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Market Like a Pro In No Time: Hands-On Workshop - Craig Grant

Get a demo or tour of popular marketing design programs including Canva and Animoto that can help you build your own marketing materials (business cards, flyers, postcards, brochures, social media posts, cover photos, animations, videos, and more) very easily yourself. Then get step-by-step instructions and assistance on how to use these programs, so by the end of the session, you can be your own designer!
Key Takeaways:
• Identify how to use Canva to create online and offline marketing materials.
• Identify how to use Animoto to create videos to promote yourself, your properties, etc.
• List tools and sources to create copyright-safe marketing materials
2-4 hours

Market Like a Rockstar on a Roadies Budget - Craig Grant

Marketing has changed completely over the last few years. Mass-marketing is gone, replaced by the more cost-effective targeted approaches of social media, mobile, video, predictive analysis, retargeting, and relationship-based marketing. Find out how these options can build a growth oriented marketing plan to rock your business without blowing your budget. You'll get easy-to-use resources and tools for creating marketing materials tuned to today's hottest trends. Plus you’ll see examples of rockstar marketing from across the industry. 1-4 hours

Market Reality Check™ - Chandra Hall

Learn proven systems to educate your buyers and sellers about the market while giving them the negotiating edge. 45 minutes-1 hour

Master Multiple Offers™ - Chandra Hall

Learn systems that are easy to implement for buyers’ and sellers’ gain when it seems like all bets are off in a multiple offer market. 45 minutes-1 hour

Mastery: Taking It 'Next Level' - Pam Ermen

Good...Better...Best! Which reflects the path your business will take this year? In the ever-changing real estate landscape, discovering Mastery allows you to take your best efforts and your income to the next level! We’ll discuss how to master your marketplace by following the trends that matter, track and analyze your numbers better than ever, and maximize your on and offline brand experience. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to take a look at your business and master what will make a difference in today’s marketplace! 1-2 hours

Mind Your Own Business: A Winning Hearts & Minds Approach - Ed Hatch

If you are about to commit or recommit your time, money, and energy to an effective personal promotion strategy, this session has been designed for you! We will create an effective ongoing strategy based on NAR “hard fact and data” to assure your plan is focused on how most clients find their agent, proactive with step-by-step strategies for “connecting” with those clients, and purposeful – forward thinking to not only attract clients first but also keep those clients and all their friends forever! 1–1.5 hours

Mind Your Own Business: Designing A Focused, Profitable, Personal Plan - Ed Hatch

There are fundamental design elements in any successful personal plan. First, the Foundation: choosing and committing to the essence of what will make you “famous” to your clients – your unique and compelling value proposition. Second, the Cornerstone: an accurate and measurable “financial target” which represents the quality of life you wish to create for yourself and your family. In this session, we will design that vision, identify appropriate operating and marketing expenses, calculate a financial target, translate that target into a number of settled units, and analyze your personal promotion options to assure SUCCESS. 1–1.5 hours

Mission Impossible! Put Butts in Seats at Your Events - Craig Grant

Instructor Development Workshop Or For Association/Board Staff Your mission should you decide to accept it. Create strong demand and attendance, while somehow providing consistent promotions to every offering on your educational calendar. Your marketing messages will be received by a member base that is bombarded by thousands of messages each day. If you accept and succeed at this mission, your will achieve happiness & enhanced job security. This message will self-destruct in 5 seconds. Good luck!
So how do you craft each marketing message to stand out and resonate with your members’ and deliver you a packed house? In this session we will review new school marketing concepts, techniques and tools, do breakout sessions to help you devise a multi-touch marketing plan. Plus we will look at some innovative and outside the box ideas that are being done by educators across the country. Basically a 100 mph blitz through Buzz-Worthy "EVENT" marketing. 1 hour

Modern Real Estate Professional’s Marketing Boot Camp - Craig Grant

Part 1
Today’s consumers are constantly being overwhelmed with marketing in all aspects of their daily lives which makes it harder than ever to effectively reach them. In this session, we will explore how and why consumers behaviors and marketing have changed and give you a guidebook to follow to help you focus on modern marketing principles including how to:
● Determine your personal brand and marketing niche.
● Create your content marketing strategy.
● Identify your social objective, contract, and marketing strategy.
● Identify how to get found online earlier during the consumer research step in the process.
● Identify how to effectively leverage a website as the hub of all your marketing activities and search engine optimization (SEO).
● Identify how to effectively leverage video and YouTube.
The course will also include an overview of state and federal laws as well as National Association of REALTOR® policies to ensure that all marketing and communication are done properly and compliantly.

