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Sessions designed for the unique needs of the commercial agent or property manager

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Managing Distressed Properties

Properties can find themselves in distress in many ways. Often an investor will buy a property already in a distressed state, or because of the actions of a tenant or an owner a property can become distressed. The ability of a property management company to think along with the investor, anticipate their needs, and have a plan in place to meet those needs is the best and easiest way to help build and grow your portfolio of customers and attract customers that will never work with anyone but you. 3 hours

Commercial Investment Analysis 2: Evaluate Debt Use Over Time

This class builds on the analysis skills taught in Commercial Investment Analysis 1 and brings into the equation the use of one of the most powerful tools in real estate: Debt. The ability to if and to what extent debt can improve the performance of the investors capital is something every serious real estate professional needs to be able to do. In this class agents will learn everything from cash on cash returns to internal rates of return with debt service and how the tax benefits can affect those returns. 3-4 hours

Commercial Investment Analysis 1: Understand the Math Driving Decisions

Investors care about the numbers and for many agents the numbers are the very thing that trips them up. In this session, you'll find out how to use "the numbers" to make the case for your product and demonstrate your professional expertise. You'll get training on how to analyze cap rates, TVM (time value of money) calculations, internal rates of return, and net present values. This session will provide you with renewed confidence in quantifying investment values for your clients. 3-4 hours

The Long and Short of Short-Term Rentals

VIEW TRAILER Vacation rentals have taken the market by storm and consumers need expert guidance to determine if this is a property’s best use. In this session you’ll learn short term rental terminology, the financial difference between a long- and short-term rental, and how to discuss the workload difference between the two with your investor. You, as the knowledgeable professional, will be able to present clear benefits vs risk evidence so the client can make an informed decision. Takeaways:

  • Identify how the differences between short and long-term rentals affect ROI, ROR, and IRR
  • Describe the tax implications and depreciation variances between long term and short-term rentals
  • Compare and contrast the risk and work involved with the two types of rentals
  • 4 hours; aka "Investment 7"

    The ACE Property Manager

    VIEW TRAILER Want to branch out into property management? In this session, you'll find out how to avoid common mistakes and stay compliant with the law; how to handle difficult tenants; what you can and cannot charge a tenant for; and much more. You will learn how to think like an investor and mitigate risk. Stand out for your knowledge and skill when representing your client’s property and build lifelong referrals. 1-4 hours

    Tokenizing Commercial Real Estate Assets: Understanding the Basics of Tokenization

    VIEW TRAILER The tokenization of real estate is one way blockchain technology is affecting the world. This process is revolutionizing the standard methods used for decades of raising capital. Understanding fractionalized ownership models through tokenization allows you to meet your current clients’ needs and help those who didn’t know they could participate in the market become clients. Offering your clients the solutions best suited to their real estate investment goals means understanding tokenization. 1-3 hours

    Commercial Contracting: Understand the Paperwork Driving Deals

    VIEW TRAILER Commercial real estate is very different from residential, especially in the paperwork. In this session we will take a close look at the LOI, commercial contract, optional clauses, and the closing process as well as a few extra things you may likely run into from lenders. Knowing your contract is the key. In this session, you will learn the ins and outs of your contract and how to explain it to your customer. Prepare to be your client’s best asset from start to finish. 1-3 hours

    Introduction to Commercial Real Estate: What You Need to Know

    VIEW TRAILER What makes working in commercial real estate different from residential? Is the transition difficult or risky? In this session, you will learn the differences and how to handle them. Whether you are new to real estate and or a veteran on the residential side looking for a new challenge, this class will give you the information you need to understand commercial real estate and help make a smooth transition. 1-4 hours

    Real World Real Estate Investment: How to Know a Good Deal When You See It

    VIEW TRAILER Investing always sounds so easy, but it is much harder in real life. In this class, you leave the “ivory tower” and get down and dirty with the investment side of real estate. You will take a good look at the risk of cost overruns, permitting issues, liens, vacancies, changing markets and how to develop an exit strategy. Investing in real estate means getting your hands dirty, and while you won’t go to any properties during this session, you will certainly walk out with a little “dirt under your fingernails.” Requires students to download a 10bii financial calculator; 4 hours; aka "Investment 5"

    Investment Crunch Time: Crunching Numbers with Confidence

    VIEW TRAILER Worried that you don’t always understand the numbers? Worry no more. You will walk out of this class knowing how to calculate Investment returns, cap rates, mortgage payments, mortgage payoffs, returns using leverage, internal rates of returns and much more. Don’t spend one more minute wishing you knew more. This session is your solution to truly knowing the numbers better than the vast majority of agents out there. Requires students to download a 10bii financial calculator; 4 hours; aka "Investment 3"

