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Creating Engaging Education for the Next Generation of REALTORS® - Maura Neill

One of the biggest challenges facing associations is proving the value of membership, especially to the next generation of REALTORS®. Education, formerly a cornerstone of association services, has lost its luster. Topics that were once all the rage (social media, technology, video) no longer carry the buzz they once did, as they are second-nature to young professionals and new members. We’ll discuss how to use the resources at your disposal to abandon the status quo and revamp your educational offerings to engage the next generation in new and innovative ways, bringing the value of association membership to the forefront. 1 hour

Critical Rules, Reforms, and New Realities™ - Chandra Hall

Make sure you are up to date with the latest market dynamics. Learn how to relay the expertise you provide to help your buyers and sellers successfully navigate the complexities of a real estate transaction. Discover easy to implement systems that will ensure you are providing your clients with the highest level of skill and service. From financing rules and regulations to low inventory and competitive market dynamics; empower yourself and your consumer by using dialogue, clear direction, and an ability to know-and-show how you are the real estate professional in this ever changing market. 1-3 hours

Curating a Fantastic Team Culture - The BOOM Team

WATCH A TRAILERIs yours the “It Team” to be on? Team culture could quite possibly be the number one key to recruiting and retention . . . How’s yours? How can you create a memorable team culture to aid in high level recruiting and retention? Let’s talk about how to attract and keep the right people to make your business fun and profitable. The Boom Team brings applicable examples and helps breakdown how to build a Team right! 1 hour; Broker/Manager Version Available

Customer Before Company: Revolutionize Your Real Estate Business the Nordstrom Way - Maura Neill

The Nordstrom department store is legendary for exemplary customer service: from the earliest beginnings of Nordstrom, a sign hung from the ceiling that read, “If We Sell You Well, Tell Others. If Not, Tell Us.” Well known for putting customer over company, Nordstrom salespeople are empowered from above to always make it right for the customer. With lessons that can be useful for solo agents, team leaders, and brokers alike, Nordstrom’s business philosophies easily translate into the real estate industry. By taking a page out of the Nordstrom book, from practical translation of the Nordstrom way into customer relationships to incorporating the Nordstrom beliefs into our personal values systems, we can revolutionize our businesses and our industry. 1-3 hours

Dancing With the One That Brought You: Keeping in Touch With Your Sphere - Ashton Gustafson

Ashton built his business online with buyers but now has a steady stream of listings he handles each year. In 2013 Ashton, personally, took over 110 listings with the majority of them coming from repeat customers or customer referrals. Here, Ashton will discuss the tactics he uses to keep in communication with his sphere of influence and preserve the vital relationships you need for your business. 45-60 minutes

Data Security in a Virtual Environment - Trista Curzydlo

""Agile, flexible, adaptable." 2020 proved to be a year in which these words were used to describe real estate professionals. As the nation reacted to a worldwide pandemic, real estate agents responded to state and local orders that changed how real estate transactions are handled–including the use of technologies and tools that enable agents to work remotely and limit contact with others. Unfortunately, not all these tools and technologies protect the data entrusted to real estate professionals. This session reviews best practices for data security and assesses the safety features of some of today’s most popular apps and platforms.

After Attending This Session You’ll Be Able To

  • Describe at least 3 techniques to reduce risk involving the use of a personal computer or laptop
  • Explain how phishing, spear phishing and social engineering schemes obtain sensitive information and how you can avoid these schemes
  • Describe systems to reduce risks associated with using video and electronic communications.
  • List at least 3 ways to work more securely on-line.
  • Explain the importance of proper disposal of electronic devices to protect the personally identifiable information. 60-90 minutes

