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Understanding Financing to Improve Credibility - Josh Cadillac

VIEW TRAILER Borrowing money to buy real estate is very common. In fact, almost 80% of real estate deals are done using financing. Agents are often content to let the financing part of the real estate process be the exclusive domain of the mortgage broker. In doing this agent relinquish their role as the ones capable of looking out for their customers best interest as they don’t have the required knowledge to do so. Attendees should have a basic understanding of financing before attending this session; 3 hours

Up in Smoke? Cannabis & Real Estate - Trista Curzydlo

VIEW TRAILER With over half of all states decriminalizing cannabis, the cannabis industry and its real estate needs are growing – leaving agents and clients in a risky position. This course examines the potential pitfalls and associated risk reduction techniques for real estate professionals.

What Does “Up In Smoke” Cover?

  • Controlled Substance Act vs. State Law
  • Federal Agency Guidance vs. Law
  • "Illegality Defense” & Contract Voiding
  • 3 Financial Institution Questions
  • Zoning Regulations & Unit Developments
  • 5 Lease Clauses
  • Insurance Provider Questions
  • Reasonable Accommodation Requests
  • Risk Management Protocols
  • 60-90 minutes; Commercial or Residential Presentation


Using AI: A Virtual Assistant in Your Computer - Monica Neubauer

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is being adapted for practical uses in every industry. It has affordable and quick options to help real estate professionals communicate better with their clients and the public. AI is an amazing tool to help real estate agents do the myriad of varied tasks needed in the business better and faster. Learn how to use the 2 most popular applications, ChatGPT and Canva, to save time and create interesting descriptions, email templates and marketing tools.
• Understand what AI is, how it works, and its applications in the real estate industry.
• Get a basic understanding how to use CHAT GPT and Canva as tools to improve communication.
• Know how to write prompts that will produce better outcomes from AI.
• Get a guideline tool to help you write better prompts.
1-1.5 hours

Using DiSC to Improve Communication, Build Relationships, and Sell Effectively - Monica Neubauer

When people understand how each of us is hardwired to communicate, we give each other more space to be the way we are. And we know who to ask to help us get things done according to what they do best. Using personality profiling in hiring and team building is one of the easiest ways to quickly understand people and help everyone move more quickly toward job satisfaction and good teamwork. This 4-hour session includes an Everything DiSC full profile for all association attendees. This session is a Team Building Consultation with engagement by all the team members. 4 hours

Valuation: CMA’s, BPO’s & What to Expect When You're Expecting ... A Good Appraisal - Josh Cadillac

VIEW TRAILER Everyone has an opinion of what the value of a property is. The buyer has one, the seller has another, and then the appraiser comes in and tells you what its “really” worth. As the real estate professional, you need to understand the valuation process backwards and forwards. The client hired you to do a job and knowing the market value of the property and how the appraiser will do their report is must-have information. In this session, you will learn how valuation works, what the appraiser does, and the best ways to get your appraisals to come in. We will also cover BPO’s and CMA’s so that you have all the needed tools for whatever real estate throws your way. 2-4 hours

Valuing Land - Melanie McLane

This course explores the many facets of valuing land, from determining highest and best use to identifying relevant characteristics which affect value. Methodologies of valuing land and making adjustments will be explored, including unit comparisons. We’ll discuss why land valuation can be one of the most complex appraisal assignments. 3 hours

Visual Storytelling: Market Your Classes through Infographs & Visual Tools - Craig Grant

Instructor Development Workshop The average consumer’s attention span is less than 8 seconds (which is equal to that of the average goldfish), and the truth is most don’t want to read wordy marketing materials. But yet, the average marketing piece for classes and events in the real estate industry are
cluttered with wordy descriptions, bullet points and more to try to convince our members to
attend (problem is they don’t resonate due to the design). In this session, we will explore how
to make your marketing materials in print, online, etc. more visual in their design and how to
leverage infographics that are exploding in popularity. 1.5 hours

We've Got It All Backwards - Ashton Gustafson

To succeed in today's market you must push against the status quo and leave the concept of average behind. In his session, We've Got It All Backwards, Ashton challenges your thinking about how business actually works. He will delight and excite you about turning it all around and building YOUR blueprint for a wildly successful future in real estate. 45 minutes-1 hour

Well, THAT Escalated Quickly … Recent Lessons for Real Estate Practitioners - Trista Curzydlo

What you don’t know won’t protect you once problems escalate. Get ahead of the curve and manage your risk by attending this information-packed session for supervising brokers. Attorney Trista Curzydlo covers fair housing, court-recognized sexual harassment, service and support animals (there’s a difference!), ADA Title 1 and COVID, and antitrust behaviors online. But the information doesn’t stop there. Trista arms you with effective measures to pre-emptively address the hazards; for example, she offers 6 best practices to manage risk caused by social engineering attacks, how to effectively protect client and staff data from security breaches, how a Business Continuity Plan allows the brokerage to continue operations in a disaster, and more. Sound Dry? Not with Trista! She not only knows the law, she finds the humor in it all as well. 4 hours

What Am I Doing Here? - Melanie McLane

Instructor Development Workshop   This is Melanie’s basic IDW and it covers things all instructors need to learn or be reminded about. That includes Knowles’ five learning assumptions, the four types of adult learners, the three learning domains and how to identify and prepare your teaching plan to match up with your students and the domain best suited to the topic. 1-3 hours

