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Podcasting: Let Your Voice Be Heard - Monica Neubauer

Do you have a lot to say but haven’t found a way to express yourself professionally? Consider an audio podcast program that will allow you to reach the public and showcase your local experience and knowledge. Monica Neubauer, experienced podcaster for the National Association of REALTORS®, can help you take your podcast idea and make it a reality. This session will give you the essential elements for designing and implementing a podcast--including a startup checklist! Let your voice be heard and have your audience benefit from your expertise. 1-2 hours

Policy Matters! Designing Your Office Policy Manual - Melanie McLane

An office policy and procedures manual can be the most dynamic document you have in your broker arsenal. Real estate licensees affiliated with a brokerage look to management for guidance in determining how they will respond to specific real estate situations that may or may not be covered by real estate law. Reduce your vicarious liability for licensee performance and build a firm foundation for your company mission and vision by attending this vital course on building your office policies. 3-4 hours

Pricing & Appraisals in a Changing Market - Melanie McLane

This fast-paced session is designed to assist both appraisers and agents in the challenge of a rapidly changing market, from extremely low inventory and multiple offers above listing price, to rising rates with cash strapped buyers. This market has created friction between appraisers, who must follow USPAP and lender guidelines, and can only use the comparable sales that exist--and agents. Agents are also using escalation clauses, as well as an appraisal contingency. Both groups need to learn what the other side’s role is, as well as consider the inevitable market changes affecting both buyers and sellers who bought or sold at a different point in the market.
• When the comps aren’t there—what happens?
• When the market is moving quickly, what can an appraiser do?
• How should buyers be advised if going over listed price may mean the property will not appraise?
• What will happen when this cycle ends (and it will)?
1-4 hours

Pricing in a Shifting Market - Monica Neubauer

As a real estate professional, the consumer considers you to be a subject matter expert when it comes to pricing a property for sale. A successful transaction requires a correlation between the list price, the contract price, and the appraisal value. You must be able to show the clients and appraisers real data to back up what they see in the marketplace. Find out how “Show, Don’t Tell” can help you explain why certain properties sell for more money than others. And what do appraisers need to help them with the appraisal? DATA! Get the data tools you need to prepare qualified property valuations, no matter what market you are experiencing. 1-3 hours

Pricing the Oddball: Why Relevant Characteristics Matter - Melanie McLane

To price that three bedroom ranch or two-story Colonial, you do a CMA—right? You compare the property to others like it which have sold. What do you do with an earth berm house? A geodesic dome? A “normal” house with one or more unusual features? What about pricing a non-residential property—a former church or school? There aren’t any comps, so what do you do? We’ll explore how to price that unusual property. Key Takeaways:
• Determining highest and best use
• Identifying relevant characteristics
• Calculating the “plus” or “minus” of a feature
• Applying real estate valuation principles to everyday use
2-3 hours

‘Pricing the Oddball: Why Relevant Characteristics Matter’ presented by Melanie McLane was one of the best I've experienced. Melanie delivered organized, relevant and valuable information. She was entertaining and captivating. I would highly recommend her as a repeat presenter. Thanks for bringing this delightful and valuable webinar to REBI members.” - Debra Lindsey, Broker, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Lindsey Realty

Priority Pricing: Are Your Properties Positioned to Sell? - Pam Ermen

Will your properties be first to compete and head for the finish line OR are they destined to take a few laps around the track? Pinpointing property position and price remains a challenge — regardless of inventory! Learn a number of highly effective pricing strategies, how to create a “crystal ball” for pricing by applying supply and demand principles, and why cheap money is not a seller’s friend! Discover how to control your seller’s expectations and put their home first on a buyer’s list! 1-4 hours; Hourly Segments Available: The Psychology of the Seller, How Self-Absorbed Are We?, There Is a Crystal Ball

Proactive Prospecting OR Capture. Convert. Ka-ching!™ - Chandra Hall

Getting leads isn’t the hard part. Learn scripts, techniques and systems to turn leads into closings. 45 minutes-1 hour

Procuring Cause: Whose Commission Is It, Anyway? - Melanie McLane

For Association Staff  Commission issues affect REALTOR® Associations, as well as REALTORS®. When a dispute over a commission arises, the local association executive or staff may need to convene an arbitration hearing panel. Guiding a hearing panel through an arbitration hearing is often a challenge for an association executive or professional standards administrator, particularly if there are few such hearings at their local association. This workshop is designed to assist the association executive or professional standards administrator to work confidently with arbitration panels for the benefit of the association’s members. 1-3 hours