By the end of this session, you will be able to develop or adjust your marketing strategies to ensure you can effectively connect with and serve consumers in a cost-effective and highly productive way.

Part 2
Today’s consumers are constantly being overwhelmed with marketing in all aspects of their daily lives which makes it harder than ever to effectively reach them. In this session, we will explore how and why consumer behaviors and marketing have changed and give each attendee a guidebook to follow to reach them by focusing on modern marketing principles including social media, ratings, reviews, recommendations, and relationship-based marketing techniques. Including how to:
● Leverage social media andits advertising.
● Leverage ratings, reviews, recommendations and In Search Ofs (ISOs).
● Leverage relationship-based marketing techniques
● Identify federal and state laws, as well as the National Association of REALTORS® policies, involving marketing to ensure your compliance.
● Gain tools to create your marketing materials.
By the end of this course, each you'll be able to develop or adjust your marketing strategies to connect with and serve consumers to grow your business in a cost-effective and highly productive way.
12-14 Hours

Money Magnet Marketing OR It’s Not the Market, it’s Your Marketing™ - Chandra Hall

You’re not in the real estate business, you’re in the marketing business. Learn easy-to-use systems to keep your pipeline of business full and a steady stream of closings. 45 minutes-1 hour

Multiple Offer Strategies that Work! Helping Buyers and Sellers Navigate This Market - Monica Neubauer

We are in a busy seller’s market. Buyers need homes and sellers need guidance. Are you honoring your fiduciary responsibility to your clients by preparing and presenting offers in ways that put them in the best light? There are good tools to help buyers make stronger offers. We want to protect our sellers, who are considering many options, by leading them in clear, ethical, and legal directions. Get checklists and takeaways to strengthen your client’s position in this fast-paced session. 3-4 hours

Multiple Offers: Keeping It Legal, Ethical and Sane - Melanie McLane

VIEW SAMPLE This course will discuss the legal and ethical issues of multiple offers, as well as the agent’s fiduciary duties to clients. The REALTOR® Code of Ethics, as well as state law, will be discussed, compared and contrasted. 3-4 hours

Amazing! This class could have been an 8 hour class, the information was so good. The class was engaged and it flew by. Reviews were awesome. She’s always a pleasure to work with!” - Brandy Purcell Hartman, RCE, CAE, Mount Rushmore Board of REALTORS®

Navigating Co-op(eration) - Maura Neill

As brokers, we work for our clients, but we work with our agents and other agents as well. The interactions we have with our colleagues can impact our clients’ experience, for better or for worse. Masterfully navigating complaints and issues within the brokerage and between competing brands requires a complex skill set encompassing everything from communication rules to social media ethics. In this session, you’ll get techniques and tips to build better agent relationships and elevate your brand for retention and recruiting. 1-3 hours

Navigating Cooperation with Competition - Melanie McLane

The real estate business is uniquely cooperative and competitive. To succeed in real estate, agents need to know how to cooperate, compromise and–above all–remain professional. Agents owe duties to
their clients, customers and to all consumers. We will review the NAR
Code of Ethics and the requirements for presentation of offers, disclosures and notices to consumers and other agents. 1-3 hours; Broker-Manager Version Available

Navigating the New Construction Process with Ease: Providing Value from Start to Finish - Monica Neubauer

