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Strategies for a Successful Career in Real Estate - Marc Cunningham

In this fun and fast moving session we will focus on rarely discussed skills necessary for a long term career in real estate including:

  • Know which clients to work with and which to avoid
  • Finding multiple income streams in the real estate industry
  • Hiring and firing essential skills
  • When to stop growing and focus on right-sizing your business
  • When it is OK to say ‘no’
  • How to attract clients without spending money
  • How to avoid burnout and create more time
  • How to focus on details without losing sight of the big picture

1-3 hours

Streamlining Your Social Media Platform: Be More Places with Fewer Steps - Ashton Gustafson

We all know that it is very important to have a social media presence today. However, it is easy to get bogged down in everything there is to do and all the places you need to be. Ashton brings a fresh approach to being all places at all times on line without sacrificing massive amounts of time. 45-60 minutes

Success is Never an Accident: Key Success Strategies - Ed Hatch

CHANGE is inevitable in everyone’s professional and personal life; GROWTH, however, is optional. Using NAR DATA and the EXPERIENCE of successful agents we have identified KEY strategies to PROPEL your PERFORMANCE. Included are strategies FOCUSED on attracting a large quantity of QUALITY clients … PROACTIVELY identifying and delivering unique/compelling VALUE … PURPOSEFULLY keeping those clients repeating and referring … a time-management system to increase PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTIVITY and PERSONAL BALANCE … and the most current and innovative negotiating strategies. If you are looking to POWER UP your business … this session is for you! Full Day Session

Systematic Lead Generation - Maura Neill

Leads are only as valuable as the time you put into them. Without a system, leads are just names on a spreadsheet. However, with a strong lead generation system – one that includes incubation, follow-up, and conversion – leads are not just names and email addresses: leads become relationships, closings, and great referral sources. In this session, we’ll discuss how to create a system that not only generates more leads but helps you to convert those leads into loyal clients with a greater success rate. 1-2 hours

Systematizing for Success: Running Your Property Management Business on Autopilot* - Marc Cunningham

The most successful companies don’t rely on people for their success, they rely on systems. Systems are simply road maps or instructions that allow your processes to be repeated, duplicated, and run by anyone. Systems will make your property management business scalable, increase the value of your company, take pressure off your team members, protect you from liability, reduce the dependence on any one employee, create clarity, and give you a way to hold your team members accountable. We will walk through the step-by-step process of how to create and implement a System Manual specific to each position in your company. System Manuals changed our business, and they can change yours too! 1-3 hours

Systems Keep You Sane™ - Chandra Hall

Are you ending your day with the same to-do list you started with? You need a system to keep you on track. Checklists are designed to make accomplishing tasks easier, but often we find ourselves tending to every “fire” that pops up and the items on our list remain undone. If this sounds like you, chances are you’re missing key systems to keep you on track. In Systems Keep You Sane you’ll get concrete ways to systemize the important aspects affecting productivity and profit: business of the business, working with buyers and sellers, and marketing systems. Know what needs to be done, make tasks easier with streamlined systems, accomplish more, and keep your sanity in check! 1-3 Hours

Take Your Business to the Next Level with Video - The BOOM Team

WATCH A TRAILERVideo marketing is king and if you want to grow your business, you need to OWN IT!! In this interactive and hands-on session, learn what composition, content, and technology you should be using to take your business to the NEXT LEVEL! We'll give you suggestions on the best systems and tools to create, distribute, and market your videos. You'll see examples of great video strategies and even create your own video so you're confident about using video to promote your brand by session's end.1-2 hours

Talent Attraction in Action - Pam Ermen

KEYNOTE Agents in today's real estate industry revolution are leaving comfort to seek leadership that understands the challenging landscape! Are you that leader? Discover 5 focus areas that MUST be on your radar screen: being their technology filter; providing an interdependent culture of trust, transparency and social savvy; delivering relevant training that rocks; and, offering market-sensitive financial programs. Join us to learn recruiting strategies to bring them in the door and then KEEP them there! 1 hour

Team Dynamics: Building Successful Teams in Today’s Marketplace - Pam Ermen

Everything good about teams can be lost without the proper knowledge, guidance or experience. You must hire right, share core values, manage the performance of your sales people, and provide tools and training that matter! You’re going to hear a lively discussion about the 5 stages of growing a successful and profitable team, and how you can avoid the predictable pitfalls that Teams can create. Learn from someone with 25+ years in-the-trenches experience in every aspect of Teams! 1-4 hours; MORE TEAM TRAINING INFORMATION

