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ABR Accredited Buyer’s Representative, 2 days
AHWD At Home with Diversity, 1 day
• Buyers by Generation: Success in Every Segment, 1 day
• New Home Construction and Buyer Representation, 1 day
PSA Pricing Strategy Advisor, 1 day
RENE Real Estate Negotiation Expert, 2 days
SRS Seller Representative Specialist, 2 days
SRES Senior Real Estate Specialist, 2 days


GRI Marketing Module in multiple states
GRI Technology Module in multiple states
National Assocation of REALTORS®' ePro Certification 1 Day Live Instruction
Technology and Marketing Real Estate Certification: 2 Day Training Program
Real Estate Marketing Expert (REME)
Modern Real Estate Instructor (MREI)
Safety Cybersecurity And Real Estate (SCARE)
CRS elective, Cyber Security: Protecting Your Business from Digital Threat


ABR Core Course, Accredited Buyer Representative VIEW TESTIMONIAL

ABR Electives: Real Estate Marketing Reboot, Successful Buyer Representation in New Home Sales, Successful Buyer Representation in Relocation, Buyers by Generation 

PSA, Pricing Strategy Advisor: Pricing Strategies: Mastering the CMA (Melanie is co-author and lead instructor)

Green Day 1: The Resource-Efficient Home – Retrofits, Remodels, Renovations, and New Home Construction

Green Day 2: Why All Clients are Green and How to Represent Them

CRB, Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager Courses: Business Planning for Maximum Results, Position Your Business for Profit, Real Estate is Risky Business, Sales Leadership that Drives Performance, Show Me the Money: Compensation Planninng (Melanie wrote this session)

RENE, Real Estate Negotiation Expert

RSPS, Resort and Second-Home Property Specialist, Home Sweet Home (Melanie was editor of the latest rewrite & named “RSPS of 2012”)

SFR, Short Sales & Foreclosure Resource Certification

SRES, Seniors Real Estate Specialist

SRS, Sellers Representative Specialist

AVMs: Fact or Fiction? - Melanie McLane

A big challenge for agents today is contending with the “values” consumers get from AVMs (Automated Valuation Models). Buyers and sellers believe this information is correct, but professionals know the flaws. Even lenders are using AVMs and CU® (Collateral Underwriter) to second-guess appraisers. Agents must be able to explain to consumers why a value from a local REALTOR® is more reliable than an online value. We will also discuss how using RPR® (REALTORS® Property Resource) can help! 1.5-3 hours

Basic Construction Refresher - Melanie McLane

VIEW TRAILER This AQB-approved course is designed for real estate agents and appraisers to review fundamental construction methods, both old and new, in residential real estate. We will cover construction, from site preparation to completion. Major components of a house are identified, including building materials and mechanical systems. Further, the course reveals ‘red flags’ that are discernible to agents and appraisers when inspecting a home for a listing, sale or valuation. Finally, the course describes how physical and functional issues in houses affect value. 7 hours; Offered in cooperation with Hondros Learning
Note: other shorter courses on construction are available

Best Uses for Generative AI & ChatGPT for Real Estate - Craig Grant

Artificial Intelligence or AI is powering a new generation of tools that help you run your business and life faster and more efficiently than tools of the past. In this session, we will explore some of the top things you can use to help you automate tasks, communications, content, plan your business, marketing, and more. 1-2 hours

Better Than 12% - Josh Cadillac

Is advertising, self promotion and lead sourcing all there is to being a real estate agent? Find out how you can avoid the 12% customer retention rate that is all too typical of our industry. Learn how to create a customer experience that changes the common misperceptions of agents by customers and instead fosters a lifetime relationship.
Key Takeaways:
• Identify what agents do that lose customer loyalty
• Identify the key items the customer actually needs from them
• Learn how to set standards for your business
• Recognize the issues in the industry that perpetuates the 12% customer retention rate
• Get systems to maintain follow up
• Discover what makes you be percieved by the customer as difficult to replace.
1 hour

Bias in Appraisals: What Agents and Appraisers Need to Know - Melanie McLane

Can you recognize when and how bias can appear in appraisals? Can you recognize your own bias? In this session, we’ll discuss the requirements under Fannie Mae and USPAP prohibiting bias from being a part of any appraisal. You'll come away from this session being able to:

  • List the words and phrases that should never be used in an appraisal
  • Understand how a property should be evaluated based on facts
  • Identify shifts in the markets

