Your Mind.” Only when we change our thinking can we change our results. This session is dedicated to thought management. Paying “Attention” to your “Intention” while incorporating “Mental Mastery” can change your world! 45 minutes-1 hour

    All the Best Apps for Real Estate - Craig Grant

    Apps allow you to truly leverage the power of your mobile devices & the cloud and these days there’s an App for just about everything. In this session, Craig will help you cut through the clutter and show you the best Apps for business, productivity, organization, photos, social media & of course real estate so that you can truly maximize your smartphone &/or tablet experience for Your real estate business. 1-2 hours

    Am I the Jerk? The Real Estate Edition - Trista Curzydlo

    VIEW SAMPLE “But is it illegal?” After practicing law in the real estate arena for nearly 20 years, this is a question that Trista Curzydlo has heard a lot. This course takes a look at situations that real estate agents face and delineates between what's illegal, what's unethical, and what is just plain rude! You'll hear actual tales from the trenches (that might sound all too familiar) and then engage in a review to find out what behavior crosses which line! With Trista's characteristic humorous approach and sharp insights, Real Estate Karma gets REAL. 3-4 hours; 1hr version available "Real Estate Karma: Unethical, Illegal, or Just Plain Rude?"

    Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation this morning. It was the perfect mix of information, humor and audience participation. We were thrilled with our turnout and can’t wait to welcome you back!" – Courtney McLaughlin, Education Services Manager, Canopy Real Estate Institute

    Anatomy of a House - Melanie McLane

    VIEW TRAILER When you sell a house, what are you selling? Every agent should know and understand the anatomy of a house. In this class, we define and discuss the parts of the building envelope, the systems within a house and how they function, what agents should look for when listing homes and what is typically found in various types of residential construction. 2-4 hours

    Anatomy of an Appraisal - Melanie McLane

    It seems like everyone who looks at an appraisal report wants to find errors, fault or even fraud—or minimally, they just want to understand what is in the report. In this class, we examine the requirements of USPAP for preparing a report which has “credible results.” We will review what appraisers must do to abide with USPAP, what other layers of requirements are created by their clients and how to review an appraisal report to determine whether the report is “credible” or not. We will cover typical red flags, such as missing data, overuse of boilerplate, inconsistency of data and unsubstantiated adjustments. 3–4 hours

    Appeal to International Homebuyers with Feng Shui - Steve Kodad

    Appeal to the international homebuyer and increase your business by being the agent who understands Feng Shui and their preferences. The international real estate market in the United States is a billion-dollar industry. Understanding international homebuyers and their unique needs while offering them the ability to use Feng Shui for buying, building or selling makes you their agent of choice. Feng Shui is known around the world, but often under different names. This philosophy has been used for over 3,000 years and continues to evolve. Agents who want to tap into this lucrative source of business need to have solid working knowledge.  3 hours

    Ask the Right Questions: Problem Solving and Goal Setting - Maura Neill

    For Association/Board Staff Our leaders have two important roles: setting/achieving goals and solving problems for their leadership year. Association executives are in a unique position to help leadership hone those skills. We’ll explore the art of the question: how the right questions can improve your relationship with your leaders and help you see them through a successful term. Through exercises and case studies, we'll discuss varous problem solving strategies and creative goal setting approaches to give you more tools for success in your Leadership Toolkit. 1-2 hours LEADERSHIP SESSION INFORMATION

    Association Operations in a Post-Covid World - Maura Neill

    For Association/Board Staff Has Covid changed association operations for good? How are REALTOR® Associations addressing staff morale, the Great Resignation, working from home, or hybrid options? Learn more about what the “new normal” looks like for associations and what it means for their employees and their operating procedures. Leave this session with examples you can implement as your association adjusts to the “new normal.”
    Key Takeaways:

    • How COVID has changed association operations and what they look like moving forward
    • Potential models/office structures
    • Tactics for enhancing staff morale
    • Hiring 100% remote or shared employees
    • Remote vs. in person and hybrid office options
    • How we are adapting and moving forward

    1-2 hours

    Association Operations in a Post-Covid World - Bobbi Howe

    Has Covid changed association operations for good? How are REALTOR® Associations addressing staff morale, the Great Resignation, working from home and hybrid options? Learn more about what the “new normal” looks like for associations and what it means for their employees and their operating procedures. Leave this session with examples you can implement as your association adjusts to the “new normal.”

    Session Topics:

    • How COVID has changed association operations and what they look like moving forward
    • Potential models/office structures
    • Tactics for enhancing staff morale
    • Hiring 100% remote or shared employees
    • Remote vs. in-person and hybrid office options
    • How are we are adapting and moving forward

    1-2 hours

    No entries match your request.

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