Teams vs Solo: Build It and Success Will Come - Bobbi Howe

It’s no secret that getting a real estate license is relatively easy compared to other professions. However, it’s even easier to fail, as 87% of all new licensees will leave the industry in their first three years. Deciding whether you should create a team or go at it alone will have a significant impact on your success. This course will highlight the pros and cons of both options and help agents discover their best course to achieve the success they want. 1 hour

Tech Fair - Jeremias Maneiro

Have Tech Fair, Will Travel. We have all the systems in place to put on a tech fair in your city. You tell us what the budget is, and we can work backwards from there. We can put on a single person tech day; bring in our own subject matter experts and have concurrent sessions going on throughout the day; or emcee the event, do some speaking, and work with your local techies. It could be up to 25 sessions or less depending on the amount of breakout sessions the venue supports or your group desires. We can suggest the topics or work from a list you provide. We are flexible and have the experience and knowledge to make this event a success. It typically has no CE and will be your most well attended event of the year.1 day

Tech Tools for Real Estate - Jeremias Maneiro

What tools are in your tech toolbox? Are you ready to exceed the expectations of today’s tech savvy consumer? In this session, you'll get the tech tool know-how necessary to provide exceptional service, communicate more effectively, and conduct business while on the go. You'll explore tech systems that can seamlessly support every transaction while providing equal and ethical service. And last but not least, JMan will tell you where real estate technology is headed next so you’re ready for tomorrow's trends.1-2 hours

“JMan is one of the most enthusiastic and engaging speakers that we’ve had the pleasure of bringing to our membership! - Rachel Branson, Professional Development Manager, North Carolina REALTORS®

TECHniques to Boost Your Productivity - Ifoma Pierre

Need to get more done in less time? Who Doesn’t?! Tech can get you there. This session is bursting with information about CRMs; email hacks and productivity add-ons; Facebook Ad writing software; social media calendars, schedulers, and tools; AI generated property description software and more. You’ll even get tools to help you follow up automatically with your sphere of influence for the next 5 years without lifting a finger ever again. 1-2 hrs

The 3 C’s of Agent Relationships: Communication, Collaboration and Closing - Monica Neubauer

The real estate professional is the only person who walks with the buyer or seller through every part of the transaction – consultation, searching, contracting, financing, inspecting, closing, and sometimes even the moving. How can you work with other professionals to benefit your mutual clients as well as help to keep the process focused and moving forward? Communication is crucial! Monica Neubauer will explore how agents and vendors can be a powerful team for real estate consumers in this fast-moving marketplace. This program has versions for lenders, appraisers and closing companies to help fine-tune their level of service as well as their bottom line. 1-2 hours

The Experience Factor - How to Connect Better Using Technology - Ifoma Pierre

WATCH A REVIEW OF THIS SESSIONThe stakes are high, the rewards are great: You can build your relationships in any setting! In an age where we're all strapped with screens and competing for our audiences' attention, the question isn't just how to reach others, but how to create an experience with them.
In The Experience Factor, you’ll learn how to use tech tools to strengthen relationships, deepen listening skills, and create rich learning experiences both online and in person. You’ll get a roadmap designed for educators--or anyone--who wants to leverage technology to build empathy and engagement. This fast paced, fun and interactive session explores how digital tools can ease and enrich your approach to sharing, learning, and leading. 1-3 hours; Versions available for Instructors, Agents, & Brokers

The Fair Housing Act: Where it Started & How it’s Going - Trista Curzydlo

Every sector of the real estate industry has changed significantly since the Fair Housing Act was adopted over 50 years ago. In this course, you’ll follow the Act’s history, the formal amendments adding additional protected basis, the guidance on enforcement, and the changes real estate professionals have made—and have yet to make--to their practices. New technologies have changed both how real estate licensees advertise and how advertising regulations are enforced. Trista will provide you with a set of best practices to help guide you in your use of new media. You’ll also get up to date on issues impacting Fair Housing such as The Equal Access Rule of 2012, Housing for Older Persons, Sexual Harassment and Disparate Impact.3-4 hours

The Focus Factor: Maximize Your Time & Money - Pam Ermen

This is your year to FOCUS on the best ROI possible in every area of your business! Hear 5 Top Strategies for creating more production and profitability by maximizing the use of your time, money and efforts. Make this year YOUR year of BREAKTHROUGH!
Takeaways Include:
• Making the Most of Your SOI
• Help, I Need Somebody! Assistants & Growing
• Finding Unlisted Inventory
• Lead Generation Hot Buttons
2 hours

The Huge Power of Small: Create a Customer Service Experience that Drives Results - Antoine Dupont

WATCH A SAMPLEDiscover the insights & strategies used by more than 226,000 companies worldwide: how to accelerate growth of your business, how to increase customer acquisition and retention by creating a deep connection with them and how to attract and retain employees by giving them an added level of purpose in their day to day responsibilities. These ideas cost nothing to implement (because they’re so small), yet their impact is profound. And best of all, you can put them into action immediately.