1-3 hours

Bias Override: Overcoming Barriers to Fair Housing - Monica Neubauer

Expanding on the 2020 implicit-bias training video, the National Association of REALTORS® has launched “Bias Override.” The program helps real estate professionals learn tactics to interrupt stereotypical thinking so they can provide equal professional service to every prospect or client. Participants will examine their ideas about people from various identity groups, explore the assumptions they may not know they’re making, and learn how to be more comfortable working across lines of difference. “Bias Override” engages participants in building new habits of equitable behavior, helps REALTORS® overcome barriers to working with clients of diverse backgrounds and avoid fair housing pitfalls. 3-4 hours

Really one of the best classes I have ever taken.” – Amanda Crist, REALTOR®

Bias Override: Overcoming Barriers to Fair Housing - Maura Neill

Expanding on the 2020 implicit-bias training video, the National Association of REALTORS® has launched “Bias Override.” The program helps real estate professionals learn tactics to interrupt stereotypical thinking so they can provide equal professional service to every prospect or client. Participants will examine their ideas about people from various identity groups, explore the assumptions they may not know they’re making, and learn how to be more comfortable working across lines of difference. “Bias Override” engages participants in building new habits of equitable behavior, helps REALTORS® overcome barriers to working with clients of diverse backgrounds and avoid fair housing pitfalls. 3-4 hours

Big Data and Real Estate Professionals - Melanie McLane

Big data algorithms do predictive modeling, estimate value, detect market patterns and more. Professionals industry-wide are using big data—from property valuation using AVMs (Automated Valuation Models) to selling the leads generated by the listing back to the listing agent. Increasingly, computer models are using data to enhance or disrupt real estate. We’ll discuss big data’s pros and cons, issues with its use and the agent or appraiser’s role in protecting consumers while obeying the law. 1-3+ hours

Block Your Way to Success: Time Blocking - Bobbi Howe

A busy market means it's essential for you as an agent to replenish your listing inventory. You must do something to keep your marketing department open by proactively getting more listings. This session provides a game plan for conquering your day and staying focused on your goals, which will ultimately help serve the consumer at a higher level. You'll find out how to increase your productivity by running your business by design, not by default. 1 hour

Boo! Stigmatized Properties - Melanie McLane

VIEW SAMPLE This session delves into the challenges faced by both appraisers and agents when pricing and valuating stigmatized properties. Students will learn disclosure laws, how stigma can affect the price of a home and the six common types of stigmatized properties. You will also learn about iconic stigmatized properties, as well as techniques and best practices for making adjustments when dealing with these types of properties. 2-3 hours

Boundaries, Balance & Well Being - Pam Ermen

KEYNOTE WATCH A TRAILER A demanding world and the stresses of the real estate industry can leave you mentally, emotionally, and physically depleted. How much of your emotional wellbeing is affected by people who abuse or misuse the time you give them? Buy back your life by managing your time, investing in self-care, and determining the access level people and situations have earned with you. A top producing agent and broker since age 18, Pam Ermen has dealt with the disruption of major trauma and the stressors of a complex, busy life. She’ll share strategies to cope, shift paradigms, recover, and move you - or someone you love – through life’s challenges.1-2 hours

I wanted to say THANK YOU for such a wonderful talk this morning. You were truly inspirational with your story and how you view life. I know many of our attendees were so touched by different parts of your talk today, including me!” – Michelle Kohn, Events/Membership Director, Greater Milwaukee Association of REALTORS®

Brand-Building with Bots: Mastering AI-Powered Marketing in Real Estate - Chris Abazis

WATCH A TRAILER Who's This Class For? Real Estate licensees looking to turbocharge their branding and marketing efforts with the prowess of AI. Whether you're a digital newbie or a seasoned pro, this class has the tools and tricks to help you stand out in the crowded real estate market. Key Takeaway: In the bustling world of real estate, having an edge matters. With AI by your side, not only will you be ahead of the curve, but you’ll also offer personalized experiences that clients will rave about. Ready to let the robots give your brand a boost? 2 hours

Chris, you are fabulous! Absolutely fabulous! So many ideas it would be hard for me to pick just one but you made it real and easy, so I feel like the agents will go back to the office and actually execute which is really exciting to me. They're all inspired--that's awesome!" – Liz Moore, Managing Broker, Liz Moore & Associates, Richmond, VA

Branding Development: Making Your Mark in Your Market - Ashton Gustafson

Ashton has successfully taken his grandparents' family business in his marketplace from 9% market share to 20% market share in just 3 years as a partner in the company. See the changes his company has made along with the mindset behind building the brokerage of the future. 45 minutes-1 hour