Designations & Certifications - Monica Neubauer

• ABR Accredited Buyer’s Representative; 2 days
• At Home with Diversity 1 day
Buyers by Generation: Success in Every Segment 1 day
• ePRO 2 days
• New Home Construction and Buyer Representation 1 day
• Pricing Strategies: Mastering the CMA 1 day
• RENE Real Estate Negotiation Expert; 2 days
• SRS Seller Representative Specialist; 2 days
• SRES Senior Real Estate Specialist; 2 days
• Technology and Plans for Success CRS 1 day
• Digital Marketing: Establishing a Digital Brand CRS 1 day
• 7 Things Successful Agents Do Different: A Proven Business System CRS 1 day
• Converting Leads into Closings CRS 1 day
• Mastering Your Time to Achieve Your Goals CRS 1 day
• Win-Win Negotiation Techniques CRS 1 day
• Transforming Difficult Situations into Profitable Deals CRS 1 day
• Effective Buyer Strategies CRS 2 days

Dominate Your Market with Video - The BOOM Team

WATCH A TRAILERVideo is not going anywhere, and the Boom Team is ready to show you how to harness its power and monetize it! This is a great session to learn the video basics for planning it, using it and crushing it! 1-2 hours

Economics and Real Estate - Melanie McLane

What’s the Fed got to do with it? Lots! Economic forces impact real estate in many ways. We’ll discuss the history of economic trends and housing in the United States and give students the tools necessary to look at economic trends in order to be prepared for their effect on the housing market. This course is designed to help appraisers put economic trends in perspective within their market. 2–4 hrs

Economy 360: Interpreting Today’s Economic Factors - Pam Ermen

STAYING informed is the best way to remain one step ahead of the market! In this timely and market-sensitive seminar, you’ll LEARN TO EARN by reading market direction long before it arrives! We’ll study the Top 6 Economic Factors affecting your marketplace and how to prepare your buyers and sellers to take appropriate action! We’ll take fuzzy financial data, confusing economic reports and boring stats and turn them into some of the most exciting information you’ve heard in a long time! Interested in the course? 1-3 hours

Emcee or Panel Moderator - Abhi Golhar

Abhi has emceed events such as Think Realty Global Conference in San Francisco and the Best & Brightest Conference. His radio host work makes him an excellent moderator for your panel as well! WATCH A SAMPLE

Enneagram 101: An Introduction to the Enneagram for Your Life and Business - Ashton Gustafson

The Enneagram is a personality profile tool that has become very popular recently. In this session, Ashton will give a brief introduction to the enneagram and provide some key takeaways on how to improve communications and expectations with your customer base. 45-60 minutes

Ethical Behavior in a Wired World - Melanie McLane

WATCH A REVIEWMost agents today are involved in social media. They’re on Facebook, LinkedIn; they are tweeting and blogging—but are they doing it in an ethical manner? Social media is a great way to market . . . and a great way to destroy your reputation. Ethical Behavior in a Wired World explains to agents how to use social media in a professional and ethical way. 1-3 hours

Everything Old is New Again: Fair Housing, Anti-Trust & the Data Deluge - Trista Curzydlo

In 2019, over 5 billion records were exposed through data breaches. If you’ve been the victim of a data breach, you know how damaging even one record being exposed can be. This course examines the real estate professional’s role in protecting their client’s data and respecting the data leveraged by social and digital media. How collected data is handled in terms of fair housing will affect everyone moving forward–from large platforms such as Facebook to the individual agent trying to reach “target” markets. Also up for examine are real estate professionals’ postings on public platforms that violate 100+ year old anti-trust laws. How these old laws resurface and apply with a digital medium directly impacts how brokers must mange their brokerages. 1 hour

Evolve Your Marketing with Video - Antoine Dupont

Are you frustrated with your lack of lead generation success? Do you wonder why your marketing efforts aren’t producing more results? Are you unsure how to even begin marketing your company with videos? If so, you’re not alone. Video and Digital Marketing Expert Antoine Dupont will explain to you the same tools, techniques, research strategies, and psychological approaches he’s shared with businesses and brands around the world to create remarkable videos that get exceptional results.
1+ hour
Key Takeaways:

  • How to create a high-quality video with a small budget
  • Know how to generate endless sources of content
  • Be able to start videos to ensure people will stay tuned
  • Shattering myths and bad habits with video marketing
  • How to produce content your audience cares about
  • Where to post and promote your content