Key Takeaways:

  • Present your business in a totally new light – that builds trust and creates new connections
  • Easy to execute articulation to dramatically change impressions, leading to lifts in revenue and profits
  • Get a powerful new sense of purpose in your business and the startling difference it makes
  • Connect in a unique and deeper way with existing and potential customers

1+ hour

The Hustle Myth (& Other Real Estate Fairy Tales) - The BOOM Team

WATCH A TRAILER You’ve been given an impossible choice: Option 1: Build an amazing business, but it’ll cost you all of your free time, health, family, relationships and hobbies; Option 2: Build an amazing life, but your business will never amount to much. It doesn’t have to be that way! In this session, we'll debunk the Hustle Myth and we’ll peel back the curtain on some other fairy tales holding you back, too. Get practical solutions to grow and scale your business WITHOUT burning out in the process!

So … are we just conspiracy theorists? Come find out.

  • Learn the truth that you CAN have it all
  • Work/life balance is NOT a myth
  • You CAN take a vacation
  • Get some practical solutions to allow your business to grow and scale WITHOUT burning out in the process

1 hour

The K.I.S.S. (Keep It Short, Silly) Concept for Social Media Videos: TikTok, Instagram/Facebook Reels & YouTube Shorts - Jeremias Maneiro

Are you wondering if there is a place for short videos (less than 60 seconds) in your real estate marketing strategy? Do you already see the value but don't know how to get started or what content to create?
Please join us for an introduction to short-form video production. We will discuss and describe all of the most important platforms to create short videos like TikTok, Instagram/Facebook Reels, and even YouTube Shorts. We will also demonstrate how to create unique content and repurpose existing videos as part of your marketing strategy. A real estate professional's online visibility can quite often trump their ability and now is the best time to cut through the clutter and capture attention to achieve greater success. 1-3 hours

The Language of Money: Your First Investment Property - Abhi Golhar

Whether it’s a single family rental or flip project, find out how you can use the language of money to acquire your first investment property. In this fast-paced session, you'll discover the 5 pillars to investing everyone should know; identify red flags for lenders and financiers; and then find, analyze, finance, and buy your first property. Take a step into real estate investing and building long-term wealth with a proven, step-by-step process to smart decision making with your investments. 1-2 hours

The Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace - Chandra Hall

To empower an organization, you must empower its people. Learn how to enhance your role as a relationship manager in your organization by demonstrating appreciation in ways that maximize the impact for each individual. The art of appreciation is the key to transforming any work culture from mediocrity and burnout to productivity and results. Discover how to implement this ‘people come first’ language of appreciation approach and watch your success soar! 60 mins

The Little EXTRAS: In EXTRAordinary Customer Service - Ed Hatch

The client’s confidence is the most precious asset for anyone who “sells” the promise of unique … compelling … EXTRA-ordinary service.  Superb execution of that service CONSISTENTLY is the cornerstone of confidence building and happens only with a FOCUSED – PROACTIVE – FORWARD THINKING plan.  By failing to develop that plan and deliver on that promise you risk losing your clients’ confidence, trust, repeat business. referrals. EVERYTHING! To insure “the promise” is kept the attendee of this session will:

  • UNDERSTAND the Fundamental Principles of Customer Service
  • CREATE a SPECIFIC … 6-Step Client Service “Package”
  • ITEMIZE the SPECIFIC ACTIONS … for each step of the “Package”
  • MEASURE the results
    Full Day Session

The Lost Art of Professionalism - Marc Cunningham

The success of your property management business is largely dependent on who you allow into your owner-client group. In this fast moving session we will focus how to improve your professionalism to attract GREAT owner-clients including:
• What should be the proper mindset of a successful PM?
• What is the difference between an owner transaction and an owner relationship?
• Three words you should never use in your advertising (but most PMs do!)
• How to qualify prospective owner-clients
• Should you negotiate your management agreement terms?
• How to never get sued