Today’s buyers are more aware than ever about viable housing options, including new construction. Understanding how new construction is a viable and desirable part of the inventory available to buyers is powerful. In this program, you will learn how to work effectively with builders and their representatives as well as how to educate your buyers regarding the process. You’ll find out how to manage buyer expectations, stay focused on their best interests, and be part of a collaborative team helping the buyer. Get the details you need to know to confidently serve today’s buyer with all the available options. 1, 3, 4 hours

Monica’s classes are fun, energetic and informational. I love the personal references she includes to emphasize the material used. I would recommend her classes to anyone looking to further their education in their real estate career.” – Tamela Giroux, REALTOR®, Keller Williams

Negotiate with Confidence and Creativity - Monica Neubauer

Negotiation happens throughout a real estate transaction: from the first contact to the closing. Successful negotiation takes perspective, attention to detail, and a sensitivity to situational nuances. If you want great results, you need to know how to objectively set the stage for open communication. In this program, you’ll discover how to better understand motivations, identify the client’s key points, and employ wide-open thinking with creativity for outstanding results. 1-3 hours

Negotiation Baseline - Michael Walker

KEYNOTE Get basic negotiation fundamentals, why the industry typically fails at negotiation, find out where you can improve, and how making basic changes leads to major gains. We'll focus on how some agents improperly market themselves as “negotiators”, so you can analyze your own skillset as a reference point for growth. We'll explore Global Negotiation Theory, Psychological Applications, Influence Approaches, consumer conflict avoidance, and how to use a mapping tool to map a negotiation in action. 1-2 hours

Negotiation Pre-Game - Michael Walker

This is training on developing the Negotiation Framework that most real estate professionals lack or simply don't have in place to truly succeed in negotiations with their clients. Through analysis and client transactional examples, participants will create a road map of tools and resources needed to promote the most successful negotiation environment for their clients. This is a document and resources tool training that includes:
• Creating a Negotiation Road Map for a client relationship
• Creating client prep, expectation session, negotiation value and mapping tools
• Understanding how to communicate the value of negotiation skillsets to prospects and clients
• How to properly use the documents and tools of the real estate practice in any transaction or environment
4-6 hours

Negotiation Today - Michael Walker

KEYNOTEWhat changes do brokerages and agents need to prepare for in negotiation and in real estate nationwide? We examine how variable markets (i.e., Buyer v. Seller v. Transitioning) all demand a different negotiation approach. We look at Global Negotiation Theory, fitting the technique to the current market, conflicts with clients, conflicts with other real estate professionals, and how technology has eroded the application of Institutional Negotiation Methods (i.e., Harvard, Northwestern, Wharton). 30-60 minutes

Negotiations: The Games People Play - Jackie Leavenworth

A “Most Requested” Course; Only Available Virtually What is the difference between a master negotiator and the typical salesperson? A master negotiator understands and practices solid, proven techniques that get to “yes,” bypass “no,” and end up with delighted clients leading to future referrals. These negotiation techniques are not human nature, we are not born with these skills! Master negotiators are created through a sincere desire to help others and to learn new skills. Join Jackie for a journey to enhanced negotiation and people skills that can be life-changing. 1-3 hours

I just finished your negotiation course and just wanted to say thank you. You are sincerely one of the best, if not THE best, teacher I have ever had. I loved your energy. I found myself being sad as the course came to an end because I could honestly learn from you every day. I just wanted to reach out and let you know how meaningful this course was to me." – Laura Glenn, REALTOR® Licensed in VA

New Year, New You? - Maura Neill

KEYNOTE   Culturally, we are conditioned to believe that January 1 is the time for a rebirth, resolutions and a "new you." But what if you're perfectly happy with the "current you"? What if you want a little motivation without the pressure of recreation? What if past failures with New Year's resolutions have you gun-shy and doubting your ability to sustain them? The act of the New Year's resolution has become a marketing ploy that is counting on your failure, so let's find a new way. Maura wants you to do away with the old (resolutions!) and usher in the new (goals! planning! personal growth!) with the ultimate focus on creating a system that works for you to create success and happiness not just for this year but for years to come. 1 hour