Evolve Your Marketing with Video Workshop - Antoine Dupont

This Workshop Covers:

  1. Getting Started.How to overcome the fear of being behind the camera
  2. Preparation. How the pros prepare for a video shoot, research, scripting, rehearsing
  3. Hands-On Video Shoot. We’ll set up a mini portable studio and shoot a video live so people can experience how it’s done
  4. Editing.Explore the possibilities for video editing: DIY vs. outsourcing
  5. Publishing & Promoting. What are the options and what’s best for real estate professionals

1+ hour

Expression . . . Impression . . . Result. - Jackie Leavenworth

93% of our negotiating power is lost in e-communication. Negotiation begins with communication. True communication is lacking greatly in our world of -communication. This lively, pointed and relevant session creates self-awareness about our choices and how those choices impact results for us and our clients. Seasoned vets to Millennials describe this session as funny, real, inspiring, motivating, and an eye-opener. 45-90 minutes

Fair Housing in a Diverse World - Melanie McLane

This course covers the real life dilemmas agents find themselves in, with respect to diversity among buyers and sellers, and the requirements of Fair Housing. We will review national, state, and if applicable, local fair housing laws, as well as the changes to Article 10 in the REALTOR® Code of Ethics. We will discuss the necessity of agents providing equal access to all clients, as well as respecting the diversity of clients. 2-4 hours

Fair Housing into the Future: 50+ Years Strong - Travis Everette

The Fair Housing Act became law in the United States in 1968. Real estate licensees have been trying to balance the requirements of the law with the needs and wills of their clients since that time. Compliance with fair housing statutes has not changed, at least in theory; but fair housing complaints don’t happen theoretically. Complaints and the careers they are capable of destroying are quite real. With his unique perspective on fair housing law and application, Travis Everette works to help real estate professionals like you avoid the complaint crosshairs while not sacrificing the intent of the law. Expect lively discussions about current marketing techniques and strategies to lawfully satisfy the needs of clients. Get this meaningful and business-changing information whether you are involved in residential sales or rentals.

Fair Housing is Relevant - Monica Neubauer

An increasingly diverse population in the United States means that we can have and do more business when we help everyone. This engaging program helps agents understand more broadly where the problems exist to increase awareness and how to practically help more people with better systems. The takeaways are relevant and specific in order to help agents take proactive steps to ensure housing stays fair for everyone. 3 hours

Financing and Closing the Real Estate Transaction - Melanie McLane

We will cover the basics of financial qualification, review lender ratios, the three C’s of credit, how amortization works, and the basic financial skills needed by a real estate licensee. We will also discuss lenders’ requirements for various loan programs, how lenders are valuing properties for mortgages, and how to shepherd a sale to a successful closing. Please bring a financial calculator that can calculate mortgages and outstanding balances or download a smart phone app that does so. 3.5 hrs

Finding Unlisted Inventory in a Fast Moving Market - Pam Ermen

Many national markets are experiencing decreasing inventory and increasing demand, creating multiple offer negotiations or frustration for buyers who miss homes that sell quick! In addition, today’s connected consumer is often finding homes faster than their agents by employing sources other than the MLS. Agents who use creative strategies to find “unlisted” inventory can create a high level of value in the buyer’s eye and a USP that sets them apart from their competitors! 1-3 hoursAfter being presented for the National Association of REALTORS(R) Annual Conference, this session was featured in An article by the Boston Globe.

Freedom Flexibility Formula™ - Chandra Hall

Learn the power of planning and prioritizing to create more profit in your business and sanity in your life!
45-60 mins

From 1 to 120: Bridging Growth for Brokers - Travis Everette

There’s one constant for those attempting to move a real estate business from a one-person operation to a group: there is no manual. Most brokers and managers tackling this important transition end up frustrated, failing, wasting money, squandering time, or all the above. And the move from a salesperson to the management side of a real estate career presents challenges as well. Come benefit from the knowledge Travis Everette gained in growing from a one-person business to a firm of over 120 producing agents. Get the necessary tools for piecing together the perfect mix of personality, production, and oversight!