Property Management 101: The Essentials - Marc Cunningham

When it comes to Residential Property Management – those outside the industry usually have one of two opinions: Opinion #1: "Property Managers are simply collecting rent and calling vendors for repairs – what an easy job!" Opinion #2: "Property Managers are dealing with crazy tenants, running toilets in the middle of the night, and all the weird laws they have to follow – what a hard job!" The truth is somewhere in the middle. In this course, we will go through the basic elements necessary for property management including the management and lease agreement, how to find new owner-clients, how to screen tenants, the tenant life cycle, understanding legal and fair housing issues, and how to deal with erratic tenants and owners. This class is ideal for those new to the industry and those who simply wish to have a better understanding of property management basics. 1-3 hours

Prospect to Profit: The Ultimate Real Estate Bootcamp - Chris Abazis

Join us for a powerful, one-day real estate bootcamp designed to supercharge your prospecting skills and revolutionize your business. Gain mastery over innovative prospecting techniques, persuasive communication using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and efficient systems and tools. This comprehensive program, condensed into five engaging modules, will equip you with an actionable strategy to transform your real estate pursuits. Dive deep into your potential, expand your sphere of influence, and unlock success in your real estate journey.
Virtual Version: Lead Generation Challenge Series: This series goes deep into prospecting using conversation models for sphere of influence, FSBOs, expired leads, business to business and the community.This series goes deep into prospecting using conversation models for sphere of influence, FSBOs, expired leads, business to business and the community. Spread over 5 days

Proven and Profitable Buyer Systems™ - Chandra Hall

With so many search tools available online, it’s easy for real estate buyers to have a false sense of confidence and think they don’t need a buyer’s agent. The reality is they are overwhelmed and under-informed. Today’s buyers can find listings online, but they still need representation and a trusted resource who is on their side. Learn how to relay the expertise you provide to help your buyer successfully navigate the complexities of a real estate transaction. Discover easy-to-implement systems that will create a steady pipeline of buyers to help you grow and sustain your business.
1-3 hours

Proven and Profitable Seller Systems™ - Chandra Hall

Listing more properties is the most proven way to increase your income in real estate. Today’s sophisticated sellers recognize that agents will compete for their business and aren’t satisfied with hiring the nice lady they talk with at the coffee shop. They WILL interview multiple agents and negotiate commissions before choosing a listing agent...will they understand the unique value you offer? Learn to communicate your expertise, your point of differentiation, and value without compromising on your fees! Find out how to capture, service, and price your listings and get them sold, regardless of the market. This course will provide listing agents with the newest delivery tools and communication strategies to explode your business within the changing market and exceed seller expectations from the very first meeting through closing. 1-3 hours

Psychology that Changes People - Michael Walker

KEYNOTE Transform your target audience from warm to really motivated and don't 'miss the mark' when selling to consumers. This training looks at the psychology of decision making and shows the real life application with how consumers are being influenced in today’s market. We look at why so many agents are still selling vs. shifting consumers' awareness, Persuasion Principles that Work, how to connect with clients in a Transactional Atmosphere and create a more impactful real estate business. 30-60 minutes

Put an Attorney Out of Business - Trista Curzydlo

Does anyone ever plan on becoming a felon? Failing to create a plan for your real estate practice can land you in big trouble. RESPA, Fair Housing, and Anti-Trust are topics most real estate licensees have heard before, but never like this! Trista breathes new life into these subjects by providing current case studies of violations and working with attendees to develop risk management techniques that can be immediately implemented. 3-4 hours; Alternate title: No One Looks Good in Horizontal Stripes: How to Avoid a Jailhouse Fashion Statement

Put Your Best Foot Forward: Lessons in Online Customer Service from Zappos and Beyond - Maura Neill

Steve Jobs said, “Get closer than ever to your customers.” Social media and the Internet have allowed us to do that. We’re with them as they browse for homes in their living rooms, read our blog posts in coffee shops and peruse our websites on smartphones. All this means providing ever better levels of service: rapidly responding to needs, deftly navigating social media, sharing marketing messages through acceptable channels and more. Online customer service now has the power to define us as real estate professionals. 1-3 hours