NLP: Negotiate Like a Pro - Jackie Leavenworth

Only Available Virtually Get actual dialogues, systems and strategies to power up your negotiating skill sets. You’ll discover the true consumer mindset about negotiating and how to keep emotions and objections from derailing the process. “NLP” will focus on communication agility skills that balance the insight and understanding necessary to move any negotiation forward. Consumers expect you to represent their best interests; but clients for life expect professional advocates! 1-3 hours

No Money? Build a Personal YouTube Brand Anyhow! - Antoine Dupont

This Session Rated 4.94 out of 5 at NAR Convention 2021!  Are you frustrated with your lack of success with your YouTube channel? Do you wonder why your YouTube videos aren’t delivering the results you demand? Are you baffled by the YouTube algorithm? Attend this session to learn the latest secrets to boost traffic to your YouTube channel and drive better leads to your business with YouTube videos at a remarkably low cost. Antoine used these very methods to grow his own Les Frenchies channel to 114K+ subscribers with over 12.8 million views monthly in just 18 months! Don't miss this insightful presentation offering the latest tactics you need for organic growth, followed by an open mic Q&A covering your YouTube marketing challenges.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand and leverage the YouTube algorithm
  • Boost subscriptions in your YouTube channel
  • Put the power of psychology to work with marketing
  • Track the impact of your new marketing efforts

1+ hour; Alternate Title: YouTube: The Latest Hacks and Tactics for Organic Growth

No-Nonsense Negotiating - Josh Cadillac

VIEW TRAILER Do you worry about negotiating? Need to improve your skills and confidence? If so, it is time to become an ACE Negotiator. This is a no-nonsense bootcamp on how to fight for your client. This is not your everyday negotiating class; here, you will learn the same tricks and tactics pros use. Stop leaving money on the table and become an Ace Negotiator. 1-4 hours; aka "Negotiator 1"

Normal or Crazy: What's Next? Reading the Market - Melanie McLane

The market has shifted, and it will keep shifting. What was successful for you in the past may not work now. Changes are everywhere: outside influencers seeking a piece of the pie, an economy continuing to evolve, and Artificial intelligence permeating all business. Find out which economic indicators to follow closely; examine the impact of new business models; and discuss strategies to inventory, pricing, and interest rate challenges. 3 hours

Objection Obliteration in Negotiation - Josh Cadillac

VIEW TRAILER Objections are common, but are they being addressed properly? This session is an interactive bootcamp where real estate professionals are asked to come up with their best responses to common objections and compare them to the instructor’s solutions. This session will keep you on your toes as you learn to strengthen your dialogue skills for greater customer service–and fewer objections. 1-4 hours; aka "Negotiator 2"

Once Upon a Time Marketing for Brokers - Maura Neill

Storytelling is an ancient art; it captivates us all, captures our imaginations, and when used effectively, can make you stand out from the crowd. Storytelling creates understanding and insight into your business as a story for consumers and agents; it creates affinity, even with those whom you haven’t met yet; and it provides your brokerage the vehicle for unique, compelling marketing content. From the way you present yourself and your brokerage’s story, a memorable story has the power to help you both recruit and retain your agents. So what’s the story you’ll share? 1-3 hours; Alternate Title: Once Upon a Time – Stories That Stick

Once Upon a Time: Stories that Stick - Maura Neill

VIEW SAMPLE Storytelling is an ancient art; it captivates us all, captures our imaginations, and when used effectively, can make you stand out from the crowd. Storytelling creates understanding, insight and affinity with consumers; it provides your business the vehicle for compelling marketing content based on what makes you and your customer service unique. From the way you present yourself and your services to the marketing of your listings, a memorable story has the power to attract an audience and showcase what makes you exceptional. So what’s YOUR story? 1-3 hours; Broker Version Session & Workshop Available

Operational Principles of Property Management - Marc Cunningham

When it comes to operating a property management company, many decisions have an operational impact. In this session we will share 10 principles of property management and explain how each principle can be implemented through the daily operation of the company. These principles will answer many questions, including:

  • What clients should you NOT work with?
  • Should you manage every type of property?
  • How many points of contact should an owner-client have?
  • How involved should owner-clients be in decision making?
  • How to set boundaries around your business?