FSBO’s ... Playing the Odds - Pam Ermen

Watch the Trailer Per NAR, only 8% of all nationwide sales are the result of a successful FSBO transaction. If you’re thinking about working the FSBO market, the odds are in your favor! Learn two successful scripts to build rapport with sellers, secure an appointment to see their home, and share a masterful listing presentation! Discover how to convert their discussion about your commission to a conversation about their net. Join us for this session and be prepared to take more listings! 1-3 hours

Fun and Games! - Melanie McLane

Instructor Development WorkshopThis fast-paced course is a review of how to engage students from beginning to end, touching on techniques which will engage all four types of adult learners. We design ice-breakers, games, polling, case studies, and other techniques within the classroom. 1-3 hours

Funtentional Living: Creating Calm Out of Chaos - Monica Neubauer

Are you a victim of random life experiences? Or is your mindset one of celebrating the moments and decisions that fill your time with laughter and a sense of well-being? The answer lies in the choices you make and the reactions you have to circumstances and other people. Join Monica Neubauer as she shows you how the cost of decision making relates to creating a successful and balanced life and business strategy. You will learn how to live your life with intention by evaluating options and resources and then applying decisions with gusto. Take control of your life with reflection, decisiveness, and fun. 1 hour; Workshop version, “Maximizing Your Choice Funnel,” is also available.

Get Your Geek On: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You - Trista Curzydlo

Today’s consumers and practitioners expect relevant information to be provided to them with a click of button or a swipe of their finger. As the practice of real estate becomes a more digital experience, it’s important that practitioners understand and manage the risks. Think only huge companies are at risk of a data breach? Think again. Security experts estimate that 70% of data breaches occur in companies with fewer than 100 employees. Cloud computing and cloud storage, e-mail, mobile devices and social media all make your real estate business more efficient, but they also can create havoc if not used and protected properly. This course also addresses your increased potential as a real estate professional to run afoul of intellectual property laws and how you can develop risk reduction techniques regardless of tech savvy. 3-4 hours

Getting the Seller’s Attention! Multiple Offer Strategies for Buyers - Monica Neubauer

Your buyer offered on three houses, was not given a chance to counter, and is exhausted from going through this repeatedly How can you put together a competitive package that will give your buyer the best chance to purchase the house they want? There is a system for that! Get a list of actionable items to strengthen your buyer's offer, grab the seller’s attention, and make your offer the only one the seller wants to convert to a contract. 1 hour

Getting to Yes—Negotiating on Behalf of Your Client - Melanie McLane

Learn how to successfully negotiate on behalf of your client, without violating fiduciary duties. The goal of every negotiation is win/win; agents need to consult with their clients to determine the client’s goal and then structure a negotiating strategy that will help them reach it. Agents tend to focus on price; negotiations are about price, terms, and conditions. Part of a negotiation includes carefully reading the contract as presented and determining, with the client, what is acceptable and what needs to be negotiated. 1-3 hours

Give to Grow: Community Service and the Association - Maura Neill

Creating bonds within communities create a strong bond between local organizations and non-profit, bolster the REALTOR® name and brand with the public, and create an stronger sense of credibility that the REALTORS® and the REALTOR® association truly are the voice of real estate in the community. Founder of “Trick or Treat for the Troops” and “Hot Dogs for Homeless Dogs” in her community, as well as a strong believer in giving back, Maura Neill will show you how you can involve your members and association leadership in creating charity events and relationships with non-profits as a way to stay in touch and foster a deeper connection and engagement with the public, how to choose reputable organizations to align with, and how to get the word out to the media about the good work you’re doing. 1 hour