What’s It Worth? - Melanie McLane

This fast-paced session is packed with information to help REALTORS® understand the various facets of property pricing and evaluation while comparing and contrasting a BPO/CMA and an appraisal. You’ll get useful tips for accurately pricing a property based on analyzing supply and demand in a marketplace, focusing on the type of property and neighborhood, establishing neighborhood parameters in terms of price range and price per square foot, analyzing sales data with respect to units of comparison and more. Led by a nationally recognized appraisal instructor, active appraiser AND agent, you’ll better understand “where they got THAT number.” 3-4 hours

What’s Your DNA? Discover Your Distinct Natural Ability™ - Chandra Hall

KEYNOTE  Being different isn’t simply what sets you apart from others – it’s the key to your success. Find out how unlocking your Distinct Natural Ability will make you happier, and will help you achieve more. Born an identical twin, Chandra Hall used the power of her differences to make a difference. She started college at age 16, founded a corporation by 19, earned an MBA, opened a real estate brokerage, created an award-winning home-building company, and became a national real estate speaker – all before turning 30. Join Chandra in this engaging, inspiring session to discover how to unlock the power of your Distinct Natural Ability! 45 minutes-1 hour

What’s Your Story? Storytelling Marketing for Associations - Maura Neill

For Boards and Associations  Storytelling is an ancient art; it captivates us all, captures our imaginations, and when used effectively, can make you stand out from the crowd. Storytelling creates understanding and insight into your association as a story for consumers and agents; it creates affinity, even with those not actively involved and engaged with the association; and it provides your organization the vehicle for unique, compelling content. Whether you are promoting RPAC, events and education, or member services, the way you tell your association’s story has the power to help you both recruit and retain your members, to prove and improve the value of membership. So what’s the story you’ll share? 1 hour

Who Let the Dogs Out? Reasonable Accommodations and the Fair Housing Act - Trista Curzydlo

An “emotional support peacock”? Learn what are reasonable accommodations under the Fair Housing Act and what guidance HUD offers real estate agents and property managers who are addressing these issues. 1 hour VIEW ARTICLE

Working the Luxury Market: What You Need to Know - Monica Neubauer

Serving luxury clients can be interesting and lucrative. Luxury sellers have high expectations and it can take time to close a transaction. Luxury buyers can be repeat clients that start with you at all price ranges. In this introduction to working with High Net Worth Individuals, we will look at the products they buy, what they expect from their agents and where to meet them. 3-4 hours

Working with Today’s Hyper-Connected Consumer - Craig Grant

With the ubiquity of the Internet, social media, and mobile, you are now dealing with a consumer who has access to everything at any time, adept at doing their own research (sometimes to the point of being over-prepared and/or overwhelmed), has very little patience or loyalty compared to the customers of the past. In other words, they are the Hyper-Connected Consumer. In this session, we will explore what is causing these changes and more importantly provide you with proven techniques on how to set yourself up for success and meet their expectations going forward. 1-4 hours

Yes, You Can Sell! The Art of Salesmanship and Transaction Management - Monica Neubauer

Becoming a real estate licensee can be intimidating. If you have been struggling with understanding your role, it is time to learn the art of salesmanship and transaction management. Monica Neubauer will provide you with a logical plan regarding prospecting and leading buyers and sellers to a decision. First sell yourself, then sell houses. Learn from Monica, a top real estate producer, and discover ways to implement solid sales techniques into a systematic, effective real estate selling process. 1-3 hours

You Can’t Say That! Antitrust in Real Estate - Trista Curzydlo

When the Sherman Act began regulating antitrust behaviors in the United States, the union had 42 states and women were 30 years away from being able to vote. A lot has changed over the past 130 years but in his Executive Order on Promoting Competition in the American Economy, President Biden issues a reminder that antitrust continues to be a problem in real estate. This session examines the 3 primary federal laws regulating antitrust and applies them to situations happening today. 1 hour

Your Path to Success: Goal Setting - Bobbi Howe

Most people do not fail in coming up with a strategy to move forward. Where they fail is in executing those plans. In this session, you will learn how to determine what goals are most important to you and how to achieve those goals in the midst of the whirlwind of everyday life. 1 hour

Your Personal Touch in a Digital World: Connecting Through Technology - Monica Neubauer

Are you stressed trying to live up to the consumer’s need for information at all hours of the day? Join Monica for a road map to proactively connecting with boundaries in a digital world. Learn how to communicate more effectively with clients and other agents by implementing online systems meant for busy people. Monica will show you how to use technological resources in a manageable, affordable way to provide your clients options so they get what they want and need on their schedule–AND YOURS! 1, 3, 4 hour

YouTwitFace: When Real Estate, New Media and the Law Collide - Trista Curzydlo

It’s been 19 years since MySpace was launched and social media started infiltrating every sector of the way we live and do business. Whether you’ve embraced new media or rejected the ‘world wide internets’ as a fad, your real estate practice has been impacted by new media. As social media and new media have evolved, the way real estate agents practice and clients expectations have changed as well. This course examines how various entities regulate the use of new media by real estate practitioners and provides best practices that every agent can implement in their practice.1-3 hours

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