Branding Through Core Values - Ashton Gustafson

Ashton shares how to discover your core values and align them with your branding and the legacy you want to leave in the marketplace. 45 minutes-1 hour

Build a Better Agent in 30 Minutes or LESS! - Pam Ermen

Are you ready for a simplified, effective business planning process to increase your agents’ production, focus, and effectiveness while decreasing the time to make those things happen? Be the coach and mentor you’ve always wanted to be and put the responsibility for performance and monthly follow-through where it belongs – with your Sales Force! Learn how you can push your sales force to new production levels and increased profitability.. Eliminate the mediocrity production plateau! 1-2 hours

Build A Winning Team - Chris Abazis

Get a roadmap to the process of transitioning from an independent contractor to a business through hiring people. This session helps you develop a business plan with a clear path for growth with people. You'll find out how to create team standards, a recruiting and hiring strategy for potential talent, an interviewing model, all with the assistance of ChatGBT, AI technology. You'll walk out knowing the systems, tools, processes, and compliance resources to hire, lead, and grow! 2, 3.75 or 7.5 hours

Build Your Influencer Brand - Abhi Golhar

VIEW TRAILER  A Complete Content Marketing Crash Course for Sales and Investment Professionals  Cold calling, door knocking, endless (and expensive) mailing lists...there's a better way to generate actual leads! A real, robust content marketing plan can help you create a real estate business that is consistently bringing you new leads and new clients. Find out how to create a multi-platform approach that draws warm leads to you, gets them excited to meet you, and has them ready to work before that first appointment. 1-2 hours

I just left the best CE class about building influencer status and branding. I could not be more thrilled with getting myself out of bed super early this morning and attending that class because it was totally worth it! Abhi Golhar, the instructor, was amazing. He was super funny and I got a cool little Boomerang with him, too!” – Bobbi Jo Astorga, PARKS, Nashville, TN

Building a Killer Business Plan - The BOOM Team

VIEW TRAILER It’s time to create the business plan that catapults you to success! The BOOM Team will break it all down--Goal Setting, Business Planning, and Time/Task Management--then build it back up with the systems to make it all run so you can dominate your business! 1-2 hours

One of the BEST we have had! Great course and awesome information. Glad I signed up for it. Lots of excitement from instructors.” – Great Falls Webinar Attendee

I loved The Boom Team's energy. They made the two hours fun and it flew by. I feel like I have the tools to build a solid business plan. I especially liked the info they gave during the Sphere portion and also the talk about blocking time.” – Minnesota REALTORS® Attendee

Building Elite Customer Service: If Men are From Mars and Women Are From Venus, Where are My Buyer and Seller From? - Josh Cadillac

VIEW TRAILER KEYNOTE or Session   The first step to running a successful business is figuring out what your client needs and how best to give it to them. In this session, you will delve into the minds of your clients. Successful businesses meet clients’ needs better than their competitors. Most real estate professionals do not recognize what their clients really want and therefore lose repeat customers they could be developing. Don’t let the opportunity to stand out in your industry pass you by. 2-3 hours; Broker/Manager Version Available

Business Building & Time Management: How to Plan, Manage & Advertise a Strong Real Estate Business - Josh Cadillac

VIEW TRAILER Build a strong and flourishing real estate business ready for any market. This session shows you how to position your business for success using systems to keep you both accountable and time efficient. You'll learn ways to make your goals measurable--and how to stay focused and motivated when things don’t go as projected. Advertising tips and tricks to maximize your message and money round out the session. Get on the path to a solid, growing real estate business created for your future. 1-2 hours; Broker/Manager Version Available

Thanks for awesome class today, as always you ROCK! 😊” - Kay Osborn, AHWD, Education Director, Ocala/Marion County Association of Realtors®

Business Building Strategies: Plan for Income, Expenses, Prospecting and Growth - Monica Neubauer

Helping clients purchase a property is a huge responsibility. A professionally run business helps you create a business of value and, more importantly, helps you think and act with predictable order and competence to serve your clients well. Defined, efficient systems to manage finances and lead generation prepare you to deliver desirable services and exceptional communication. Join Monica Neubauer as she provides you with the structure to help you own and run your own business as a real estate professional. 1, 2 hours; +Workshop, 4 hours