This session will give attendees an understanding of how to make your principles flow through the entire operation of a property management business. 2-3 hours

Oscar-Worthy Real Estate Video - Craig Grant

Video is the most dominant form of marketing and communication with today’s short-attention-span and overwhelmed consumer. The problem is 80% of all videos online are abandoned in the first 8 seconds. In this information-packed session, you will walk away with the best tools and tips to allow you to go home ready to create amazing videos, but also see the “OSCAR Winners” from around the real estate industry in categories including Best REALTOR® Commercial, Customer Testimonials, Community Tour, Property Tour and more. 1-3 hours

Overcoming Conflict Today - Michael Walker

KEYNOTE Let's look through the aspects of conflict, objection and deal making to find what people are truly objecting to. We'll examine various problematic points within the Client Purchase or Selling Cycle and how professional real estate agents can eliminate up to 80% of their client's upsets, anger, and distrust … before they ever occur. We'll look in detail at Conflict Resolution Theory, how to create conflict elimination strategy, and the how, what and when of the strategy's deployment. 30-60 minutes

Overcoming Owner Client Objections - Marc Cunningham

Are you happy with how you interact and respond to prospective owner clients? How do you respond, or do you freeze up when they ask questions like?

  • Why do you charge additional for maintenance?
  • I would like to be contacted before any repairs are made?
  • Is your management fee negotiable?
  • Can I be involved in selecting the tenant?
  • Why should I choose you?

In the session, Marc shares exactly how their company responds to these questions (and many others) as we talk about how to respond to the top 12 prospective owner client objections every property manager faces. 1-2 hours

Perception and Reality in Leadership - Maura Neill

Being an effective leader calls for spending time honing leadership skills, utilizing and constantly improving emotional intelligence, and most of all, recognizing that there are many realities in the organization. One’s perception — one’s reality — may not be the perception of all of the other players. In this session, attendees will test their own perception and compare it to others’ using music and visual arts, interactive discussion of how we perceive our environment and how we apply our emotional intelligence to interact and relate to those with whom we work closely when we are leaders — from your association staff to your Leadership Team and member volunteers to the organization’s membership as a whole. 1-2 hours LEADERSHIP SESSION INFORMATION

We had Maura as our presenter to kickoff our first Board of Directors meeting for 2021. Even in the virtual/Zoom environment that we currently reside, Maura's presentation was relevant and engaging, and the 90 minutes flew by! Our entire board had high praise for Maura's presentation, and I can't think of a better way for us to kick off our 2021 ... thank you, Maura!” - Jason Miller, 2021 President-elect, Minnesota REALTORS®

Perception and Reality: Composing Your Leadership’s Perfect Year - Maura Neill

For Boards and Associations   Association executives (and staff) can play a large role in the success of association leadership. Helping your leadership become an effective leader and enjoy a successful year can mean assisting them with developing their leadership skills, utilizing and constantly improving your emotional intelligence, and most of all, recognizing that there are many realities in your organization and that your perception — your reality — may not be the perception of all of the other players. In this session, attendees will test their own perception and compare it to others’ perceptions, using music and visual arts, interactive discussion of how we perceive our environment and how we apply our emotional intelligence to interact and relate to those with whom we work closely — from your leadership to your volunteer members, your staff to the association’s membership as a whole. 1 hour

Maura is an awesome speaker. Great useable ideas and good stories. She is genuine and passionate. I highly recommend her!" - Bob Clark, Minnesota REALTORS®

Perception, Reality & Your Emotional Intelligence - Maura Neill

Keynote or Session  A high level of emotional intelligence is the key to better communication, healthier relationships - both personal and professional - and a happier life. This session explores the psychology of perception versus reality and its impact on relationship-building, as well as how one's emotional intelligence plays a role in making (or breaking) interpersonal relationships. 1 hour

Maura did AMAZING! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the presentation." - Cindy Teekell, Executive Officer, Northwest AR Board of REALTORS®

Personal Leadership for Lead Generation: The Story of 0 Deals to 100 - Ashton Gustafson