Radical Recruiting - Pam Ermen

Today’s real estate professionals are more receptive to change than ever! Agents finding themselves in this “real estate industry” AI revolution are leaving comfort to seek leadership that understands the challenging landscape! Are you that leader? We’ll discuss 5 focus areas that MUST be on your radar screen: becoming their technology filter, providing an interdependent culture of trust, transparency, and social savvy, delivering relevant training that rocks, and offering market-sensitive financial programs. Join us to learn “Here and Now” recruiting strategies to bring them in the door and then KEEP them there! 1-4 hours

Radical, Relevant, or Ridiculous? - Pam Ermen

The real estate industry can change quickly and dramatically. Are you still approaching your daily real estate business activities the same way you always have? In this session, you’ll find out whether your systems, practices, ideologies, and services are ahead of their time, ready for prime time, or have just timed out! You’ll be introduced to new and innovative business ideas, concepts, and technology to take your business and your buyer’s or seller’s experience (and results) to the WOW level! 2-4 hours

Real Estate Investing: Build Wealth Representing Investors and Becoming One Yourself - Josh Cadillac

Center for REALTOR®Development course This course covers the fundamentals of real estate investment that practitioners need to know in order to expand their business services and meet the unique needs of real estate investors. You will learn how to adapt core real estate skills and learn new skills to effectively serve clients who want to invest in single family homes, condos, townhomes, and small multifamily properties. You will also learn how to “walk the talk” and become a real estate investor yourself. 6 hours; ABR & SRS elective

Real Estate Investment Essentials: How Making Money in Real Estate Works - Josh Cadillac

VIEW TRAILER Get the knowledge essential to being a true asset to your customers. You will learn the language of investment along with math skills to back it up. You’ll even learn how to invest for yourself. Discover how to analyze investment property, work with debt, and confidently present information to investors in a way that makes you stand out as a professional real estate investment specialist. Requires students to download a 10bii financial calculator; 3-4 hours; aka "Investment 1"

He makes it real and susable in our business. Completely relevant!" - Diane Justo, Miami REALTOR®

Real Estate Investment Master: How Investment Really Works - Josh Cadillac

VIEW TRAILER Ever wanted to know more about flipping houses, how to work with investors, or how to know if a deal is a good one? This comprehensive three-day session provides insight from an investor/agent and real world investment perspectives. This class combines all 6 of the ACE Investment classes (ACE Investment Essentials, ACE Advanced Investment, ACE Crunch Time, ACE Advanced Investment Returns and Projections, ACE Real World Investment, & ACE Real Deals & Returns) into a two and a half day bootcamp focused on making money in real estate. You’ll learn how to work with investors and how to invest yourself. This class is dedicated to teaching you the skills to find and analyze investment property and know a good deal when you see it. You will know how to assess risk, and how to present it to your investors like a pro. Bring in more business, better serve your customer, and equip yourself to participate in the market as well! Requires students to download a 10bii financial calculator; 24 hours; combines all 6 investment sessions

Real Estate on Purpose: Hacks & Systems to Go NEXT LEVEL! - The BOOM Team

VIEW TRAILER Work-Life balance is NOT a myth for real estate professionals! We'll discuss how you can get there by using hacks to organize and streamline your email, phone, computer, and more. Find out how to get control of your time by being strategically efficient so you can blow the top off your business...all while making your life smoother, simpler, and easier! 1-2 hours; 3 hour workshop version available

These were suggestions I needed, and I have been a REALTOR® for over 20 years.” – Great Falls Webinar Attendee

This class makes me want to hire an assistant and grow my business. I will definitely be using this information to save more time. Thank you.” – Great Falls Webinar Attendee

Real Estate Rocks - Josh Cadillac

KEYNOTE To sell something well, you need to know and love it. In this keynote we get agents excited about real estate, what it does for the people we serve, and what it can do for them. This session focuses on what’s good about the product and what’s good about the job we do. It gets agents thinking from a mindset of abundance and empowerment to make the changes that will transform their lives. This keynote is designed to get folks fired up and ready to take the market by storm.
45-60 minutes

Real Estate Systems to Minimize Time and Maximize Money™ - Chandra Hall

Learn concrete ways to systemize the most important aspects of business that affect productivity and profit: business of the business, working with buyers and sellers, and marketing systems. 45 minutes-1 hour

Real World Real Estate Investment: How to Know a Good Deal When You See It - Josh Cadillac