Business Planning from the Inside Out - Jackie Leavenworth

Only Available Virtually Most real estate professionals don’t have a written business plan. Of those who do, most plan backward, making marketing their first step. Learn why marketing should actually be the last step in an effective business plan. This approach saves time and money. Get all the tools necessary to build a business plan that is predictable, sustainable and profitable. 1-3 hours

Business Planning Workshop - Chris Abazis

This course, tailored for both novice and seasoned real estate sales professionals, teaches how to craft a strategic plan for running your business effectively. Participants will develop a comprehensive one-year plan, encompassing lead generation, financial management, and organizational growth. Learn to approach your real estate career like a true business and achieve success through informed planning. 3-7 hours

Buyer's Agent Bootcamp: How to Eliminate Deal Killing Mistakes, Be Seen as an Expert & Close Buyers for Life - Josh Cadillac

VIEW TRAILER Have you ever been second-guessed by a client? Never again! This session will help you improve your relationships with buyers and help them to commit. You will learn techniques to help you massively increase your warm leads without high-pressure tactics and always be respected and listened to by your clients. Our focus will be on best practices to earn customers for life. Earn your client's trust and become an elite buyer's agent. 2-4 hours

Calculate Your Way to More Income: Assisting Investment Clients - Melanie McLane

Explore ways to add value to a transaction or create value in another niche! Better assist consumers by knowing how to identify the highest and best use; determining whether a proposed improvement will result in increasing or decreasing returns; evaluating whether a property should be rehabbed, remodeled or torn down; crunching the numbers on income-producing properties to determine the return and analyzing the effect of a 1031 Exchange versus a straight sale on a property. 4-7 hours; Alternate Title: Consult Your Way to More Income

Canva for Real Estate Hands-On Workshop - Craig Grant

Get a demo or tour of Canva, the most popular marketing design program, to help you easily build your own marketing materials (business cards, flyers, postcards, brochures, social media posts, cover photos, animations, videos, and more). Get step-by-step instructions and assistance on how to use Canva, so by the end of the session, you can be your own designer!
Key Takeaways:
· Identify how to use Canva to create online and offline marketing materials.
· Identify how to use Canva to create videos to promote yourself, your properties, etc.
· List tools and sources to create copyright-safe marketing materials
2-4 hours

Capturing Opportunities in the Expired & FSBO Markets - Jackie Leavenworth

VIEW TRAILER Only Available Virtually Real estate professionals always want more salable listings, but most don’t see the obvious opportunity that exists in working the expired listing market and the for sale by owner market. And, if they do see the opportunity, they choose not to work it. Understanding, systems and strategies all contribute to the confidence necessary to capitalize on these opportunities.  We do what we do because we are best equipped to help sellers sell their homes.

  • Do expired listings and For Sale by Owners offer opportunities for all agents? Yes
  • Can an agent really capture the expired and/or For Sale by Owner market? Yes
  • Is there a positive approach for expireds/FSBO’s that creates hope and respect? Yes
  • Can sellers of expired listings learn to trust again? Yes
  • Is the return on investment worthwhile? Absolutely
  • Can every agent: new, seasoned, shy or outgoing capture these markets? Yes
  • Is there a system to follow? Yes
  • Do FSBO’s really eat their young? NO!

1-3 hours

She was, as usual, awesome! Always very informative, relative, and relatable. That mixed in with her great personality is always a win." – Patricia O'Herrick, Vice President, Sr. Leadership Team, Director of Education

Cashing Out: Planning an Exit Strategy for Your Business™ - Chandra Hall

Believe it or not, someday you may want to transition out of real estate! Maybe you’ll be looking for more freedom and flexibility to pursue other goals, or perhaps you’ll simply be ready to retire. But how can you keep making money from this business you’ve worked so hard to build? Is it possible to make a smooth, profitable transition with residual income and referral fees? Yes, but you must start now! In this course, you will learn multiple ways to sell, transition, or retire – simple, doable strategies that work (there are more options than you may realize!) and can make your long-term vision a reality. The good news? Tackling small tasks every day will create a rewarding exit strategy. 1-3 hours

CEO for Life: Be the Leader in Your Own Life - Josh Cadillac

KEYNOTE  When you are your own boss it means you must take on two roles: the one that lays out the work (CEO), and the one responsible for doing it (the staff). Most training focuses on the execution of what needs to be done (staff work) and very little on the role of how to lay out the work for yourself to help you get the best out of you. As the CEO of your life, you are responsible for many things that people either aren’t aware of, or don’t properly do, which leaves them frustrated, burned out, and unsatisfied in the work they do and the life they live. That ends now! We will show you how to be the leader in your own life. We will cover things like: setting standards, not making excuses, setting up systems for success, defining the win before going in, maintaining your staff (your own) morale, and much more. This is the class that every person that finds themselves frustrated or just not coming home from work feeling like a winner needs. 45-60 minutes