Ashton shares his story of proudly starting in the family business only to go 6 months without a sale. Benefit from the hard lessons learned that gave Ashton the tools and mindset to grow his business from nothing to a team doing over 400 sides a year. 45 minutes-1 hour

Planning On Purpose: LIFE Changing BUSINESS Planning - Pam Ermen

As much as you may LOVE real estate, there are probably days you question whether there’s an easier way to make a living. Discover your love for real estate all over again! True business planning is the blueprint for a successful life: it defines the life you WANT to live and then develops a purposeful way to fund it! Through an effective 5-step process, you will clearly define YOUR vision of success and then develop a road map and successful strategies to make it happen! This is your chance to eliminate year after year of unacceptable production and instead enact your best year yet! 2 hours-2 days

Podcasting: Let Your Voice Be Heard - Monica Neubauer

Do you have a lot to say but haven’t found a way to express yourself professionally? Consider an audio podcast program that will allow you to reach the public and showcase your local experience and knowledge. Monica Neubauer, experienced podcaster for the National Association of REALTORS®, can help you take your podcast idea and make it a reality. This session will give you the essential elements for designing and implementing a podcast...including a start-up checklist! Let your voice be heard and have your audience benefit from your expertise. 1-3 hours

Policy Matters! Designing Your Office Policy Manual - Melanie McLane

An office policy and procedures manual can be the most dynamic document you have in your broker arsenal. Real estate licensees affiliated with a brokerage look to management for guidance in determining how they will respond to specific real estate situations that may or may not be covered by real estate law. Reduce your vicarious liability for licensee performance and build a firm foundation for your company mission and vision by attending this vital course on building your office policies. 3-4 hours

Pricing & Appraisals in a Changing Market - Melanie McLane

This fast-paced session is designed to assist both appraisers and agents in the challenge of a rapidly changing market, from extremely low inventory and multiple offers above listing price, to rising rates with cash strapped buyers. This market has created friction between appraisers, who must follow USPAP and lender guidelines, and can only use the comparable sales that exist--and agents. Agents are also using escalation clauses, as well as an appraisal contingency. Both groups need to learn what the other side’s role is, as well as consider the inevitable market changes affecting both buyers and sellers who bought or sold at a different point in the market.
• When the comps aren’t there—what happens?
• When the market is moving quickly, what can an appraiser do?
• How should buyers be advised if going over listed price may mean the property will not appraise?
• What will happen when this cycle ends (and it will)?
1-4 hours

Pricing in a Shifting Market - Monica Neubauer

As a real estate professional, the consumer considers you to be a subject matter expert when it comes to pricing a property for sale. A successful transaction requires a correlation between the list price, the contract price, and the appraisal value. You must be able to show the clients and appraisers real data to back up what they see in the marketplace. Find out how “Show, Don’t Tell” can help you explain why certain properties sell for more money than others. And what do appraisers need to help them with the appraisal? DATA! Get the data tools you need to prepare qualified property valuations, no matter what market you are experiencing. 1-3 hours

Pricing the Oddball: Why Relevant Characteristics Matter - Melanie McLane

To price that three bedroom ranch or two-story Colonial, you do a CMA—right? You compare the property to others like it which have sold. What do you do with an earth berm house? A geodesic dome? A “normal” house with one or more unusual features? What about pricing a non-residential property—a former church or school? There aren’t any comps, so what do you do? We’ll explore how to price that unusual property. Key Takeaways:
• Determining highest and best use
• Identifying relevant characteristics
• Calculating the “plus” or “minus” of a feature
• Applying real estate valuation principles to everyday use
2-3 hours

‘Pricing the Oddball: Why Relevant Characteristics Matter’ presented by Melanie McLane was one of the best I've experienced. Melanie delivered organized, relevant and valuable information. She was entertaining and captivating. I would highly recommend her as a repeat presenter. Thanks for bringing this delightful and valuable webinar to REBI members.” - Debra Lindsey, Broker, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Lindsey Realty