Give to Grow: Community Service and the Hyperlocal Agent - Maura Neill

You love what you do and you’re dedicated to your community, it’s what drives you AND builds your business at the same time. Find out how this win-win can be leveraged for even greater good. Founder of projects such as “Trick or Treat for Troops” and “Hot Dogs for Homeless Dogs”, Maura has incorporated a Giving Initiative into her marketing plan; she’ll show you how you can involve your clients in charity events and giving as a way to stay in touch and foster a deeper connection and engagement with your sphere. Feel great about growing your business, increasing good will, and creating a legacy of helpfulness in your business. 1 hour

Go Forth & Sin No More: the Code of Ethics - Trista Curzydlo

Designed to meet the NAR Code of Ethics training requirements, this course is Ethics as only Trista can teach it. Examining how the NAR Code of Ethics intersects with state and federal law, this course provides a new perspective on the Code and risk management in the practice of real estate. Providing adequate time for class participation and discussion this course asks “what would you do?” and applies the answers to current case studies and examples. 3-4 hours

Goals, Time Blocking and Self Care - Bobbi Howe

Without a little guidance, real estate can seem overwhelming. So overwhelming that over 80% of all new real estate licensees exit the industry with their first two years. This session will help you with three specific things that tend to overwhelm real estate agents the most – goal setting, time blocking and mindset management. You’ll learn how to discover the big why, set goals, time block to achieve those goals, and fortify your mindset while achieving the goals.
2 Hours

Going WAY BEYOND for Your Homebuyers and Home Builders - Steve Kodad

Become the agent who thinks of everything when helping a client find their perfect home.  Make sure the macro and micro are taken into account, and you will not only have extremely pleased clients, but they will be praising you throughout their circle of friends and on social media.  Feng Shui is a very powerful philosophy.  Steve Kodad supplies a common sense checklist to follow that gives an agent an uncomplicated path to supply a “perfect home” for their buyers.  90 min

Gradually You Build, Suddenly You Have a Business - Ashton Gustafson

In this session, Ashton will offer simple steps towards building a business that attracts clientele rather than chases them. With simple tips for lead generation, database management, and marketing, this session will lead agents towards more sustainability, predictability, and profitability in their business. 45-60 minutes

Green Trends - Melanie McLane

What’s the current buzz on Green? Find out what’s trending and how to identify new materials, methods and techniques in building. This course covers new construction and retrofitting, greening the MLS, adjusting for green features, and understanding what motivates buyers. 2.5-4 hours

Grow Your Business By Offering Property Management Services - Marc Cunningham

When the real estate sales market slows, there is one time-tested way for agents to not only survive in slow markets–but to thrive. Adding property management services for your clients gives you the benefits of residual income streams, new buyer and seller clients, increased company value, steady cash flow, and more. This fast-paced session breaks down all the pros –and the cons — of offering property management services. We’ll explore the risks and rewards of various business models used by property management firms and answer the most common questions. You’ll walk away with actionable steps and answers to the following questions:

  • Won’t property management be a distraction to my brokerage business?
  • What technology does a property management business require?
  • What licensing is required?
  • How can I market to my clients?
  • What questions do landlords ask?
  • What business models are available?
  • What income streams are available?
  • Do I have the personality to be a property manager?
  • How is my relationship with a property management client different from that of my brokerage client?
  • Where do I get the documents I need?
  • What are the legal risks of property management?
  • How hard it is to add property management services to a brokerage?
  • 1-3 Hours

Grow Your Business By Working with Real Estate Investors - Marc Cunningham

VIDEO PROMO Real estate investing is no longer just for the rich. Both millennials and baby boomers are moving away from stock market investing and into real estate investing.  This session will educate agents on how to grow their business and confidently work with investor clients by understanding:

  • Transactional differences between owner occupied and investment real estate deals
  • How to speak the language of “investor”
  • How to analyze and compare investment deals
  • What to look for during inspections
  • The pros and cons of buying occupied vs vacant investment property
  • The differences between single-family vs multi-family investing
  • Financing basics for investment property
  • How to accurately calculate the rental rate of a property
  • Property Management basics for after the sale
  • 2-3 hours