This session will empower you to stop asking owners to ‘choose’ you, and instead position yourself as the professional so owners are asking YOU to ‘choose’ them! 1-2 hours

The Perceptive Leader - Maura Neill

KEYNOTE: As a leader, you play a primary role in the year-over-year achievements of your organization. Empowering your agents and staff to be effective and to thrive means developing their leadership skills, using and improving your own emotional intelligence, and recognizing the differing perceptions and realities within your organization. In this session, you’ll test your perception and compare it to others’; you’ll evaluate how you apply your emotional intelligence to interact with other leaders, staff, and the organization as a whole. Sharpen your ability to perceive, to understand and to lead toward common goals. 1-3 hours

“Thank you so much for a great presentation this morning! The immediate feedback from the attendees was that it was a great way to kick off the year! They loved the way you presented these ideas and concepts!” - Carrie Andersen, Sr Vice President, Member Services, Minnesota REALTORS®

The Power of Synergy: How to Work with Volunteers - Melanie McLane

For Association Staff The AE sets the association culture, which should involve mutual respect and shared goals. Not all volunteers are on board with the association culture. Some volunteers become involved because of personal agendas, whether it is building a resume or trying to “fix the board.” The AE is also challenged with drawing members from various specialties into the association, as well as bringing in fresh faces and developing future leadership. Gain tips and techniques you need to interact with your diverse members while still accomplishing association goals. 1-3 hours

The Principles of Profit: This is No Time to ‘Practice’ Real Estate - Pam Ermen

More than ever, brokers AND agents need to protect their bottom line and EVERY dollar counts! We’ll uncover the Top 4 Principles of Profit, including how to Cut the Fat and Not the Stats by giving up “sacred cows,” eliminating waste, and investing in profit-producing concepts and programs. Find out about aligning your off-line and on-line brand and how “ZMOT” can help. If you plan to THRIVE vs. SURVIVE industry challenges moving at warp drive, don’t miss this! 1-3 hours

The Top 7 Emerging Social Media Marketing Trends - Abhi Golhar

Building your brand using social media is harder today than it’s ever been. Knowing what to post and how to post it is only half the battle! The real struggle can be identifying the developing trends and how to benefit most from them before they peak. Abhi will reveal how today’s top 7 emerging social media marketing trends can be harnessed to build and monetize your reputation now and into the future. 1 - 2 hrs

There’s No Font For Sarcasm…Managing a Multi-Generational Workplace - Trista Curzydlo

Can u be #dooced 4 that tweet? LOL staff mtngs r so old skool. Different experiences shape the work ethic and motivation of an employee. This course examines how generational cohorts work together ... and against each other. Real life cases taken from the real estate industry pepper this session to make it the perfect mix of theory and practice. With wit and fun, Trista provides food for thought and new approaches to creating more effective communication between generations. 1 hour

Think like a Marketer, SELL like an Agent - Ifoma Pierre

With over 12 billion dollars invested into real estate tech, we are not being beaten by other agents ... we are being beaten by marketers! So ... What's holding you back? In this session, we will take a deep dive on Facebook Ads and how to develop the creative content that drives more traffic, attracts the right leads, and ultimately fuels your online business with a consistent flow of sales.1-3 hours

Time Management for Lead Generation: Systems, Tools, and Disciplines - Ashton Gustafson

Ashton believes that a successful day can and should be complete prior to 11:00 am. Ashton brings his daily disciplines along with a mindset for daily efficiency in your marketplace. 45-60 minutes

"Thank you for your time with our team this week. Nothing but rave reviews!" - Jason Waugh, President and CEO, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

“Ashton’s unique style of presenting a message resonates with all levels of real estate experience. He was not only motivational but gave our agents a system to de-clutter their business, work smarter and become more profitable. As a company that has brought speakers in for decades, Ashton was one of the best!” – Dan Early, VP Long & Foster Real Estate Inc.

Today Matters! 12 Daily Practices for Tomorrow’s Success - Ifoma Pierre

KEYNOTE Most of us look at our days in the wrong way: We exaggerate yesterday. We overestimate tomorrow. We underestimate today. The truth is that the most important day you will ever experience is today. Today is the key to your success. Today! You will discover the 12 Decisions & Disciplines that can be learned and mastered by any agent, team leader, broker, or manager to achieve success.

