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Education Resources During COVID-19

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Education Resources During COVID-19

Here, on one page, are all the real estate education resources, freebies, and offers our speakers have put together. We will update frequently.

Top Tips for Working with An Appraiser Doing an Exterior-Only Inspection (Covid-19) Shareable Document from Melanie McLane

To Buyers and Sellers in a Contract Sample letter from Melanie McLane

To Sellers whose Homes are Not Yet Sold Sample letter from Melanie McLane

FREE CONTENT VIDEO LIBRARY A variety of real estate topic videos designed &  curated only to share content.

FREE Live Webinars with Jeremias JMan Maneiro.

  • Watch the FREE Playback of “M​essenger Bots – SIR Bot A Lot”
  • Friday 4.10.20 11am EST: “How To Be A Virtual Agent” (1000 max) ​ZOOM REGISTRATION
  • Listen to FREE Playback of “How to be a Virtual Agent” via Facebook.
  • Multiple Dates & Times -“Next Level Virtual Agent” ZOOM REGISTRATION

Lisa BettsEducation Resources During COVID-19

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