Both skill and art, negotiating is critical to closing transactions and navigating life.

Negotiate with Confidence and Creativity

Negotiation happens throughout a real estate transaction: from the first contact to the closing. Successful negotiation takes perspective, attention to detail, and a sensitivity to situational nuances. If you want great results, you need to know how to objectively set the stage for open communication. In this program you’ll discover how to better understand motivations, identify the client’s key points, and employ wide-open thinking with creativity for outstanding results. 1-3 hours

New Negotiating Edge: The Power of Sincere Listening

WATCH A TRAILER The act of LISTENING is a learned skill and something you consciously choose to do. Once learned it will be the most impactful “gift” you can give to turn confrontation into cooperation. It will cost you nothing but will mean everything to the other side! 60 – 90 min

New Negotiating Edge: Mastering the Language of Persuasion

WATCH A TRAILER What to say, when to say it, and how it should be said, is the essence of any negotiation. In mastering the language of negotiating, it is important to understand that the form – style – design of communication is as important as the content. The following trilogy is designed so the student has a more in-depth understanding of the importance of and strategies for “connecting” with the client before attempting to convince … influence … and negotiate with and for the client. 60 – 90 min

New Negotiating Edge: Gaining Trust & Loyalty

WATCH A TRAILER You can give advice to clients who do not trust you … they just won’t take it! So, the successful resolution of any negotiation begins with overcoming the most predictable form of resistance … DISTRUST. In this session you will learn the 3 essential elements that affect the outcome of any negotiation and application for each, the 3 predictable forms of resistance, the implementation of 3 specific strategies for gaining the TRUST & LOYALTY of the client. 60 – 90 min

New Negotiating Edge: 4 Steps for Getting PAST NO!

WATCH A SAMPLEYES, BUT … “your commission is too high” …“we need to sell for more” … “we want to offer less” … are just a few examples of the objections that arise CONSTANTLY! Since they do would it not be smart to learn a PRESENTATION to AVOID them … a STRATEGY to successfully HANDLE them … along with the specific LANGUAGE for OVERCOMING them? If that makes sense to you, then this is the session for you! 60 – 90 min

New Negotiating Edge: Say ‘No’ & Still Get Paid

Yes! You can stand up for yourself against unreasonable demands by understanding – constructing – and delivering what master negotiators call a “Positive NO”. Predict unreasonable demands, know when and how to say a respectful NO, and move forward with a variety of options for mutual gain … and still get paid! 60 – 90 min

The New Negotiation Edge: A 5-Step Blueprint for Success

WATCH A TRAILER You’ll leave this seminar understanding the most current, innovative and effective negotiation strategies. And you’ll get specific real estate applications for your day-to-day negotiations with and for your clients. Learn How To …

  • Implement the specific skills of a 5-Step Strategy for negotiating past NO to YES!
  • Understand the 3 fundamental axioms of negotiating and the application of each in their real world negotiations.
  • Identify the 5 barriers to agreement and be able to implement the appropriate breakthrough strategy for each.
  • Implement the ASK – LISTEN – LEARN – LEAD sequence to more effectively uncover clients’ true MOTIVATION, COMMUNICATION style, and how they PLAY THE GAME.
  • Successfully handle the most common seller objection to pricing at fair market value and wanting to perform a “commission-ectomy”.
  • Successfully handle the most common buyer objections of waiting for the perfect house, waiting for the “good deal”, wanting to write a “low ball offer.”  Full Day

Create the WIN: New Negotiation Strategies

The most successful negotiators get the best outcomes for clients by thinking outside the box. This session pushes you out of your comfort zone to think differently. We’ll explore the impacts of perception versus reality on the transaction and how emotional intelligence affects the negotiation process. You’ll walk away with fresh, new approaches, and innovative options for even the most difficult negotiation. Maura is a graduate of the Harvard Negotiation Institute at Harvard Law. 1-3 hours; Session + Workshop Available; 3 hour class includes self-assessment(s), small group discussion, and case studies--as time and format allows.

Top Tips and Techniques for the Expert Negotiator™

You are a real estate agent, a confidant, a sales person and a needed negotiator. This is what your clients expect and you aim to deliver. You’ll learn new and effective scripts and dialogues as well as how to research the other side and gain intel for your client’s advantage. We’ll teach you how to set yourself apart from your competition and utilize a proven negotiation strategy with both buyers and sellers. In today’s marketplace, sharp and polished negotiation skills open the door to getting deals done. 1-3 hours

Negotiations: The Games People Play

A “Most Requested” Course What is the difference in a master negotiator and the typical sales person? A master negotiator understands and practices solid, proven techniques that get to “yes,” bypass “no,” and end up with delighted clients leading to future referrals. These negotiation techniques are not human nature, we are not born with these skills! Master negotiators are created through a sincere desire to help others and to learn new skills. Join Jackie for a journey to enhanced negotiation and people skills that can be life changing. 1-3 hours

"I just finished your negotiation course and just wanted to say thank you. You are sincerely one of the best, if not THE best, teacher I have ever had. I loved your energy. I found myself being sad as the course came to an end because I could honestly learn from you every day. I just wanted to reach out and let you know how meaningful this course was to me." - Laura Glenn, REALTOR® Licensed in VA

NLP: Negotiate Like a Pro

Get actual dialogues, systems, and strategies to power up your negotiating skill sets. You’ll discover the true consumer mindset about negotiating and how to keep emotions and objections from derailing the process. “NLP” will focus on communication agility skills that balance the insight and understanding necessary to move any negotiation forward. Consumers expect you to represent their best interests; but clients for life expect professional advocates! 1-3 hours

Getting to Yes—Negotiating on Behalf of Your Client

Learn how to successfully negotiate on behalf of your client, without violating fiduciary duties. The goal of every negotiation is win/win; agents need to consult with their clients to determine the client’s goal and then structure a negotiating strategy that will help them reach it. Agents tend to focus on price; negotiations are about price, terms, and conditions. Part of a negotiation includes carefully reading the contract as presented and determining, with the client, what is acceptable and what needs to be negotiated. 1-3 hours

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