Developing yourself and those around you is essential to make a lasting impact. The leader may see the big picture, but he or she needs other leaders to help make the picture a reality. Using tested and proven principles, we will embark on a journey of personal growth which challenges you to take the many small steps each and every day leading to your goals.
• Make every day a masterpiece.
• Use today’s priorities to gain more focus.
• Learn how today directly impacts tomorrow’s success.
1 hr

Top 10 Tips for Working with a Feng Shui Savvy Buyer - Steve Kodad

With the popularity of Feng Shui, worldwide, increasing, an agent should understand specific information on how to be helpful to a client who strongly follows this ancient science.  Now-a-days, a buyer wants to work with an agent who understands, at least to a degree, what is important to be on the look for, whether positive and negative.  This type of buyer would greatly appreciate an agent who can dismiss certain homes that have severe Feng Shui problems and primarily show homes that have the characteristics they desire. 60 mins

Top Tips and Techniques for the Expert Negotiator™ - Chandra Hall

You are a real estate agent, a confidant, a sales person and a needed negotiator. This is what your clients expect and you aim to deliver. You’ll learn new and effective scripts and dialogues as well as how to research the other side and gain intel for your client’s advantage. We’ll teach you how to set yourself apart from your competition and utilize a proven negotiation strategy with both buyers and sellers. In today’s marketplace, sharp and polished negotiation skills open the door to getting deals done. 1-3 hours

Triple Crown Performance - Pam Ermen

Create your best year ever with higher levels of Production, Profit and Purpose. This power-packed session is tailor made for Top Producers, the BEST of the BEST, who are interested in getting even better! Also Available: Triple Crown Panel: Pam facilitates a conversation with Top Producers and leaders to discuss and illustrate the Triple Crown Performance Principles. 1-2 hours

"Pam did an outstanding job and I would absolutely hire her again. Our agents thought she was exceptional!"
- Lauren Buchel, Regional Director Midwest Region, Weichert Real Estate Affiliates

Up in Smoke? Cannabis & Real Estate - Trista Curzydlo

A VIDEO FROM TRISTAWith over half of all states decriminalizing cannabis, the cannabis industry and its real estate needs are growing–leaving agents and clients in a risky position. This course examines the potential pitfalls and associated risk reduction techniques for real estate professionals. Visit the webpage. 60-90 minutes; Commercial Version Also Available

What Does “Up In Smoke” Cover?
• Controlled Substance Act vs. State Law
• Federal Agency Guidance vs. Law
• "Illegality Defense” & Contract Voiding
• 3 Financial Institution Questions
• Zoning Regulations & Unit Developments
• 5 Lease Clauses
• Insurance Provider Questions
• Reasonable Accommodation Requests
• Risk Management Protocols

Use DiSC to Increase Awareness, Improve Communication and Build Relationships - Monica Neubauer

When people understand how each of us is hardwired to communicate, we give each other more space to be the way we are. And we know who to ask to help us get things done according to what they do best. Using personality profiling in hiring and team building is one of the easiest ways to quickly understand people and help everyone move more quickly towards job satisfaction and good teamwork. This 4 hour session includes an Everything DiSC full profile for all association attendees. This session is a Team Building Consultation with engagement by all the team members. 4 hours

Valuing Land - Melanie McLane

This course explores the many facets of valuing land, from determining highest and best use, through identifying relevant characteristics which affect value. Methodologies of valuing land and making adjustments will be explored, including unit comparisons. We’ll discuss why land valuation can be one of the most complex appraisal assignments. 3 hours

Virtual Agent 2.0 - Jeremias Maneiro

Amp up your virtual agent skill set in this advanced session from JMan. Find out how to do Next Level virtual open houses, client consultations, offer presentations and showings that will set you apart and above your competition.

“When pandemic hit and the real estate industry got pretty scary, he was the one who rose to the top of the crowd and started offering virtual training on how to be a virtual agent. I went to that and then attended the 2.0 version as well, implemented what he taught in those virtual trainings and now I am known in my own market for being the virtual expert!” – Candy Bowen, Candy Bowen Team at Realty Executives

VR, AR and the Capital R - Jeremias Maneiro

It's time to dive into virtual and augmented reality to provide a higher level of client service. Imagine sending a client a VR headset anywhere in the world and immersing them in a virtual showing! Or creating an ofice VR space so clients could “see” 5, 10, 15 homes for sale at a time without ever hopping into a car. You can use augmented reality to stage a vacant property or transform it into a client's dream home. Find out how all this and more can be done in this exciting session. 1-3 hours

We've Got It All Backwards - Ashton Gustafson

To succeed in today's market you must push against the status quo and leave the concept of average behind. In his session, We've Got It All Backwards, Ashton challenges your thinking about how business actually works. He will delight and excite you about turning it all around and building YOUR blueprint for a wildly successful future in real estate. 45-60 minutes