VIEW TRAILER Investing always sounds so easy, but it is much harder in real life. In this class, you leave the “ivory tower” and get down and dirty with the investment side of real estate. You will take a good look at the risk of cost overruns, permitting issues, liens, vacancies, changing markets and how to develop an exit strategy. Investing in real estate means getting your hands dirty, and while you won’t go to any properties during this session, you will certainly walk out with a little “dirt under your fingernails.” Requires students to download a 10bii financial calculator; 4 hours; aka "Investment 5"

REALTORS® Wild Ride - Melanie McLane

The past few years have been a wild ride for the real estate industry. Is the ride over, or are there ascents, sharp curves, and dips yet to come? In this session, we’ll discuss what's happened, how the market is guaranteed to change, and how you, as a real estate professional, can position yourself for what's next. With a mix of history, prediction, and inspiration, you'll get useful market information and tips for how best to position yourself to survive and thrive this ride's next 'thrill.'1 hour

Reasonable & Necessary? Fair Housing Accommodations - Trista Curzydlo

More than half of all Fair Housing Act complaints are filed on the basis of disability; many of these alleging a housing provider failed to provide a reasonable accommodation. This session examines Fair Housing Act protections for individuals with disabilities and how housing providers should navigate a reasonable accommodation request. You'll get guidance on differentiating between service and support animals, determining when an accommodation is necessary and what makes a request unreasonable. 1 hour

Rightsizing a Downsizing Generation - Pam Ermen

Upsizing? Downsizing? or Rightsizing? Research shows that 10,000 people turn 65 years old every day. By 2030, 1 out of every 5 Americans will be 65 years or older! With over 20% of our future population potentially part of the Downsizing Generation, real estate professionals need to understand the specific buying and selling requirements of this group. Don’t miss this session filled with checklists, resources, steps, strategies, and real insights gathered from successful experiences working with this niche community of clients. 1-3 hours

Risk Management: What You Say and Do Can Be Used Against You - Melanie McLane

Real estate licensees have duties and responsibilities to consumers as well as their customers and clients. These duties are based on federal, state and local laws and regulations. Participants in this course will learn more about fiduciary duties, the most frequent claims against agents, misrepresentation and fraud, agency, fair housing, escrow and risk reduction. 2.5–4 hours

Robots Don't Use Door Keys: A Guide to AI in Real Estate - Chris Abazis

Tired of the same old sales pitches, clunky spreadsheets, and stale coffee at your open houses? Buckle up, because we're about to take you on a whirlwind tour through the world of AI in real estate! This lively 2-hour class isn't just for tech-savvy agents; it's for anyone who's ever looked at their paperwork and thought, "There's got to be a better way!" 2 hours

Run Your Business on Google and the Cloud - Craig Grant

Become a Real Estate Mobile Road Warrior! The Cloud is the key to being a modern business in a multi-device mobile world. And no one offers a better and more secure cloud-based solution to run your business than Google. In this session, each student will learn how to leverage the cloud and the Google ecosystem to help them reduce their business operating costs, improve their work efficiency, communications, and more.
Key Takeaways:
• Improve processes and efficiencies while reducing operational costs by using Google’s cloud-based solutions.
• Leverage certain cloud-based solutions to improve collaboration, communication, and service.
1-4 Hours

Running the Leadership Lap - Pam Ermen

KEYNOTE Are you applying the leadership principles that allow you to “Connect, Correct, and Collect” and ultimately create a dynamic business, office, or company? Let’s take a close look at how focused leadership builds meaningful relationships, creates healthy boundaries of accountability, and leads to results that make the running of a company or office a profitable experience in every way! 1-2 hours

Running Your Business in a Changing Market - Maura Neill

A changing real estate market means a skill set shift. You need a back-to-basics approach to generating inventory and marketing yourself to get more listings, but you may still be juggling multiple offers for your sellers AND buyers for well-priced homes. In this session taken right from the trenches of today’s market, Maura will even address the psychology of managing expectations - both for yourself AND your clients - in challenging market conditions. 1-3 hours

Your ‘Running Your Business’ course is always full of valuable information but never has been timelier or more relevant. We wish all our members could attend but were thrilled to have 696 join and stay engaged the entire two hours. We’ve gotten nothing but fantastic comments about your session.” - Maureen Murphy, CMP, CSEP, Vice President of Pro Development, New Jersey REALTORS®

