Instructor Development Workshops

Discover a wide variety of sessions designed to improve and expand instructors’ in-person and virtual training skills.

Fun and Games!

Instructor Development Workshop This fast-paced course reviews how to engage students from beginning to end, touching on techniques that will engage all four types of adult learners. We design ice-breakers, games, polling, case studies and other techniques within the classroom. 1-3 hours

I Have an Idea for a Course: Now What?

Instructor Development Workshop This is a course on how to write a course and get it approved by a licensing board, and make the students want to take it! We review Bloom’s taxonomy, and work on it in class, writing learning objectives. We draw on the three learning domains (which will be reviewed, students do not need to take all of these courses, or in any order) and discuss and plan how to implement the ideas. We practice writing case studies, and we explore scaffolding, which is building a skill set with a learner so that they progress from a lack of knowledge to competence. 1-3 hours

What Am I Doing Here?

Instructor Development Workshop This is Melanie’s basic IDW and it covers things all instructors need to learn or be reminded about. That includes Knowles’ five learning assumptions, the four types of adult learners, the three learning domains and how to identify and prepare your teaching plan to match up with your students and the domain best suited to the topic. 1-3 hours

Instructor Professionalism 101: Owning & Rocking the Virtual & In-Person Classroom

Instructor Development Workshop As an instructor, it is your job to help elevate real estate practitioners by increasing their knowledge, sharpening their skills, and most importantly instilling in them a high level of professionalism through education. This session will help you improve as an instructor by focusing on what Instructor Professionalism really is and how to incorporate GAPE, VARK, DISC, and other adult learning methods, tricks, & tools, to ensure that you are raising the bar with your presentations and learning environment whether in-person, virtually or hybrid. 3-4 hours

Mission Impossible! Put Butts in Seats at Your Events

Instructor Development Workshop OR For Association/Board Staff Your mission should you decide to accept it. Create strong demand and attendance, while somehow providing consistent promotions to every offering on your educational calendar. Your marketing messages will be received by a member base that is bombarded by thousands of messages each day. If you accept and succeed at this mission, your will achieve happiness & enhanced job security. This message will self-destruct in 5 seconds. Good luck!
So how do you craft each marketing message to stand out and resonate with your members’ and deliver you a packed house? In this session we will review new school marketing concepts, techniques and tools, do breakout sessions to help you devise a multi-touch marketing plan. Plus we will look at some innovative and outside the box ideas that are being done by educators across the country. Basically a 100 mph blitz through Buzz-Worthy "EVENT" marketing. 1 hour

Visual Storytelling: Market Your Classes through Infographs & Visual Tools

Instructor Development Workshop The average consumer’s attention span is less than 8 seconds (which is equal to that of the average goldfish), and the truth is most don’t want to read wordy marketing materials. But yet, the average marketing piece for classes and events in the real estate industry are
cluttered with wordy descriptions, bullet points and more to try to convince our members to
attend (problem is they don’t resonate due to the design). In this session, we will explore how
to make your marketing materials in print, online, etc. more visual in their design and how to
leverage infographics that are exploding in popularity. 1.5 hours

Tips, Tricks & Technology Tools for Trainers

Instructor Development Workshop In the first hour, we will explore what Instructor Professionalism really is and what today’s education director and/or event planner wants from their speakers. We will explore many technology tools and solutions that can help you meet these needs by creating more impactful presentations, improve your communication with your clients’ (and students), assist in the marketing/promotion of your classes/events and more in a legally compliant manner. More importantly, you will learn how to use many of the tools covered in the course first-hand and be able to walk away from the session with new skills and resources than ever before which will help you take your speaking business to the next level. 6 hours

How to Become an Ed Director's Best Friend

Instructor Development Workshop As a speaker/instructor, our livelihood is completely dependent on getting hired and more importantly rehired. But that is a daunting task when you consider there are a lot of us out there vying for the same opportunities. How do you stand out from the pack and endear yourself to the all-important decision makers? Learn the tricks of the trade from Craig Grant, an independent speaker who has passed on representation and yet been able to build up one of the most active speaking calendars in the industry including many premier spots at state conventions, corporate events and more throughout the US each year. 1-2 hours

AI-Enabled Excellence: Strategies for Real Estate Instructors to Create and Deliver Outstanding Classes

Instructor Development Workshop
Revolutionize your real estate education methods by embracing the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI)! This session is designed to equip real estate instructors with cutting-edge AI tools and techniques to drastically improve class preparation, material creation, and interactive delivery. Whether you're an industry veteran or a new instructor, you'll leave with actionable insights and practical tools to modernize your teaching methods. Virtual Presentation 1 hour; In Person Presentation 1-3 hours

Unbelievable speaker!!!! I’ve been a real estate instructor for over 40 years, and Chris just blew me away! His knowledge about AI is phenomenal! His energy will be contagious! If you have the chance to hear him, or need a coach, he’s your person!!!!”– Lin Fields

The Experience Factor: How to Connect Better Using Technology

VIEW TESTIMONIAL In an age where we're all strapped with screens and competing for attention, the question isn't just how to reach others, but how to create an experience with them. In The Experience Factor, you’ll learn how to use tech tools to strengthen relationship based trust, deepen listening skills and create rich experiences online and in person. This fast-paced, fun and interactive session explores how digital tools can ease and enrich your ability to engage and build relationships. 1-3 hours; Instructor, Agent & Broker Versions Available

The Art of Instruction: Unique, Compelling & Valuable

Instructor Development Workshop Many great speakers/trainers could improve their skills and delivery if they were aware of and could implement the process referred to as the “educational loop.” That loop is the preparation, organization, and delivery of information so that it not only is interesting but also useful and consists of the following elements:

  • Engage and capture options
  • Delivery options
  • Involvement options
  • Clear and close of the “loop”
  • Re-engagement … on the next subtopic

Each of these elements will be discussed in depth and with specific examples to power YOUR learning.
3-6 hours

Ed Hatch has groomed and trained many of the highest caliber of instructors, the CRS cadre nationally and internationally, for the last 25 years! He’s recently retired as a senior CRS instructor and can now share and model the insights, strategies, and skills that helped develop some of the best real estate instructors out there.

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