Well, THAT Escalated Quickly … Recent Lessons for Real Estate Practitioners - Trista Curzydlo

What you don’t know won’t protect you once problems escalate. Get ahead of the curve and manage your risk by attending this information packed session for supervising brokers. Attorney Trista Curzydlo covers fair housing; court recognized sexual harassment; service and support animals (there’s a difference!); ADA Title 1 and COVID; and antitrust behaviors online. But the information doesn’t stop there. Trista arms you with effective measures to pre-emptively address the hazards; for example, she offers 6 best practices to manage risk caused by social engineering attacks, how to effectively protect client and staff data from security breaches, how a Business Continuity Plan allows the brokerage to continue operations in a disaster, and more. Sound Dry? Not with Trista who not only knows the law, she finds the humor in it all as well. 4 hours

What Am I Doing Here? - Melanie McLane

Instructor Development Workshop This is Melanie’s basic IDW and it covers things all instructors need to learn, or be reminded about. That include Knowles’ five learning assumptions, the four types of adult learners, the three learning domains, and how to identify and prepare your teaching plan to match up with your students and the domain best suited to the topic. 1-3 hours

What App? - Jeremias Maneiro

We’ll have an in depth discussion about the Top 5 real estate apps and how you can use them in your business. Apps will be downloaded. Apps will be demonstrated. We’ll even briefly review the top 25 apps that didn’t make the Top 5! Take this session again and again and find out what’s new in apps from an active agent who’s constantly seeking to provide better service through better technology. 1-2 hours

What will “Normal” Look Like? Market Indicators to Watch - Melanie McLane

We don’t know when we will return to ‘normal’, what it will look like and whether our market will continue to be strong, or we will have challenges. In this webinar, we’ll talk about the things you need to keep your eye on as market indicators. 30-45 minutes

What’s It Worth? - Melanie McLane

This fast-paced session is packed with information to help REALTORS® understand the various facets of property pricing and evaluation while comparing and contrasting a BPO /CMA and an appraisal. You’ll get useful tips for accurately pricing a property based on analyzing supply and demand in a marketplace, focusing on the type of property and neighborhood, establishing neighborhood parameters in terms of price range and price per square foot, analyzing sales data with respect to units of comparison, and more. Led by a nationally recognized appraisal instructor, active appraiser, AND agent, you’ll better understand “where they got THAT number.” 3-4 hours

What’s Your DNA? Discover Your Distinct Natural Ability™ - Chandra Hall

KEYNOTE Being different isn’t simply what sets you apart from others – it’s the key to your success. Find out how unlocking your Distinct Natural Ability will make you happier, and will help you achieve more. Born an identical twin, Chandra Hall used the power of her differences to make a difference. She started college at age 16, founded a corporation by 19, earned an MBA, opened a real estate brokerage, created an award-winning home-building company, and became a national real estate speaker – all before turning 30. Join Chandra in this engaging, inspiring session to discover how to unlock the power of your Distinct Natural Ability! 45-60 mins

What’s Your Story? Storytelling Marketing for Associations - Maura Neill

For Boards and Associations Storytelling is an ancient art; it captivates us all, captures our imaginations, and when used effectively, can make you stand out from the crowd. Storytelling creates understanding and insight into your Association as a story for consumers and agents; it creates affinity, even with those not actively involved and engaged with the Association; and it provides your organization the vehicle for unique, compelling content. Whether you are promoting RPAC, events and education, or member services, the way you tell your Association’s story has the power to help you both recruit and retain your members, to prove and improve the value of membership. So what’s the story you’ll share? 60 mins

Who Let the Dogs Out? Reasonable Accommodations and the Fair Housing Act - Trista Curzydlo

An “emotional support peacock”? Learn what are reasonable accommodations under the Fair Housing Act and what guidance HUD offers real estate agents and property managers who are addressing these issues. SEE ARTICLE 1 hour

Yes, You Can Sell! The Art of Salesmanship and Transaction Management - Monica Neubauer

Becoming a real estate licensee can be intimidating. If you have been struggling with understanding your role, it is time to learn the art of salesmanship and transaction management. Monica will provide you with a logical perspective regarding prospecting and leading buyers and sellers to a decision. First sell yourself, then sell houses. Learn from Monica, a top real estate producer, and discover ways to implement solid sales techniques into a systematic, effective real estate selling process. 1-3 hours

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