Growth Profit System: Your GPS Guide for Real Estate Success™ - Chandra Hall

Wouldn’t it be great to have a roadmap to follow for real estate success? Chandra’s “Growth Profit System” is like a GPS guide to grow your real estate business. With a plan mapped out for you, you’ll find you have more focus, more momentum and more prospects …which means more closings. This special seminar is designed to teach you practical, proven strategies, tools, and tips to immediately impact your productivity. This GPS Guide will

  • Sharpen your skills, better articulate your value, and close more deals
  • Take a new look at productivity and how to be laser-focused each day
  • Create a marketing plan and calendar that keeps you visible, busy and profitable

1-3 Hours

H-Me-TV: Be the Star of Your own YouTube Channel! - JMan Maneiro

Every minute 48 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube and every day more than 3 billion videos are viewed. It is more important than ever for you to be prominent on this growing platform. Consumers are googling everything, and video is at the top of the search results. You will learn what kind of content to create, how to properly title your video and write relevant descriptions, and how to optimize your SEO with metatags so you can be found as a real estate expert. 1-2 hours

How iBuyers Can Make You More Money - Temporarily Unavailable; Being Updated - Abhi Golhar

OpenDoor. OfferPad. Zillow. Redfin. How does reading those names make you feel about the future of the real estate industry? Concerned and sometimes angry?

What does all this mean? More likely than not, iBuyers are not going anywhere, so real estate agents must adapt. However, many agents are extremely fearful of iBuyers and the impact they have on the industry. Where’s the good news for agents and how can they compete in this new world? That’s precisely what Abhi Golhar, real estate investor and entrepreneur, will help you discover.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • A working definition for “iBuyer”
  • An understanding of how iBuyers are changing the real estate market
  • 3 action steps to start working with iBuyers
  • A more effective pitch advocating your services to homeowners
  • The different types of exit strategies suited for homeowners
  • A bonus investment model that will help guide conversations with seller

Get these ideas and more! Abhi Golhar, an entrepreneur, investor, a 3x nationally syndicated radio personality on the Wall Street Business Network, is here to help you create a roadmap to quell the fear of an industry growing with iBuyers. Broker Version Also Available. 1-2 hours

How to Be a Lead Gen Machine - Abhi Golhar

WATCH A TRAILER Get steps for creating a pool of inbound leads and unlock a system you can implement in less than 30 days to best help your newfound clients. You’ll learn:
• Budget-friendly ways to generate the best leads
• A roadmap for each untapped opportunity
• Strategies you can implement to offer your clients and feel good about
• A proven step-by-step, screenshot-by-screenshot system to create wins for you and clients
• How to calculate and communicate value to non-traditional exit buyers, like investors.
1-2 hours

How to Be a Virtual Agent: Tips, Tools & Tricks - Jeremias Maneiro

BEST SELLER LIVE Video expert and International Speaker to the Universe, Jeremias “JMan” Maneiro of JMan Seminars will discuss the how to’s of virtual open houses, virtual buyer consultation, virtual offer presentations and virtual showings. You will leave this webinar with a basic understanding of how you can provide better service, exceed expectations and still keep your social distance. 1-2 hours; Don't Miss the Follow up ... Virtual Agent 2.0

“On April 28th, JMan did an online presentation for our members: ‘How to be a Virtual Agent: Tips, Tools & Tricks’. They all loved it!” - Laura Kruse, ePRO, Executive Officer, Northwest Wyoming Board of REALTORS®

How to Be Invited to Every Listing Appointment and Sell Homes Quickly Using Feng Shui - Steve Kodad

Have a system and a “unique proposition” to insure you are always in the running for a new listing.   Learn what the “8 Most Impressionable Moments” and the “4 Big D’s” are when selling.  These simple Feng Shui techniques alone will sell a home quickly.  Add a special Open House using Feng Shui, and you’ll be the talk of not just the neighborhood, but the whole town. 90 min

