Code of Ethics

Required Training doesn’t have to be Boring Training. Kick it up a notch by offering one of these sessions written to meet the NAR guidelines.

Go Forth & Sin No More: the Code of Ethics

Designed to meet the NAR Code of Ethics training requirements, this course is Ethics as only Trista can teach it. Examining how the NAR Code of Ethics intersects with state and federal law, this course provides a new perspective on the Code and risk management in the practice of real estate. Providing adequate time for class participation and discussion, this course asks “what would you do?” and applies the answers to current case studies and examples. 3-4 hours

“Trista was GREAT! She had me rolling, and I could tell from our members, they really enjoyed her!” - Allison Woodham, RCE, Education Director, Baldwin REALTORS®

ACE Ethics: Real Success the Right Way

VIEW TRAILER Doing things the right way is never wrong. This class teaches you to not just abide by the mandatory ethical standards but to have even higher, self-imposed ethical standards. This class will help you to build a business and community you can be proud of. You will understand why always following the rules will make your life and business better. 3 hours

Code of Ethics and Fair Housing: A Powerhouse Couple

The powerhouse couple of Ethics and Fair Housing come together in this information-packed course. This session is designed to meet the REALTOR® Code of Ethics’ mandate through a lively review and discussion of ethical dilemmas, arbitration and mediation dispute resolution methods, and the latest in changes to the Code. Through the lens of situations and processes REALTORS® experience every day, we’ll also review Fair Housing law, HUD guidelines with respect to advertising compliance and identify best professional practices in the industry. As a bonus, we’ll even discuss proactive safety practices licensees should take when engaging with any consumer or client. 3-4 hours

“All of the evaluations were very positive – 5’s across the board (on a 1 – 5 scale). We had a lot of comments on her fun personality, her level of experience and knowledge and engagement with the class. All of that is even better considering one of the classes met the NAR ethics requirements!” - Emily Archer MBA, Director of Education, Boise Regional REALTORS®

Navigating Cooperation with Competition

The real estate business is uniquely cooperative and competitive. To succeed in real estate, agents need to know how to cooperate, compromise and–above all–remain professional. Agents owe duties to their clients, customers and to all consumers. We will review the NAR Code of Ethics and the requirements for presentation of offers, disclosures and notices to consumers and other agents. 1-3 hours; Broker-Manager Version Available

Ethical Behavior in a Wired World

VIEW TESTIMONIAL Most agents today are involved in social media. They’re on Facebook and LinkedIn; they are tweeting and blogging—but are they doing it in an ethical manner? Social media is a great way to market...and a great way to destroy your reputation. Ethical Behavior in a Wired World explains to agents how to use social media in a professional and ethical way. 1-3 hours

Multiple Offers: Keeping It Legal, Ethical and Sane

VIEW SAMPLE This course will discuss the legal and ethical issues of multiple offers, as well as the agent’s fiduciary duties to clients. The REALTOR® Code of Ethics, as well as state law, will be discussed, compared and contrasted. 3-4 hours

“Amazing! This class could have been an 8 hour class, the information was so good. The class was engaged and it flew by. Reviews were awesome. She’s always a pleasure to work with!” - Brandy Purcell Hartman, RCE, CAE, Mount Rushmore Board of REALTORS®

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