S.O.S. How to Survive Overwhelming Social Media - Ifoma Pierre

Feel like you are drowning in a sea of social media demands? You need a systematic approach that can generate leads while also building stronger relationships within your community. In this highly engaging presentation, you will discover essential elements, systems and tools you can use to create remarkable social media content that generates more leads and creates more engagement. The best part? It can all be done automatically and most of it is FREE! 1-3 hours

Our members were thrilled with both of Pierre’s presentations. They found him engaging, funny and very motivating. Even between the two sessions, people were coming up to me saying he was a great find and that his presentation was so applicable to the market right now. – Erin O’Brien, CMP, AHWD, C2EX, Program and Event Coordinator, Northeast Association of REALTORS®

Seed. Lead. List. Repeat.™ - Chandra Hall

To LAST, you have to LIST! Are you willing to work smarter to make opportunities in this market? You’re going to need tried-and-true methods but also new and unique approaches that capture sellers. This session will show you how to identify listing opportunities, deliver a winning listing presentation, and then use easy systems to maximize the sellers’ market dollars! 1-3 hours

Seeing Double! Making the Most of a Multiple Offer Market - Pam Ermen

VIEW SAMPLE Discover a unique version of best practices! Buyer’s agents will learn multiple offer strategies, effective dialogues, and negotiating techniques to effectively position their client in a competitive environment. Seller’s agents will better understand the dynamics of a multiple offer market, how to maximize the property’s exposure and interest, and how to sell the property for a price that can often exceed list price. 1-3 hours

Seller and Agent Collaboration: Teamwork for the Win - Monica Neubauer

Savvy consumers expect their real estate professional to offer more market knowledge and experience than what they can uncover themselves online. Sellers want help with pricing the home, marketing the home, and managing the timeline. Are you prepared to give them realistic data that maximizes the sale of the property, regardless of its condition? Do you use Zillow and HGTV to everyone’s benefit? Get tools to not only secure listings but to get them sold. Set your seller up for success by learning how to develop a collaborative relationship where everyone wins. 1-4 hours

Selling with Style: DiSCovering Your Client’s Needs - Jackie Leavenworth

Only Available Virtually Understanding the most important needs, fears and emotions of buyers and sellers who are involved in the largest financial transactions of their life is paramount. This course will teach licensees how to better understand the unique and individual needs of each customer/client they deal with by learning to identify the customer’s DiSC behavioral style. 1-3 hours

Setting the Stage for Buyer Success - Monica Neubauer

Get buyers from “interested” to the closing table with great systems designed to ensure a smooth, enjoyable buying experience every time. You’ll review the entire process: asking good questions at the first appointment, educating buyers about state agency laws and good representation, showing qualified buyers the right properties, and leading the buyers to a decision. You’ll leave this session with new tools to boost your confidence in every transaction. As an added bonus, we’ll even review some of the finer points of contract preparation that smooth the path to success in a busy market. 1-3 hours

Shift Happens! - Pam Ermen

Changing skillsets to meet a shifting market builds the foundation for consistently successful career! Millions of real estate professionals spent years mastering survival in a mega-strong seller’s market, but now even successful, veteran agents are being challenged by the magnitude of this market retraction. In this session, discover the 5 simple steps to aligning your business with a transitioning market and, more importantly, delivering successful sales regardless of market adjustments. 1-2 hours

Show Me the Money: Agent Financials - Bobbi Howe

Real estate agents are not simply real estate agents, they are also business owners. Most real estate professionals do not look at their financials through the eyes of a business owner. In this course, you will understand where your money comes from and what happens to it between the time you receive it and when you get to keep it. You will learn to plan your income and expenses in way that will take you from yawn to yay! 1-4 hours

Silly Rabbit, It's a Turtle Race: Effective Prospect Follow-Up - Ifoma Pierre

The saying goes, "Fortune is in the follow-up." This is the struggle: A staggering 48% of salespeople never follow up with a prospect even though 80% of transactions are made on the 5th to 12th contact. Simply needing more leads isn’t the answer, it’s in the follow-up. In this session, you'll discover Four Sequences to the follow-up funnel. It's no secret, disruptors are here! We can’t just communicate to prospects—we must systematically engage with them. 1-3 hours

Smart AND Sensitive? You, Technology & the Law - Trista Curzydlo

Is your smart home culturally sensitive? Does your website allow everyone to ‘see’ the latest properties for sale? Technology has changed the way a consumer experiences home buying and selling. If technology is used correctly, everyone benefits. If technology isn’t used correctly, a portion of the population can be neglected. Find out how the application of the ADA and the Fair Housing Act to advertising, websites, apps, and smart home technology will impact your business. 1-3 hours