Priority Pricing: Are Your Properties Positioned to Sell? - Pam Ermen

Will your properties be first to compete and head for the finish line OR are they destined to take a few laps around the track? Pinpointing property position and price remains a challenge — regardless of inventory! Learn a number of highly effective pricing strategies, how to create a “crystal ball” for pricing by applying supply and demand principles, and why cheap money is not a seller’s friend! Discover how to control your seller’s expectations and put their home first on a buyer’s list! 1-4 hours; Hourly Segments Available: The Psychology of the Seller, How Self-Absorbed Are We?, There Is a Crystal Ball

Proactive Prospecting OR Capture. Convert. Ka-ching!™ - Chandra Hall

Getting leads isn’t the hard part. Learn scripts, techniques and systems to turn leads into closings. 45 minutes-1 hour

Procuring Cause: Whose Commission Is It, Anyway? - Melanie McLane

For Association Staff  Commission issues affect REALTOR® Associations, as well as REALTORS®. When a dispute over a commission arises, the local association executive or staff may need to convene an arbitration hearing panel. Guiding a hearing panel through an arbitration hearing is often a challenge for an association executive or professional standards administrator, particularly if there are few such hearings at their local association. This workshop is designed to assist the association executive or professional standards administrator to work confidently with arbitration panels for the benefit of the association’s members. 1-3 hours

Property Management 101: The Essentials - Marc Cunningham

When it comes to Residential Property Management – those outside the industry usually have one of two opinions: Opinion #1: "Property Managers are simply collecting rent and calling vendors for repairs – what an easy job!" Opinion #2: "Property Managers are dealing with crazy tenants, running toilets in the middle of the night, and all the weird laws they have to follow – what a hard job!" The truth is somewhere in the middle. In this course, we will go through the basic elements necessary for property management including the management and lease agreement, how to find new owner-clients, how to screen tenants, the tenant life cycle, understanding legal and fair housing issues, and how to deal with erratic tenants and owners. This class is ideal for those new to the industry and those who simply wish to have a better understanding of property management basics. 1-3 hours

Proven and Profitable Buyer Systems™ - Chandra Hall

With so many search tools available online, it’s easy for real estate buyers to have a false sense of confidence and think they don’t need a buyer’s agent. The reality is they are overwhelmed and under-informed. Today’s buyers can find listings online, but they still need representation and a trusted resource who is on their side. Learn how to relay the expertise you provide to help your buyer successfully navigate the complexities of a real estate transaction. Discover easy-to-implement systems that will create a steady pipeline of buyers to help you grow and sustain your business.
1-3 hours

Proven and Profitable Seller Systems™ - Chandra Hall

Listing more properties is the most proven way to increase your income in real estate. Today’s sophisticated sellers recognize that agents will compete for their business and aren’t satisfied with hiring the nice lady they talk with at the coffee shop. They WILL interview multiple agents and negotiate commissions before choosing a listing agent...will they understand the unique value you offer? Learn to communicate your expertise, your point of differentiation, and value without compromising on your fees! Find out how to capture, service, and price your listings and get them sold, regardless of the market. This course will provide listing agents with the newest delivery tools and communication strategies to explode your business within the changing market and exceed seller expectations from the very first meeting through closing. 1-3 hours

Psychology that Changes People - Michael Walker

KEYNOTE Transform your target audience from warm to really motivated and don't 'miss the mark' when selling to consumers. This training looks at the psychology of decision making and shows the real life application with how consumers are being influenced in today’s market. We look at why so many agents are still selling vs. shifting consumers' awareness, Persuasion Principles that Work, how to connect with clients in a Transactional Atmosphere and create a more impactful real estate business.
30-60 minutes

Pulling the Plug: Connecting with the Connected Consumer - Pam Ermen

If connection drives business, is keeping up with the latest tech mandatory? Constant change has us all in a constant state of recalibration and technology outpaces us at every turn. It’s easy to let it all overshadow the core of this business: connecting and helping others. Let’s Pull the Plug, put technology in its best place, and drill down to the skills that truly feed our careers — and our happiness. 1-2 hours

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