Change IS the New Normal - Monica Neubauer

KEYNOTE A revolution in culture and industry is happening at an exponential level. Technology and culture are influencing every aspect of life and bringing a barrage of new ideas and concepts to the real estate industry. Develop a proactive attitude towards growth and adaptability to balance “real time” living with the changes in our businesses. 1 hour

Close for Life the Class: Create Satisfied Customers That Will Only Do Business with You - Josh Cadillac

KEYNOTE The full class based on the popular book that was recently released, this class addresses the big things agents need to do to go from chasing commission checks and to instead start closing customers for life. This focuses on getting the three things agents most need to get right (themselves, the customer, and their product). The failure to get these things right is the leading cause of underperformance, burnout, and agents quitting that ravages our industry. By addressing these things, we empower agents to take control of their business and their life to achieve the best success possible.
1-2 hours

Closing Crypto Deals from A to Z - Josh Cadillac

VIEW TRAILER From making contract modifications and convincing sellers to accept cryptocurrency as payment, to dealing with escrows, commissions, and more, we will look at the nuts and bolts of closing a real estate transaction in cryptocurrency. Our current system never envisioned crypto as a way to do deals, so there are all sorts of problems that need to be resolved on the fly. You will learn about real challenges and their solutions from agents who have closed some of the largest crypto real estate deals in the country. If you want to be a player in the crypto space, the best way to start is by learning from the folks that have already done it. Attendees should have a basic understanding of cryptocurrency; 1-3 hours

Closing More Deals with Fewer Leads: What You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know about Real Estate - Josh Cadillac

VIEW TRAILER What is so special about real estate? You would be shocked at how poorly many real estate professionals understand their amazing product. This session is a sample of the information in the two-day session and is very popular with those that want to up their real estate “game.” It teaches you how to truly talk about real estate and know exactly what makes it such a wonderful opportunity for your clients. 2-3 hours

Co-op(eration): Improve Customer Service with Your Competition - Maura Neill

VIEW SAMPLE As real estate licensees, we work for our clients, but we work with other agents, and the interactions we have with our colleagues can impact our clients’ experience, for better or for worse. In this session, we will explore building better relationships with other agents with the intent to leverage associations to our clients’ advantage ... and to our own professional benefit and for the betterment of our industry as a whole. 1-3 hours

Coach Your Agents to Turn Low Inventory into High Opportunity - Jackie Leavenworth

Only Available Virtually Find out how you can coach your agents to thrive in a low inventory market by pursuing listings and creating an opportunity-rich environment. In this information-packed session, you’ll get a simple 2-step database organizational system and an easily implementable 5-step “Top of Mind” process you can teach your agents. We’ll discuss how to guide your agents into purposeful, consistent actions that will make a difference in their client pipeline. We’ll even explore unconventional concepts along with shareable dialogues your agents can employ with clients to expand the possibilities within the home purchase and sales process. 1-2 hours

Code of Ethics and Fair Housing: A Powerhouse Couple - Melanie McLane

The powerhouse couple of Ethics and Fair Housing come together in this information-packed course. This session is designed to meet the REALTOR® Code of Ethics’ mandate through a lively review and discussion of ethical dilemmas, arbitration and mediation dispute resolution methods, and the latest in changes to the Code. Through the lens of situations and processes REALTORS® experience every day, we’ll also review Fair Housing law, HUD guidelines with respect to advertising compliance and identify best professional practices in the industry. As a bonus, we’ll even discuss proactive safety practices licensees should take when engaging with any consumer or client. 3-4 hours

All of the evaluations were very positive – 5’s across the board (on a 1 – 5 scale). We had a lot of comments on her fun personality, her level of experience and knowledge and engagement with the class. All of that is even better considering one of the classes met the NAR ethics requirements!” - Emily Archer MBA, Director of Education, Boise Regional REALTORS®

Commercial Contracting: Understand the Paperwork Driving Deals - Josh Cadillac

VIEW TRAILER Commercial real estate is very different from residential, especially in the paperwork. In this session we will take a close look at the LOI, commercial contract, optional clauses, and the closing process as well as a few extra things you may likely run into from lenders. Knowing your contract is the key. In this session, you will learn the ins and outs of your contract and how to explain it to your customer. Prepare to be your client’s best asset from start to finish. 1-3 hours