    Introduction to Crypto: How to Understand & Meet Customers’ Needs in a Blockchain World

    VIEW TRAILER Times change and real estate professionals must be informed, ready to answer questions, and adapt. Cryptocurrency and blockchain are here to stay. With more awareness and acceptance, their presence in transactions will continue to grow. In this session, we’ll explore blockchain and cryptocurrency: how they work, customer and agent benefits, and the positives they bring to the industry. Be prepared for consumer inquiries in ways few other agents are and establish yourself as an industry expert. 1-4 hours

    It was a wonderful class, very educational. I came in with zero knowledge of crypto and was able to acquire basic knowledge as well as to be able to put it in practice in the real estate market. I highly recommend this class." - Melkys Martinez, Keller Williams Florida

    Closing Crypto Deals from A to Z

    VIEW TRAILER From making contract modifications and convincing sellers to accept cryptocurrency as payment, to dealing with escrows, commissions, and more, we will look at the nuts and bolts of closing a real estate transaction in cryptocurrency. Our current system never envisioned crypto as a way to do deals, so there are all sorts of problems that need to be resolved on the fly. You will learn about real challenges and their solutions from agents who have closed some of the largest crypto real estate deals in the country. If you want to be a player in the crypto space, the best way to start is by learning from the folks that have already done it. Attendees should have a basic understanding of cryptocurrency; 1-3 hours

    Up in Smoke? Cannabis & Real Estate

    VIEW TRAILER With over half of all states decriminalizing cannabis, the cannabis industry and its real estate needs are growing – leaving agents and clients in a risky position. This course examines the potential pitfalls and associated risk reduction techniques for real estate professionals. What Does “Up In Smoke” Cover? ADDITIONAL SESSION INFORMATION

    • Controlled Substance Act vs. State Law
    • Federal Agency Guidance vs. Law
    • "Illegality Defense” & Contract Voiding
    • 3 Financial Institution Questions
    • Zoning Regulations & Unit Developments
    • 5 Lease Clauses
    • Insurance Provider Questions
    • Reasonable Accommodation Requests
    • Risk Management Protocols
    • 60-90 minutes; Commercial or Residential Presentation

    Dirt, Bricks and Lies: Land, Construction and Common Misconceptions

    What goes into real estate? Dirt, bricks and other building materials, all placed on a site. What are the truths and myths about real estate? In this course, we’ll explore how to value land and buildings using appropriate techniques for both, with particular emphasis on developing a cost approach. We’ll review construction techniques and red flags, as well as identify sources of physical, functional and economic depreciation. Finally, we’ll explore some of the myths about real estate and real estate valuation. 3-7 hours

    Overcoming Owner Client Objections

    Are you happy with how you interact and respond to prospective owner clients? How do you respond, or do you freeze up when they ask questions like?

    • Why do you charge additional for maintenance?
    • I would like to be contacted before any repairs are made?
    • Is your management fee negotiable?
    • Can I be involved in selecting the tenant?
    • Why should I choose you?

    In the session, Marc shares exactly how their company responds to these questions (and many others) as we talk about how to respond to the top 12 prospective owner client objections every property manager faces. 1-2 hours

    Operational Principles of Property Management

    When it comes to operating a property management company, many decisions have an operational impact. In this session we will share 10 principles of property management and explain how each principle can be implemented through the daily operation of the company. These principles will answer many questions, including:

    • What clients should you NOT work with?
    • Should you manage every type of property?
    • How many points of contact should an owner-client have?
    • How involved should owner-clients be in decision making?
    • How to set boundaries around your business?

    This session will give attendees an understanding of how to make your principles flow through the entire operation of a property management business. 2-3 hours

    Systematizing for Success: Running Your Property Management Business on Autopilot

    The most successful companies don’t rely on people for their success - they rely on systems. Systems are simply road maps or instructions that allow your processes to be repeated, duplicated, and run by anyone. Systems will make your property management business scalable, increase the value of your company, take pressure off your team members, protect you from liability, reduce the dependence on any one employee, create clarity, and give you a way to hold your team members accountable. We will walk through the step-by-step process of how to create and implement a System Manual specific to each position in your company. System Manuals changed our business, and they can change yours too! 1-3 hours

    The Lost Art of Professionalism

    The success of your property management business is largely dependent on who you allow into your owner-client group. In this fast-moving session, we will focus on how to improve your professionalism to attract GREAT owner-clients including:

    • What should be the proper mindset of a successful PM?
    • What is the difference between an owner transaction and an owner relationship?
    • Three words you should never use in your advertising (but most PMs do!)
    • How to qualify prospective owner-clients
    • Should you negotiate your management agreement terms?
    • How to never get sued

    This session will empower you to stop asking owners to ‘choose’ you, and instead position yourself as the professional so owners are asking YOU to ‘choose’ them! 1-2 hours

    Fair Housing for the Property Manager

    Complying with fair housing isn't just a good business practice; it's the law. Fair housing starts with the federal Fair Housing Act and continues through state and local regulations. This course isn't just a fair housing overview, it will educate property managers on what they should and should not be doing in their day-to-day business operations. We'll keep it practical and address current fair housing hot topics in the property management world such as how to handle service animal requests. 2-3 hours

    So You Want to Try Commercial Property Management? What You Need to Know

    Are you considering making the leap from Residential Property Management to Commercial Property Management? If so, you will gain knowledge and confidence in this introductory class as we give an overview of the similarities and differences between Residential and Commercial Property Management. We will address ‘must know’ issues including how to do a proper financial analysis on a commercial property, what commercial investors expect of their property managers, how to market and lease commercial space, how to speak the language of ‘investors’, the opportunities available within the commercial world, and how to profit from it all. 1-3 hours

    20 Missing Paragraphs to Guarantee Failure in Property Management

    What is the true purpose of your lease and management agreement? Using the three fundamental decision-making tools of risk, profit, and ease, we will go through 10 'must-have' lease agreement clauses and 10 'must-have' management agreement clauses. As a property manager, your lease agreement with your tenants and your management agreements with your owners define every aspect of your relationship. A poorly written or incomplete agreement will lead to confusion for all parties. We will learn how to effectively implement these changes going forward as well as with your existing tenants and owners. These updates will improve the way you do business, reduce your liability, and increase your income. 1-3 hours

    Property Management 101: The Essentials

    When it comes to Residential Property Management – those outside the industry usually have one of two opinions: Opinion #1: "Property Managers are simply collecting rent and calling vendors for repairs – what an easy job!" Opinion #2: "Property Managers are dealing with crazy tenants, running toilets in the middle of the night, and all the weird laws they have to follow – what a hard job!" The truth is somewhere in the middle. In this course, we will go through the basic elements necessary for property management including the management and lease agreement, how to find new owner-clients, how to screen tenants, the tenant life cycle, understanding legal and fair housing issues, and how to deal with erratic tenants and owners. This class is ideal for those new to the industry and those who simply wish to have a better understanding of property management basics. 1-3 hours

    20 Ways Your Cash Cow Can Graze: Increase Your Property Management Income

    Most property management companies struggle to be profitable – but that should not be the case! With proper planning, you can use your property management business as a platform to create multiple streams of income. In this fun and inspiring session, we discuss over 20 specific income streams proven to increase income AND you learn how to easily implement them. 1-3 hours


  • Property Management Pros & Cons Thinking of adding this steady income stream? We’ll discuss the pros and cons of offering property management alongside a real estate sales business.
  • Tenant Lease Agreements & 6 Critical Clauses When things go wrong with a tenant – everyone (including the judge) goes back to what the lease says. We will discuss the 6 most often overlooked lease clauses.
  • 6 Clauses Missing from Your Property Management Agreement The agreement between the property manager and the owner-client is the foundation of the relationship: don’t overlook including these 6 crucial clauses.
  • 6 Property Management Price Strategies If your property management business isn’t profitable, you need to focus on other services. We’ll look at strategies and income streams any property management business can offer.
  • Grow Your Business By Offering Property Management Services

    When the real estate sales market slows, there is one time-tested way for agents to not only survive in slow markets–but to thrive. Adding property management services for your clients gives you the benefits of residual income streams, new buyer and seller clients, increased company value, steady cash flow, and more. This fast-paced session breaks down all the pros — and the cons — of offering property management services. We’ll explore the risks and rewards of various business models used by property management firms and answer the most common questions. You’ll walk away with actionable steps and answers to the following questions:

    • Won’t property management be a distraction to my brokerage business?
    • What technology does a property management business require?
    • What licensing is required?
    • How can I market to my clients?
    • What questions do landlords ask?
    • What business models are available?
    • What income streams are available?
    • Do I have the personality to be a property manager?
    • How is my relationship with a property management client different from that of my brokerage client?
    • Where do I get the documents I need?
    • What are the legal risks of property management?
    • How hard it is to add property management services to a brokerage?

    1-3 hours

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