Smart Phones, Smart Policies: Social Media Risk Management for Brokers - Trista Curzydlo

While you read this sentence, 22 new accounts will be opened on Twitter. Of the 100 billion friendships that have been created on Facebook, how many are between your clients and your agents? Did one of your virtual tours add to the hour of video that is uploaded to YouTube every second? The statistics relating to social media are truly staggering. A well-written policies and procedures manual will address the use of social media by the agents in your office and will serve as a guide to agents when they create an online presence. 1-3 hours

Smart, Green, & Adaptive - Melanie McLane

Whether you’re a sales associate or appraiser, you need to know about the smart, green, and adaptability property features affecting value. After attending this session, sales associates will be able to price smart or green homes and explain benefits to buyers—including the current energy efficiency tax breaks. And with the expanded section on energy efficient items on the new FNMA forms in mind, appraisers will learn to adjust for these feature differences. Likewise, you’ll explore the characteristics of universal design as the demand for accessibility continues to increase in several segments of society. 1-4 hours

Melanie McLane’s Smart, Green & Adaptive class was a big hit with our members. She kept the entire room engaged and hanging on her every word! The content was rich, timely and much needed on such an important topic. I can’t say enough good things about Melanie and her class. She’s a consummate professional, easy to work with and loved by attendees (and Education Directors)!”- O'Hara Keszler, AHWD, C2EX | Professional Development Director, Memphis Area Association of REALTORS®

So What Have You Done for Me Lately? - Melanie McLane

For Association Staff   Many members take the association and its many activities for granted. Some, if not many, members are ignorant of the amount of services provided by an association. Many members think of the board as “only the MLS” and tend to see membership as a cost of doing business, not a benefit. In this workshop, we’ll discuss ways to both increase value to the members as well as communicate to the members the value added by an association. 1-3 hours

So You Want to Try Commercial Property Management? What You Need to Know - Marc Cunningham

Are you considering making the leap from Residential Property Management to Commercial Property Management? If so, you will gain knowledge and confidence in this introductory class as we give an overview of the similarities and differences between Residential and Commercial Property Management. We will address ‘must know’ issues including how to do a proper financial analysis on a commercial property, what commercial investors expect of their property managers, how to market and lease commercial space, how to speak the language of ‘investors’, the opportunities available within the commercial world, and how to profit from it all. 1-3 hours

Social Media Blueprint - The BOOM Team

VIEW TRAILER In our digitally-connected world, agents MUST use social media to connect with their audience to demonstrate their local status, market expertise, and winning personality. In this session, you’ll get inspired to use social media platforms in new, exciting, and highly effective ways. With real-life examples and tons of nuts and bolts ideas to implement immediately, you’ll walk out with a social media blueprint to build and grow YOUR business now and in the digital age to come. 1-2 hours; 3 hour workshop version available

Social Media Success in Just Minutes a Day! - Craig Grant

Social media is changing our world and the way business is done and clients are earned. This session will show you how to come up with your own social media strategy and an overview of each major social media network (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Nextdoor, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, etc.) so that you can pick which ones you fit you the best and how to do it all in less than 15 minutes per day. Alternate Title: Social Media Success in Just Minutes a Day! Become a Social Media Superstar; 2-4 hours

Speak So They Can Hear You: Generational Communication in Today’s Marketplace - Monica Neubauer

Five Generations contribute to our working environment. Traditionalists, Boomers, Gen X, Y and Z are buyers, sellers and real estate agents. Each group has differences in language and communication styles that can make meaningful connections challenging and nuanced. Learn to understand how different groups view communication and connection so you can get your message across clearly. Phone, Email, Text – which form is best and in what situations? Join Monica to explore the everyday communication decisions that reflect whether or not others can hear what you have to say. 1 hour

Stake Your Claim: Mine Your Own Business - Jackie Leavenworth

Only Available Virtually More than 60% of consumers will do business with the first person they meet or think of the day they find a need to buy or sell real estate. Is your sphere thinking of you on that day? Or, is your sphere reading another agent’s blog the day they decide to move? How are you protecting your best asset in real estate? Your database is your gold mine and your competitors are moving in. Learn to be top of the mind and to be the “go-to” person for real estate. Learn to create a deep relationship with your database so that you know when change is happening in their lives. Stay in the know and mine for your gold. 1.5 hours

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