Commercial Investment Analysis 1: Understand the Math Driving Decisions - Josh Cadillac

Investors care about the numbers and for many agents the numbers are the very thing that trips them up. In this class we teach agents how to use “the numbers” to make the case for their product, and for themselves as a knowledgeable professional. In this class agents will learn how to do cap rates, TVM (time value of money) calculations, internal rates of return, and net present values with confidence. Agents will leave this class with much greater confidence in their ability to quantify the investment value of their product. 3-4 hours

Commercial Investment Analysis 2: Evaluate Debt Use Over Time - Josh Cadillac

This class builds on the analysis skills taught in Commercial Investment Analysis 1 and brings into the equation the use of one of the most powerful tools in real estate: Debt. The ability to if and to what extent debt can improve the performance of the investors capital is something every serious real estate professional needs to be able to do. In this class agents will learn everything from cash on cash returns to internal rates of return with debt service and how the tax benefits can affect those returns. 3-4 hours

Communication Catalyst: Connect & Close More Effectively - Chris Abazis

Unlock your full potential in client interactions by harnessing NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques and DiSC behavioral profiling. Learn how to connect, communicate, and close more effectively, refining your soft skills to drive better results and client satisfaction. Great for active agents and as well as leadership. 3 hours

Communication, Collaboration and Closing: Making Moments Matter - Monica Neubauer

KEYNOTE or SESSION The real estate professional is the connector in the real estate transaction. We are at the beginning with the initial meeting and walk with the client, vendor and other agents through the whole transaction to the close and beyond. Does your communication and collaboration improve your business and the client's experience? Everything in the transaction leads to something in the future. A long term view of relationships and communication will help you be the real estate professional they return to again and again! 1 hour

Confident Buyers Agents LEAP! Into Successful Client Relationships - Monica Neubauer

Buyers Agency is more important than ever. In this session, you’ll develop the client dialogues critical to explaining your business model and how each of the services you will provide makes you invaluable in the home buying process. You’ll discover why discussing payment and the processes creates a healthy, positive, and productive relationship. With lists and guidance to aid you, the LEAP method provides an easy to implement framework for understanding client motivations, articulating your value, obtaining an agency agreement, and taking the next steps toward home ownership. 1-3 hours

Content Marketing for the Real Estate Professional - Marc Cunningham

Grow your business with this easy and cost-effective marketing platform. One of the most challenging aspects of business success for most real estate professionals is marketing. We know we SHOULD be doing it, and the marketing industry tells us that our business will fail without it. But what do you do when you don’t have the time, the skill set, or the money to hire someone else to do it for you? The answer: CONTENT MARKETING. This session will explain exactly WHAT content marketing is, WHY it is so effective, and HOW you can start using it today. The results of content marketing will blow you away and it won’t cost you any money! 1-2 hours

Conversion Scripts that Work™ - Chandra Hall

You only have a few seconds to make a sales impression. Learn tried and true scripts and dialogues to make you more effective with every client opportunity. 45 minutes-1 hour

Create Awesome Marketing Content & Materials with AI & ChatGPT - Craig Grant

One of the strengths of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT, Dalle-2, MidJourney, etc. is that they are incredible at creating written, audio, or even visual content. In this session, we will explore many different ways you can use this tech to come up with ideas &/or generate content and the tools to pull it off. 1-2 hours

Creating Engaging Education for the Next Generation of REALTORS® - Maura Neill

For Association/Board Staff One of the biggest challenges facing associations is proving the value of membership, especially to the next generation of REALTORS®. Education, formerly a cornerstone of association services, has lost its luster. Topics that were once all the rage (social media, technology, video) no longer carry the buzz they once did since they are second nature to young professionals and new members. We’ll discuss how to use the resources at your disposal to abandon the status quo and revamp your educational offerings to engage the next generation in new and innovative ways, bringing the value of association membership to the forefront. 1 hour

Creating Masterful Coaching Conversations - Chris Abazis

Learn to improve your coaching conversations! Discover proven models, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques, and a cadence of accountability you can use immediately. We'll discuss the important difference between training and coaching, and you'll learn how to address the four stages of competency with new or experienced agents. We'll even role play GROW and FUEL coaching models to fine tune your new skills. This session is Ideal for brokers, managers, and agents in leadership positions. 2 hours

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