Business Planning & Time Management

With a wide scope of approaches, these sessions focus on understanding, building, and implementing real world planning so growth can happen.

The Focus Factor: Maximize Your Time & Money

This is your year to FOCUS on the best ROI possible in every area of your business! Hear 5 Top Strategies for creating more production and profitability by maximizing the use of your time, money, and efforts. Make this year YOUR year of BREAKTHROUGH!

Takeaways Include:

  • Making the Most of Your SOI
  • Help, I Need Somebody! Assistants & Growing
  • Finding Unlisted Inventory
  • Lead Generation Hot Buttons?

1-2 hours

Planning On Purpose: LIFE Changing BUSINESS Planning

As much as you may LOVE real estate, there are probably days you question whether there’s an easier way to make a living. Discover your love for real estate all over again! True business planning is the blueprint for a successful life: it defines the life you WANT to live and then develops a purposeful way to fund it! Through an effective 5-step process, you will clearly define YOUR vision of success and then develop a road map and successful strategies to make it happen! This is your chance to eliminate year after year of unacceptable production and instead enact your best year yet! 2 hours-2 days

Business Planning Workshop

This course, tailored for both novice and seasoned real estate sales professionals, teaches how to craft a strategic plan for running your business effectively. Participants will develop a comprehensive one-year plan, encompassing lead generation, financial management, and organizational growth. Learn to approach your real estate career like a true business and achieve success through informed planning. 3-7 hours

Business Building Strategies: Plan for Income, Expenses, Prospecting and Growth

Helping clients purchase a property is a huge responsibility. A professionally run business helps you create a business of value and, more importantly, helps you think and act with predictable order and competence to serve your clients well. Defined, efficient systems to manage finances and lead generation prepare you to deliver desirable services and exceptional communication. Join Monica Neubauer as she provides you with the structure to help you own and run your own business as a real estate professional. 1, 2 hours; +Workshop, 4 hours

Business Building & Time Management: How to Plan, Manage & Advertise a Strong Real Estate Business

VIEW TRAILER Build a strong and flourishing real estate business ready for any market. This session shows you how to position your business for success using systems to keep you both accountable and time efficient. You'll learn ways to make your goals measurable--and how to stay focused and motivated when things don’t go as projected. Advertising tips and tricks to maximize your message and money round out the session. Get on the path to a solid, growing real estate business created for your future. 1-2 hours; Broker/Manager Version Available

Thanks for awesome class today, as always you ROCK! 😊” - Kay Osborn, AHWD, Education Director, Ocala/Marion County Association of Realtors®

Goals, Time Blocking and Self Care

This Session Received a 98.3% Rating at the Florida REALTORS® 2023 Conference! Without a little guidance, real estate can seem overwhelming. So overwhelming that over 80% of all new real estate licensees exit the industry within their first two years. This session will help you with three specific things that tend to overwhelm real estate agents the most – goal setting, time blocking and mindset management. You’ll learn how to discover the big why, set goals, time block to achieve those goals and fortify your mindset while achieving the goals. Alternate Title: Self-Care & Goals to Protect Your Self-Worth; 1.5-4 hours

Bobbi was one of the best presenters I have ever heard! Her class, ‘Goals, Time Blocking and Self Care,’ should be required for every new agent … her experience and the recommendations she offered were priceless for anyone in the business and particularly for new agents.” – Bozeman, Montana Attendee

Your Path to Success: Goal Setting

Most people do not fail in coming up with a strategy to move forward. Where they fail is in executing those plans. In this session, you will learn how to determine what goals are most important to you and how to achieve those goals in the midst of the whirlwind of everyday life. 1 hour

Block Your Way to Success: Time Blocking

A busy market means it's essential for you as an agent to replenish your listing inventory. You must do something to keep your marketing department open by proactively getting more listings. This session provides a game plan for conquering your day and staying focused on your goals, which will ultimately help serve the consumer at a higher level. You'll find out how to increase your productivity by running your business by design, not by default. 1 hour

Business Planning from the Inside Out

Only Available Virtually Most real estate professionals don’t have a written business plan. Of those who do, most plan backward, making marketing their first step. Learn why marketing should actually be the last step in an effective business plan. This approach saves time and money. Get all the tools necessary to build a business plan that is predictable, sustainable and profitable. 1-3 hours

Mind Your Own Business: A Winning Hearts & Minds Approach

If you are about to commit or recommit your time, money, and energy to an effective personal promotion strategy, this session has been designed for you! We will create an effective ongoing strategy based on NAR “hard fact and data” to assure your plan is focused on how most clients find their agent, proactive with step-by-step strategies for “connecting” with those clients, and purposeful – forward thinking to not only attract clients first but also keep those clients and all their friends forever! 1–1.5 hours

Mind Your Own Business: Designing A Focused, Profitable, Personal Plan

There are fundamental design elements in any successful personal plan. First, the Foundation: choosing and committing to the essence of what will make you “famous” to your clients – your unique and compelling value proposition. Second, the Cornerstone: an accurate and measurable “financial target” which represents the quality of life you wish to create for yourself and your family. In this session, we will design that vision, identify appropriate operating and marketing expenses, calculate a financial target, translate that target into a number of settled units, and analyze your personal promotion options to assure SUCCESS. 1–1.5 hours

Mind Your Own Business: Designing A Personal Business Plan

This session includes ALL the fundamental design elements in any successful personal plan:

  • First, the FOUNDATION: choosing and committing to the essence of what will make you “famous” to your clients - your UNIQUE – COMPELLING – VALUE PROPOSITION
  • Second, the CORNERSTONE: an accurate and measurable “financial target” which represents the quality of life you wish to create for yourself and your family
  • And, finally the ACTION STEP: the creation and implementation of a set of effective on-going strategies to assure your plan is…FOCUSED on how most clients find their agent…PROACTIVE with step-by-step strategies for “connecting” with those clients…and, PURPOSEFUL – FORWARD THINKING to not only attract clients first but also keep THOSE CLIENTS AND ALL THEIR FRIENDS! Full day

Growth Profit System: Your GPS Guide for Real Estate Success™

Wouldn’t it be great to have a roadmap to follow for real estate success? Chandra’s “Growth Profit System” is like a GPS guide to growing your real estate business. With a plan mapped out for you, you’ll find you have more focus, more momentum, and more prospects…which means more closings. This special seminar is designed to teach you practical, proven strategies, tools, and tips to immediately impact your productivity. This GPS Guide will:

  • Sharpen your skills, better articulate your value, and close more deals
  • Take a new look at productivity and how to be laser-focused each day
  • Create a marketing plan and calendar that keeps you visible, busy, and profitable

1-3 hours

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