How to Boost Your Website Conversions - Antoine Dupont

You don’t need to spend more money to make your website a conversion machine. It’s all about the story you tell. If your website’s messaging is unclear, it’s costing you potential customers. In this presentation, marketing conversion expert Antoine Dupont shows you a proven communication formula utilized on thousands of websites. You’ll walk out understanding how to create a good marketing story and why it’s the most powerful tool to compel the human brain (and pocketbook).
1+ hour
Broker Focus Available 
Key Takeaways:

  • Draft your website’s messaging with clarity
  • Create clear and compelling messages that sell
  • Discover the 5 key features of highly effective websites used by major brands
  • Review your website’s effectiveness by asking 7 fundamental questions

How To Evolve Your Marketing In A Content Saturated World (for Brokers & Managers) - Antoine Dupont

At the core of modern marketing lies one common frustration for most business owners: how do I make my business stand out with all this noise? And how do I stop wasting money every day on stuff that doesn’t work? Sounds familiar? Thankfully, there’s a surprisingly easy answer, and it has to do with our collective confusion with sales vs. marketing. In this presentation, Award Winning Marketing Strategist & Expert Antoine Dupont, will show you the tools and techniques for creating remarkable content in order to get more leads and grow your business. By focusing on quality vs. quantity, and on bull’s eye research, you’ll learn how to create content people want to watch & read, and ultimately do business with you. Most companies waste tons of money every month on stuff that no longer works. It’s time to stop this madness and Antoine will show you how, through a series of easy-to-implement, actionable recommendations.
1+ hour

Key Takeaways:

  • How to create a high-quality video with a small budget
  • Know how to generate endless sources of content
  • Be able to start videos to ensure people will stay tuned
  • Shattering myths and bad habits with video marketing
  • How to produce content your audience cares about
  • Where to post and promote your content

How To Generate More Leads & Listings With Video Marketing - Antoine Dupont

Are you frustrated with your lack of lead generation success? Do you wonder why your marketing efforts aren’t producing more fruit and results? Are you confused with how to even begin marketing your company with videos? If so, you’re not alone, and Video Marketing Strategist & Expert Antoine Dupont, will show you the tools and techniques for creating remarkable videos in order to get more leads and grow your business. Having worked with businesses and brands around the world as a digital marketing & sales strategist, Antoine is known for his research strategies and psychological approach while getting exceptional results. In this highly engaging presentation, you will discover the essential elements that will take your video marketing plan from good to GREAT– all of which you’ll be able to immediately take back and apply to your business to make the most of your video marketing efforts.
1+ hour

How to Launch Your Podcast in 3 Hours or Less - Abhi Golhar

WATCH A TRAILER Podcasts can be the biggest bang for your buck when landing new clients and nurturing existing ones. In this session you'll get the 5 key steps to creating and launching your podcast, A hands-on, step-by-step guide for turning your podcast into an influence generating machine, and strategies for promoting your podcast. Abhi will even show you how to outsource some of your podcasting processes and still maximize on all the benefits of your podcast without missing a beat in running your business.1-2 hours

How to Leverage AI and Workflow to Enhance Your Business - Abhi Golhar

WATCH A TRAILER Connect the dots from your existing tech to AI! Artificial intelligence has arrived in the real estate industry in an incredible, disruptive fashion. Its arrival has many real estate professionals feeling curious, puzzled, or scared about its short and long-term impact on the industry and how to adapt.

Business growth and operations expert Abhi Golhar describes how AI and machine learning will change the real estate industry. He’ll give you 5 steps for using AI to move your lead gen, marketing, and relationship building to the next level using customized workflows.

So don’t worry, there’s no need to go to DEFCON 3 to prevent SkyNet from taking over the world just yet. But NOW is the time to get a step ahead of your competition! Learn to harness the power of AI to work for YOU to attract more clients and enrich your business. 1-2 hours

“I appreciate your knowledge and personalization of a way of business that we need to embrace.” – Sharon Virgin, Great Falls, MT

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